Battle Fantasia-RELOADED [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Full Title: Battle Fantasia-RELOADED [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN
Title: Battle Fantasia-RELOADED
Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2015
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : The battle of Light and Darkness has been relit once again"Battle

Fantasia", the fantasy RPG themed 2D Fighting game is now appearing on


Equipped with the latest balances and improved visual effects, fight

against your foes and save the world from evil!

Live the fantasy from the arcade scene!Use the invaluable parry system,

"GACHI", to catch your monotonous opponent off, and deliver a devastating

counter attack! And, use "Heat-Up" to power-up your character for a limited

time, whether it is to maximise your damage, or to create openings in your

opponent's defense!

Character models are designed in 3D, and blended in to fit the 2D genre for

better visual experience. Experience stunning visual effects, without

losing that 2D fighting game touch!

Hash: D60836CB6F1366B4D78CC3AAA955DD4BA56FBB34

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