Extraction (2015) ENG Hdrip Xvid 1080p

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Full Title: Extraction (2015) ENG Hdrip Xvid 1080p
Extraction (2015) ENG Hdrip Xvid 1080p

A total disappointment leading me to avoid any future movie promoting Bruce Willis. He was in the movie 5 minutes, at best.

What a sell-out! For whatever reason, this site requires me to add more information in order to qualify enough lines to post a review. How many lines of text does one need to state the movie is disappointing, bad, not entertaining, overdone as to violence, poorly scripted, using no-name unbelievable unattractive actors.

Do not waste your time watching this movie as I have spent trying to reach the required (ten) number of lines of review in order to allow my review to be accepted. The "leading female actress" was overweight and lacking any sexual appeal while the lead actor "son of Willis" was a cardboard hero possessing little if any acting skill.

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