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Full Title: Kings Quest Chapter 2 [2015, ] EN
After winning the knight’s competition Graham takes over King Edwards reign as King of Daventry. Things are not all as they seem and Graham has a tough time keeping up with all the requests and addendums.

Graham goes for a walk out in the rain to clear his head and meets his old friend Olfie, who takes him back to the town. The town is deserted and rock goblins advance from the roof tops. Welcome to Chapter 2 of King’s Quest!

Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause

After knocking on one of the doors Graham will be kidnapped by the rock goblins. There’s nothing you can do to get out of this situation but at least you’ll find out where the other townsfolk have gone.

The goblins will take you to their caves and throw you in one of the rooms. It’s very dark in here but don’t worry. Once you bump into something a little blue lizard will light up.

Head towards the blue lizard and press the action key.

The lizard will scutter away. Keep following it until it knocks over a glass jar. Walk to the south west of the room and pick up the jar. Then head over to the newt and use the jar on the newt. He’ll call out to his friends who will light up the room for you.

Now that your cell is lit up you can actually see what’s going on. There is a stone table in the center, a pipe running along the left wall to a drain, a mirror and some kind of contraption with a lever.

First have a look in the mirror. You’ll see three biceps representing your strength. None of the biceps are colored in meaning you have very little strength left. Every time you eat something you will gain one level of strength until you are at full health.

To get your first meal pull the lever. The bucket will fall down. Pick up the bucket and place it over the drain. Now turn the tap on the left side. Some yucky cold porridge will pour into the bucket. Pick up the bucket and head over to the place mat on the table and use the porridge.

After eating the meal you can look in the mirror again to check your strength.

As a general rule contraptions with one rock require one level of strength, two rocks two levels and three rocks three levels.

Pull the lever, this time you’re strong enough to pull down the bed.

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