Subnautica b274 r31423 (Early Access)

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Full Title: Subnautica b274 r31423 (Early Access)
Year: 2015
Genre: Adventure, Sandbox
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Publication Type: Informal
Version: Early Access build 274 (31423). After the 4075 version builds counter has been reset to 0
GUI Language: Russian, English
V-Language: English
Crack: Not required

System requirements:

v OS: Windows Vista SP2 or later (64 bit)
v Processor: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent
v Memory: 4Gb RAM
v Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent
v Hard disk: 8 GB available space


Subnautica - it is an original and amazing computer game made in the genre of innovation, which is part of the sandbox, cinematic games, research adventure and unique quest that, in general, and of this game. In addition, the development of the game engaged titled and eminent igrodely from the studio called Unknown Worlds. Therefore, if you want to play something unusual, which has no analogues in the modern game - industry, then this game is definitely for you. The essence of the gameplay is that your character - it's oceanographer, who will investigate the inhabitants of the depths of the oceans. You have to build their submarine, although in the beginning, they still need to make money and to do this, you will perform small tasks, "a la" pictures at shallow depths, where a diver can descend without problems. The game world is endless and repetitive, so every launch, the game will surprise gamers - the new.
In Subnautica has plenty of models of submarines and sea animals, some of which will be monstrous proportions.

Installation and startup:

Install the game
"Clean installation" - only game files and folders (saves,profiles and crack doesn't remove)
Be sure to tick "Read Only", otherwise the game will crash when you try to save.
To start the game -> Start Subnautica.exe in the game folder

Hash: 541010901D4F9905ADC76910FAF47BDFB9B65DD5

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