Lifeless Planet Premier Edition-SKIDROW [2015, Action-adventure] EN

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Full Title: Lifeless Planet Premier Edition-SKIDROW [2015, Action-adventure] EN
Lifeless Planet Premier Edition-SKIDROW
Genre: Action-adventure
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2015
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : ÛÛÛ The Premier Edition of the atmospheric sci-fi adventure Lifeless Planet ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ is now available on PC and Mac. This remastered edition brings new ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ content and improved graphics to the desktop versions of the game. ÛÛÛ


ÛÛÛ While seeking life on a distant planet, an astronaut discovers an ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ abandoned Russian town. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon. ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ Lifeless Planet is a third-person action-adventure that features an ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ old-school sci-fi story and spectacular environments in the spirit of ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ classic action-adventures. ÛÛÛ


ÛÛÛ After a hard landing on the planet, the astronaut discovers the planet ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ that was reported to be rich with life is instead a barren wasteland. ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ When he goes searching for his crew, he makes a more startling ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ discovery: evidence that humans have already been to this planet years ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ ago! When he comes upon a deserted Soviet-era Russian town, he ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ struggles to make sense of his mission. Did his light-speed travel to ÛÛÛ

ÛÛÛ the planet send him back in time? Or is this all some strange Cold War ÛÛÛ

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