One Late Night Deadline-RELOADED [2014, Adventure] EN

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Full Title: One Late Night Deadline-RELOADED [2014, Adventure] EN
One Late Night Deadline-RELOADED
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2014
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : About This Game One Late Night: Deadline continues the story of One Late

Night, a horror/mystery game where you play the role of an office worker

caught in the middle of the paranormal activity that has broken out in a

seemingly ordinary office building. Freely explore the 5 story office complex

that houses several different companies. Look for clues around the offices

read newspapers about local events, hack your colleagues emails anything

that might tell you something related to the strange happenings

You arrive at your work late in the night. The rain is pouring down and a

storm is closing in fast. Everyone has gone home for the day a long time ago

but the lights in the lobby are still on as usual. As you enter the office

complex through the main entrance, you immediately feel the emptiness and

begin to go over in your head what the hell you are doing here in the middle

of the night?, when you could be at home getting some well-deserved sleep

However, while your mind is clouded with the details of your precious

deadline, you are unaware of lurking danger in the building and what has

occurred during the night. Something has been set free; something that's not

from the world of the living. The shadowy and long hallways beckon you as you

attempt to unravel the mystery that has befallen the unassuming offices. Has

everyone really gone home, or is someone or something still here?


* Objectives

The entire game revolves around completing objectives and other small tasks

These objectives may trigger at certain points in the game or by witnessing

certain events. The objectives does not all have to be completed in a linear

fashion, and some does not have to be completed at all

* Cellphone

You can use your cellphone as a light source in dark areas and shine in the

direction you look. You do not have to go on a tedious battery hunt for the

flashlight, but it will drain over time. The battery will replenish

automatically over time after you put away the cellphone

* Parallel dimensions

One Late Night: Deadline brings you a parallel dimension where you might see

things otherwise not visible to the naked eye. So, if things look bleak and

you've lost your way, use your cellphone to tap into this mysterious second

dimension and things will soon become clearer. But beware; you might see more

than you wished for

* Computers

Along your way you will come across computers that can be manipulated. You

can use these computers to gather clues and information by reading employee

emails. However, some computers are locked and require you to use a password

but if you are stuck you can try to hack them. If you find a Hack disc it

will help you immensely in the hacking process

* Drowsiness

When your eyes grow weary and you begin feeling tired, you can head for the

nearest vending machine to replenish your energy. If you move around for too

long without having a drink you will eventually collapse from exhaustion

Running will make you tired much faster. If you are lucky you might find

Dexterity tablets that you can eat along the way and instantly restore your


* Doors

All security doors are unlocked using keycards. This is the lowest form of

security in the building. Some doors also require a code. You start out with

a default keycard that lets you in through some doors

* Save game

You can save the game progress by using the coffee machines located

conveniently around the building

* A real world

All the environments are designed from a real-world perspective and based on

a real office building for authenticity

* Your choice

You choose the outcome of the game by either completing the game in the

quickest and simplest way or by taking the long route and digging deeper

* A full soundtrack

A full OST composed by the talented Pontus Malmquist, known for his

outstanding music from the original One Late Night

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4. Play the game

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