How To Survive Eldiablo Islands-SKIDROW [2014, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Full Title: How To Survive Eldiablo Islands-SKIDROW [2014, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN
How To Survive Eldiablo Islands-SKIDROW
Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2014
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : You're shipwrecked on an isolated island, a desperate castaway in a

total freakshow world. How will you survive?

Collect the pages of a Survival Guide and figure it out, of course!

Find food, water, and shelter before you perish. Uh oh, is it getting

dark? Figure out how to get through the night! While you re at it

gather up some of this awesome stuff and piece together over 100

handmade weapons and tools from shotguns to Molotov cocktails. Now you

can defend yourself and your friends like a boss!

Choose one of the three playable characters, each with different

characteristics and skill trees

Explore four islands filled with unique flora and fauna and a variety

of abhorrent monstrosities

Collect Survival guide video chapters to learn tips that will save

your life!

Play with a friend offline through the story mode or go online and

play with a friend through 8 demanding challenges

Try the Iron Man difficulty for a demanding hardcore game


How to Survive: El Diablo Islands NOTES

Venture onto a new set of volcanic Islands: discover new fauna and

characters, learn to craft fantastic tools and weapons taking advantage

of the different weather effects to face the most surprising enemies


Fog and Storm weather effects

Environment: Volcano (3 islands)

Characters: Scientist and Scientist's Assistant

Weapons: Electro Gun, Blower Gun

New zombies

Game element: Toxic clouds , Lava flow , Electric pylons , Weather

remote controller, Electric backpack and Fireproof boots

Living Animal: Iguana

Zombie Animal: Iguana

The player will have the choice to continue playing the original story

or to restart the story in its extended version


1. Unpack the release

2. Mount or burn image

3. Install

4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation

5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as

secure/trusted in your antivirus program

6. Play the game

7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


Use Launcher.exe, included with the cracked content, for setting the

language of your choice

This release is made standalone and updated to latest version, as many

of the game files are updated
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Size: 3.35 GB

Hash: E280B910C3A35AC3B3C3ACC397C3B67CC39DC2B5

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