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Full Title: Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5-CODEX [2014, Action-adventure] EN
n the final episode of what will hopefully be the first of several seasons, Tales from the Borderlands caps off Telltale's adventure on Pandora in spectacular fashion. In just under two hours, it manages to cram in powerful moments that range from hilarious banter, wonderful throwbacks to the world of Borderlands, and devastatingly powerful goodbyes. Like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, this conclusion proves that Telltale knows how to close out a season in style.

How old are you?
After the wheel-spinning disappointment of Episode 4, The Vault of the Traveler wastes no time in a runaway approach to the finish line. The stakes reach new heights as Fiona, Rhys, and company have to come to terms with the destruction they've caused and really ask themselves, "Has this all been worth it?" After a series filled with so many hilarious moments, I was honestly surprised at how impactful these emotional, contemplative moments truly were. I spent much of the episode looking back on the choices I’d made throughout the season, and genuinely wondering if I'd made the right decisions. Telltale has always been at its best when its stories deal with shades of gray, and Tales From the Borderlands absolutely captures that.

Truth and consequence
I’m really impressed at how Episode 5 takes the entire breadth of your choices into account in a more impactful way than any Telltale game in recent memory. Everything from how much mercy I showed in Episode 1, to how I treated an ally in Episode 3, to how much money I spent along the journey (which, up until now, seemed to be a frustratingly useless mechanic) funneled into the final act in meaningful way that gave me a really great sense of authorship over the finale. Knowing that how I chose to have Rhys and Fiona act toward those around them had actual ramifications retroactively made me like and appreciate previous episodes even more.

I also really love how my expectations for the finale were completely subverted. Over the course of a single, incredibly written and acted scene, characters I had hated became powerfully sympathetic. Likewise, players who were relegated to comic relief throughout the series suddenly and effectively gain emotional, dramatic weight. I was really happy that every character I’ve grown to love, from Handsome Jack to Loader Bot, all got a moment to shine.

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