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I Am Kawehi 2015 Evolution

Language: | Size: 56.75 MB | Seed: 13 | Leech: 75


Track List: Corporation Disco Party Battlefield Interwebz 2.0 Youtube Troll Evolution Farewell

Clarian 2015 Castaway

Language: | Size: 193.94 MB | Seed: 467 | Leech: 53


Track List: Siren's Call Castaway Waiting For The Sun To Come Castaway (Henry Saiz Remix) Siren's Call (Svjet Lana Remix)

Rachel Potter 2015 Not So Black And White

Language: | Size: 113.49 MB | Seed: 387 | Leech: 30


Track List: Zero to Sixty Gonna Get Burned Not so Black and White Radio Try Butterfly (feat. Patrick Thomas) Tail Lights Boomerang (feat. Joey Stamper) Sit Here Next to Me Jesus and Jezebel Moon over Nashville Worth It Somebody to Love

Bebe 2012 Un Pokito De Rocanrol

Language: | Size: 103.99 MB | Seed: 398 | Leech: 13


Track List: ABC Adios Me Pintare Sabras Compra - Paga Mi Guapa K.I.E.R.E.M.E Der Pelo Que Carajo Tilin Yo Fumo

Shadowbane 2015 Facing The Fallout

Language: | Size: 107.26 MB | Seed: 628 | Leech: 26


Track List: Red Alert Beyond The Winds Of War Traitor Under Bleeding Skies After The Fallout Dystopia Tear Down the Wall Badlands Law Last Division Source of Grief

Ciara 2013 Ciara

Language: | Size: 115.96 MB | Seed: 810 | Leech: 80


Track List: I'm Out (feat. Nicki Minaj) Sophomore Body Party Keep On Lookin' Read My Lips Where You Go (feat. Future) Super Turnt Up DUI Livin' It Up (feat. Nicki Minaj) Overdose Body Party (feat. Future & B.o.B) (Remix) Boy Outta Here (feat. Rick Ross) One Night With You

Hate 2015 Crusade-Zero

Language: | Size: 132.09 MB | Seed: 324 | Leech: 55


Track List: Vox Dei (A Call From Beyond) Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Wrath! Death Liberator Leviathan Doomsday Celebrities Hate Is The Law Valley Of Darkness Crusade- Zero The Omnipresence Rise Omega The Consequence! Dawn Of War Black Aura Debris The Reaping (Bonus Track)

Elton John 2006 The Captain & The Kid

Language: | Size: 106.34 MB | Seed: 187 | Leech: 25


Track List: Postcards From Richard Nixon Just Like Noah's Ark Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC) Tinderbox And The House Fell Down Blues Never Fade Away The Bridge I Must Have Lost It On The Wind Old 67 The Captain And The Kid

Sensient 2015 B-Sides

Language: | Size: 162.68 MB | Seed: 638 | Leech: 19


Track List: Running With Scissors Distracted Outlander Bass Race Crazy Eyes Shaulkelstuhl (Sensient Rmx) Johnny Deep

Caitlin Canty 2015 Reckless Skyline

Language: | Size: 98.24 MB | Seed: 61 | Leech: 35


Track List: Get Up True One Man My Love For You Will Not Fade The Brightest Day Enough About Hard Times Wore Your Ring My Baby Don't Care Southern Man I Never Unknown Legend Cold Habit

B Real x Dr. Greenthumb 2015 The Prescription

Language: | Size: 70.66 MB | Seed: 187 | Leech: 55


Track List: B Real - Stix & Stones ftAb-Soul (Produced by Taebeast) B Real - All Black Everything ftSnow Tha Product & Demrick (Produced by Scoop DeVille) B Real - Mile High (Produced by MyGuyMars) B Real - Only When Im High (La La La La) (Produced by Tommy Brown & MrFranks) B Real - Kush Coversation ftDemrick (Produced by King Vay & MyGuyMars for AstronaughtGang) DrGreenthumb - Dabs ftDizzy Wright (Produced by The Futuristiks) DrGreenthumb - Sack ft AAP Ferg & Jazz Lazer (Produced by Peter Pan West-One Productions) DrGreenthumb -Start A Fire (Produced by Peter Pan & Hunter Bressan - West-One Productions) DrGreenthumb - Zip (Produced by Nizzy J) DrGreenthumb - Money Up On It (Produced by Tha Bizness) DrGreenthumb - Anybody ft Snoop Dogg & KingFly (Produced Architracks) BONUS

VA 2015 Toolroom Selector Series - 26 Audiowhores

Language: | Size: 235.26 MB | Seed: 940 | Leech: 7


Track List: Honey Dijon - Until The Day (Audiowhores Remix) Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby (Dusky Remix) Mark Knight - Shogun (Jimpster Remix) Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Doorly Club Rub) Piemont - Crowned Anna - Secret Audiowhores - Sittin Ferreck Dawn - Kaduna (Miami Edit) Sonic Future - Clueless (Original Club Mix) Doorly - I Want You To Dance Audiowhores - No Honey (Deep Vibe Mix) Lovebirds - This Time (Gorge Remix) Anna - Alright Karol XVII & MB Valence - Butterfly Tough Love - Dreams (Audiowhores Remix)

Dear Rouge 2015 Black To Gold

Language: | Size: 88.49 MB | Seed: 986 | Leech: 52


Track List: Black To Gold Best Look Lately Nostalgia I Heard I Had Wanna Wanna October Second We Don't Fit Together Colours Kids Wanna Know You Are A Ghost

The Beatles 2006 Love

Language: | Size: 180.71 MB | Seed: 988 | Leech: 96


Track List: Because Get Back Glass Onion Eleanor Rigby _ Julia (Transition) I Am The Walrus I Want To Hold Your Hand Drive My Car _ The Word _ What You're Doing Gnik Nus Something _ Blue Jay Way (Transition) Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite _ I Want You (She's So Heavy) _ Helter Ske... Help Blackbird _ Yesterday Strawberry Fields Forever Within You Without You _ Tomorrow Never Knows Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Octopus's Garden Lady Madonna Here Comes The Sun _ The Inner Light (Transition) Come Together _ Dear Prudence _ Cry Baby Cry (Transition) Revolution Back In The U.S.S.R. While My Guitar Gently Weeps A Day In The Life Hey Jude Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) All You Need Is Love

Big Shug 2015 Triple OGzus

Language: | Size: 140.45 MB | Seed: 157 | Leech: 74


Track List: I Am Somebody I Bleed for This The Reason Days Go By Never Change Not a Fan (feat. Reks & Termanology) Triple OGzus Make That Body Do Off Rip (feat. Termanology & Singapore Kane) 2 Good (feat. Trumayne) All In Showtime (feat. M-Dot) Make Moves, Get Money Get It (feat. Singapore Kane) Relationships Chase Then Ball Soldiers It's War out Here In the Rain

Grand Design 2014 Thrill Of The Night

Language: | Size: 108.42 MB | Seed: 351 | Leech: 1


Track List: U Got Me Good Rawk 'n' Roll Heart Attack The Rush Is Gone 10 Outta 10 When The Greatest Love Of All Kicks In Rip Iddup Get Up 'n' Love Someone You're The Only One Who's Gonna Rawk U Tonite Thrill Of The Nite

Duck Sauce 2014 Quack

Language: | Size: 125.94 MB | Seed: 132 | Leech: 85


Track List: Chariots Of The Gods (Feat. Rockets) Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph It's You Goody Two Shoes Radio Stereo aNYway NRG Everyone (Feat. Teddy Toothpick) Ring Me Barbra Streisand Spandex Time Waits For No-One

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind 2015 Until The World Ends

Language: | Size: 65.22 MB | Seed: 839 | Leech: 86


Track List: Until The World Ends (feat. PNC) Bad Ego Jack Nicholson Moonbox

VA 2014 The Soundtrack

Language: | Size: 155.23 MB | Seed: 540 | Leech: 38


Track List: Michal Menert & Break Science - Electric Touch (BOTY Edit) Fendaheads - Round One Smoku - Raw Power Zamali - Little Sky Esone - The Beat Is Fresh [email protected] [Massive Breakz] - Epicology Funky Boogie Brothers - Spirit of Dance Aron Shorty - Break Your Back DJ Pablo - One Breaker One Move Fresh Andy & Renegades Of Jazz - Subream (Bassdanse Mix) Mr. Confuse - The Turnaround Jay-Roc & Jakebeatz - L.T.W James Lotto - Street War DJ Nas'D - Don't Stop Those Kids Amadeo 85 - Canibal Town (BOTY Edit) [feat. Funkmaster Ozone] Serenity - My Sacrifice (Shawn's Remix) Myniemo - Streetfighter

Ibeyi 2015 Ibeyi

Language: | Size: 108.47 MB | Seed: 552 | Leech: 20


Track List: Eleggua (Intro) Oya Ghosts River Think of You Behind the Curtain Stranger Lover Mama Says Weatherman Faithful Yanira Singles Ibeyi (Outro)

Dragonforce 2014 Maximum Overload

Language: | Size: 67.33 MB | Seed: 71 | Leech: 14


Track List: The Game Tomorrow's King No More Three Hammers Symphony Of The Night The Sun Is Dead Defenders Extraction Zone City Of Gold Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash Cover)

Symforia 2015 Nocturnal Symfonies Of The Unholy

Language: | Size: 68.31 MB | Seed: 854 | Leech: 72


Track List: The Nun Of Gehenna Nocturnal Symfonies Leper's Arrival A Lullaby For Mina Realm Of The Departed

Rameses B 2014 Reborn

Language: | Size: 129.39 MB | Seed: 170 | Leech: 38


Track List: Years From Now Ecosystem Earth Calls Through The Mist Left Behind Spirit Walk Immortal Reborn Symbols Home The Next Chapter Awaits

Marco Shuttle 2015 Visione

Language: | Size: 121.66 MB | Seed: 265 | Leech: 85


Track List: The Chaos (feat. Donato Dozzy) And Then Beyond The Mass Buona Visione Masay Lama Elephante Volts The Way Out

Bulletmen 2015 Full Throttle

Language: | Size: 108.64 MB | Seed: 635 | Leech: 61


Track List: Captain Travels Around The Milky Way Bulletmen (Full Throttle) I Fell Special Night Mutt The Story Of The Men Of Stone Stranger So Far The Bank Job

Isabelle Olivier 2015 Dont Worry Be Harpy

Language: | Size: 121.56 MB | Seed: 29 | Leech: 65


Track List: Intro Lunch Alone in a Tree Tribal Dance Rock It Come Forest Mood 5050 Waltz Abstaction Blues Come Back Final

Savage 2010 Ten Years Ago

Language: | Size: 170.88 MB | Seed: 306 | Leech: 77


Track List: Ten Years Ago (Dub Version) (Intro) So Close I'm Loosing You Eyes of the Moon And You Are Something More Than This Ten Years Ago Jane Still I'm Loving You So Close (Dub Version) (Reprise) And You Are (Extended Version) So Close (Long Version) I'm Loosing You (Extended Version) Stand By Me Save Me I'm Loosing You (Dub Version) (Outro)

Clishe 2015 Undercover

Language: | Size: 106.86 MB | Seed: 680 | Leech: 68


Track List: Please don't give me up (intro) Summertime Sentimental Journey The Siamese Cat Song While my guitar gently weeps In every dream home a heartache What's your name Icehouse Physical Fascination Forgotten tears

Ascent And Nature 2015 Hypnotico

Language: | Size: 140.88 MB | Seed: 865 | Leech: 31


Track List: Your Mind Spiritualism Trancemutation Rmx Magic Box Forest Peace Nature Frequencies Telekineza Mistika 4 Shamans Hypnotico

Tricky 2014 Adrian Thaws

Language: | Size: 88.1 MB | Seed: 467 | Leech: 48


Track List: Sun Down Lonnie Listen Something In The Way Keep Me In Your Shake The Unloved (Skit) Nicotine Love Ganagster Chronicle I Had A Dream My Palestine Girl Why Don't You Silly Games Right Here Silver Tongue

Seventy three 2015 Hypengion

Language: | Size: 117 MB | Seed: 370 | Leech: 52


Track List: From within Hypengion Spluregeola W.I.L.Y Clown Devastator Dying Light Hard drive Infernal Quattro Trail peace Twenty two Yeah Vapour

Serena Brancale 2015 Galleggiare

Language: | Size: 86.03 MB | Seed: 16 | Leech: 4


Track List: Solo in una Tabù Galleggiare Grano e vento Frida La mia anima Aria Il gusto delle cose Galleggiare (sanremo version)

Radical Dads 2015 Universal Coolers

Language: | Size: 88.8 MB | Seed: 419 | Leech: 29


Track List: Absurd Tests Tomorrow's Trash Slammer In The Water Don't Go Universal Coolers Desperado Dude Lens Flight to NZ DJ Pancake Cassette Brain

Lily & Madeleine 2015 Blue Blades Acoustic Sessions

Language: | Size: 57.56 MB | Seed: 952 | Leech: 92


Track List: Blue Blades Fumes Ride Away Can't Admit It Stuck on the Puzzle Hold on to Now

Vesania 2014 Deus Ex Machina

Language: | Size: 117.48 MB | Seed: 667 | Leech: 39


Track List: Halflight Innocence Disillusion Vortex Dismay Glare Notion Disgrace Fading Scar
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