Grand Theft Auto V-PrePack FIX [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Full Title: Grand Theft Auto V-PrePack FIX [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN
Grand Theft Auto V-PrePack FIX
Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2015
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : GTA V Prepack Installation Guide

The first time a user installed our prepack and tried the v2 3DM crack, it loaded and after I set the screen gamma/brightness it crashed...

ERR_SYS_FILELOAD: Corrupt game data. Please reboot or re-install the game.

So on with it!

Installation Guide

Steps to install and run the game:

1. So you have downloaded CorePack's Prepack

2. Extract the RAR's (37 files) to a location of your choice (Right click the first part (i.e. PRECP-GTAV.part01.rar) and choose 'Extract Here', using WinRAR or 7Zip)

~12 minutes

3. You now have 2 ISO's 'PRECP-GTAV_D1.iso' and 'PRECP-GTAV_D2.iso'

4. Ensure you have 100GB of free space on HDD where you choose to install the game!

Please also note you should NOT get any error's during installation

i.e "Unarc.dll / ISDone.dll Error Code -8"

5. Mount your 'xxx_D1.iso' (Mount with Daemon Tools or simply use Windows 8's inbuilt virtual drive, i.e. double-click .iso)

6. Choose to Install and select a file location

~28 minutes

7. Once complete, click finish.

8. Mount your 'xxx_D2.iso'

9. Choose to Install and select the same location (step 6)

NOTE: You may get another warning here about free space, however you just copied about 35GB from DVD1, so we believe you could ignore this message.

~6 minutes

10. The Processing Files (Batch Uncompression) command windows begin... This does take time, please be patient and do not close them!

~2 hours 20 minutes (for the user)

11. Once complete, push any key in the command prompt window, and click finish.

12. Install R* Games Social Club -

13. Get 'metadata.dat' file from torrent

14. Copy the 'metadata.dat' file to "updatex64"

15. Copy the v2 3DM crack files to ""

16. Right-Click... Run As Administrator... 'Launcher.exe'

17. Have fun

Installed File/s Verification

Highly recommended! These steps verify that the installed game files (after uncompression) match the R* Warehouse Full 60GB files:

1. Download this SFV file 'GTAV.sfv' from torrent

2. Download and Install QuickSFV version 2.36 for 64-bit Windows

3. Put the 'GTAV.sfv' file in "" and double click it!

4. Let the verification run for as long as it takes... (it is checking the CRC of your files versus R* Full 60GB version)

If you get all green ticks, and a few errors like this image all should be fine!

NOTE: The user ran that before putting the 'metadata.dat' file in :wink:

If you get an error on any other file... (like the user did the first time, with 'x64l.rpf') you are going to have to re-install the game.

I know it takes time, but it's worth it! (you don't need to re-download the files (if your ISO's SFV passes), just try the installation again, as the processing/decompression must have failed)

Hope this helps someone or a few people

If you would like to verify your ISO's are not corrupt

1. Download 'ISOs.sfv' from torrent

2. Put it in the directory where your ISO files are, and double click :) (ensure you have QuickSFV Installed, see Step 2. above in Installed File/s Verification section)

FIX for Some Missions Caused due to Missing MP Files

We have found that you will need at least the 'mppatchesng' and 'mpchristmas2' as you progress through the game, see below Missing/Stripped MP DLC Folders

Just download them from the torrent and put in your game directory just like you see them on the torrent !

Social Club Sign-In Issue

If you are experiencing a social club sign-in issue, it could be due to special characters in your Windows Username...

When you first run 'Launcher.exe' it creates the 'Rockstar Games' folder in your 'C:Users\Documents' directory.

When the game first actually starts, it creates another folder in 'C:Users' directory.

If you copy the 'Rockstar Games' folder from your actual directory, to the new strange directory and overwrite, you should be right to play
System requirements:
Size: 532 MB

Hash: 1911C2BFC2AE5BC3AE74C3A146594E77C2A364C3

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