Chariot Wars-RELOADED [2015, Simulation (Sports)] EN

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Full Title: Chariot Wars-RELOADED [2015, Simulation (Sports)] EN
Chariot Wars-RELOADED
Genre: Simulation (Sports)
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2015
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : About This Game CHARIOT WARS is a high quality story-led arcade racing game

set in Ancient Rome with both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.AAA

quality arcade racing gameExciting murder mystery singleplayer story (via a

digital graphic novel)Arcade racingSingleplayer Championship8 player

multiplayerGlobal LeaderboardsAchievements & TrophiesGame levels set in

Egypt, Gaul, Greece and HelvetiaDay and night levels10 chariot models to

win and upgrade8 charioteer avatars5 horse typesLive streaming via

TwitchBackground StoryIt is 128AD. Emperor Hadrian announces a major

festival to celebrate his first ten years as Roman emperor. The main

attraction is a chariot race spanning the entire empire from Rome to

Helvetia. Famous charioteers from across the vast Roman empire including

Greece, Egypt, Judea, Carthage, Hispania, Gaul, Macedonia and Britannia

have assembled in the Eternal City. Spectators in their thousands are

streaming into the Eternal City for the inaugural race in the Circus

Maximus. The air is tense with excitement and anticipation. The night

before the first race, one of the charioteers from Judea is found murdered

in his quarters. The charioteer had been tortured and crucified to the

room's window. An unknown woman's body is also found on the floor. The head

of the emperor's Praetorian guard, Quintus Octavian, suspects Rome's

constantly feuding noble families of masterminding the murders. Emperor

Hadrian is deeply troubled by the murders. He fears a bloodbath in Rome and

in restive Judea. It had only been a few decades since the Roman legions

destroyed Jerusalem, the Judean capital and crushed the Hebrew rebellion.

The emperor fears another uprising in Judea which could spread to the other

conquered Roman colonies. Emperor Hadrian asks Quintus Octavian to take the

position of the murdered Judean charioteer and represent Judea in the

upcoming chariot race. As Quintus continues his investigation, he is drawn

inexorably into the murky world of Roman politics. Quintus has to solve two

problems at the same time. He has to keep winning each race to stay in the

Championship. He also has to solve the twin murders without himself

becoming the next victim..

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Size: 1.99 GB

Hash: 2D162FC281E280B9132521C39C4374C3BDC2A15B

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