Grid 2 Reloaded [MULTI][MACOSX][MONEY] [2014, Simulation (Sports)] EN

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Full Title: Grid 2 Reloaded [MULTI][MACOSX][MONEY] [2014, Simulation (Sports)] EN
Grid 2 Reloaded [MULTI][MACOSX][MONEY]
Genre: Simulation (Sports)
Platform: Mac
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2014
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : Languages: MULTI (To be confirmed) Sequel to the fast paced racing game developed by Codemasters, which features among other innovations in full the latest evolution of the award winning EGO game engine. Players will have to be fast, be first and be famous when entering this competitive and fascinating circus speed. GRID 2, pre-production for two years, is now in full swing with the latest evolution of the award winning EGO Game Technology graphics engine Platform. The original GRID rose much the bar with its artificial intelligence, graphics, damage and -repeticiones snapshots have now adopted many other games Flashbacks careers-but that's nothing next to the improvements brought GRID 2 gameplay and technological advancement - always faithful to the fundamental principle of the series: the tension in the race. The extensive career mode lets face dog competitions against AI opponents are deployed while racing spectacular cinematic atmosphere. The new system TrueFeel control, an evolution of the original GRID, uses real physics to find the middle ground between accessibility and simulation, so if the car's handling is affordable, your domain becomes more demanding.

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Size: 6.32 GB

Hash: C39DC3A5C5B8245CC38C6FE280B0652D0376C2A0

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