Assassins Creed III-SKIDROW [2013, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Full Title: Assassins Creed III-SKIDROW [2013, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN
Assassins Creed III-SKIDROW
Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)
Platform: Windows
Multiplayer: No
Year: 2013
Type of publication:
Language of the game: EN
Crack: Available

Description : proudly presents

Assassins Creed III (c) Ubisoft

21-11-2012......Release Date - Protection...........Ubisoft DRM

Action.............Game Type - Disk(s).................1 BLURAY


The American Colonies, 1775. It's a time of civil unrest and political

upheaval in the Americas. As a Native American assassin fights to

protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young

nation's revolution.

Assassin's Creed III takes you back to the American Revolutionary War,

but not the one you've read about in history books.


As a Native American assassin, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows,

tomahawks, and more

From bustling city streets to chaotic battlefields, play a critical

role in the most legendary events of the American Revolution including

the Battle of Bunker Hill and Great Fire of New York.

Experience the truth behind the most gruesome war in history: the

American Revolution.

Introducing the Ubisoft-AnvilNext game engine, stunning new technology

that will revolutionize gaming with powerful graphics, lifelike

animations, immersive combat, and advanced physics.


1. Unpack the release

2. Mount or burn image

3. Install

4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation

5. Make sure all Game and Ubisoft Launcher processes are blocked in


6. Play the game

System requirements:
Size: 15.27 GB

Hash: C2BA26C2ACE284A200C3AB0AE2809CC3B5C2A9C3

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