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Invocation Array 2015 A Color For Fiction

Language: | Size: 104.41 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 1


Track List: The Genesis Construct Little Dark Star Perpetual Memory Siren's Call Hypogeum Protocol All Souls Day With Me Void Indulgent Overdrive

Bernard + Edith 2015 Jem

Language: | Size: 133.67 MB | Seed: 657 | Leech: 47


Track List: Wurds Dagger Crocodile Tidal Wave Jem China Heartache Poppy I Will Be Rosemary Underwater Girls Night Out Young Woman

Susan Boyle 2014 Hope

Language: | Size: 87.4 MB | Seed: 4 | Leech: 0


Track List: Wish You Were Here I Can Only Imagine Angel Abide With Me Imagine Will The Circle Be Unbroken Bridge Over Troubled Water The Impossible Dream Oh Happy Day You Raise Me Up (Live) (Feat. Lakewood Church Choir)

Grice 2015 Alexandrine

Language: | Size: 132.07 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Alexandrine She's In My Garden Eclipse Flaw 1 (Fracture) Leftside The Magic Of Changing Colours 12 Syllables Flaw 2 (Silica) Incomplete Frozen Water Clear, Conscious & Free Flaw 3 (Fractal)

Rusty McCarthy 2015 Black Dog

Language: | Size: 111.91 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Black Dog Old Wind Blows This River Dixie Blues New York City Blues Can't Take The Boogie We Can Move On Long Way Down State Of Affairs Candy Man Cork Blues Sophisticated That's How Life Goes

Corvus Stone 2015 Unscrewed

Language: | Size: 114.81 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Brand New Day Early Morning Calls Joukahainen Without Chips Horizon (Remix) Landfill After Solstice (Remix) Jussipussi (Remix) Scary Movie Too Petrified in the Cinema Basement Lost and Found Revisited Cinema Finale Pack Up Your Truffles Moustaches in Massachusetts (Remix) [Bonus Track]

King Diamond 1988 Them

Language: | Size: 122.33 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Out From the Asylum Welcome Home The Invisible Guests Tea Mother's Getting Weaker Bye, Bye, Missy A Broken Spell The Accusation Chair Them Twilight Symphony Coming Home Phone Call The Invisible Guests [-] Bye, Bye Missy [-]

Blissard 2015 Blissard

Language: | Size: 103.47 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: King Ghost Room I Hear Your Name Days The Echo Head Something Something The Body The Champ Ozymandias No Way

Papoose 2015 You Can't Stop Destiny

Language: | Size: 90.98 MB | Seed: 645 | Leech: 79


Track List: Papoose - The Bank Papoose - You Ain’t Built Like That Papoose - Mobbing Ft. Troy Ave Papoose - The Plug Papoose - Michael Jackson Ft. Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign Papoose - Wish A Nigga Would Papoose - Everything To Gain Ft. A.G Papoose - Revenge Maino & Red Cafe Papoose - Team US Papoose - You Draggin It Papoose - Global Warming Part 2 Papoose - Illuminati Papoose - Obituary 2014

Mud Flow 2004 A Life On Standby

Language: | Size: 124.63 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: The Sense Of 'Me' Chemicals Today Debbie And Charlie Tribal Dance How I Got Depressed And Started A War Unfinished Relief Debbie & Charlie (The True Story) Five Against Six Song 1 New Eve

Chief Keef 2015 Almighty Chopsquad

Language: | Size: 72.95 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Chief Keef - Right Now (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Mounted Up (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - iCarly (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - How I Look Now (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - On It On It (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Money Cant (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Dont Think I Got One (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Cussing (Prod By Ace Bankz) Chief Keef - Chill (Prod By Dolan Beats)

Folkearth 2014 Baldere s Lament

Language: | Size: 93.34 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 2


Track List: Beliskner Balder's Lament From Volga To Bosphorus Farewell To The North The Crimson Wine Of Battle Eyes Of The Volva Donar's Hammer The Silent Warrior The Wine-Sacks Of The Emperor The Anvil Of Storms

October Falls 2014 Kaarna

Language: | Size: 212.58 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Usva Viima Polku Marras

Tanita Tikaram 2012 Can't Go Back

Language: | Size: 163.23 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: All Things to You Dust On My Shoes Make the Day Rock'n'roll Science Keep It Real Can't Go Back Heavy Pressure One Kiss If the World Should Want for Love

Symphony X 2015 Underworld

Language: | Size: 147.51 MB | Seed: 5 | Leech: 0


Track List: Overture Nevermore Underworld Without You Kiss of Fire Charon To Hell and Back In My Darkest Hour Run With The Devil Swansong Legend

Lil Wayne 2015 1000 Degrees

Language: | Size: 104.62 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 0


Track List: Lil Wayne - Glory Lil Wayne & Turk - You Mad Yet Remix - ????? Lil Wayne & Kidd Kidd - Ejected Lil Wayne & Fat Leopard - Vegas Lil Wayne & Dej Loaf - Me U & Hennessy Lil Wayne & Migos - Amazing Amy Lil Wayne & Plies - Find You Remix FeatK Camp Lil Wayne & French Montana - I Aint Gonna Lie Lil Wayne & Future - Commas Remix Lil Wayne - Coco Remix Lil Wayne - Shit Remix Lil Wayne & Drake - Used To

Anti-Flag 2015 American Spring

Language: | Size: 94.22 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Fabled World The Great Divide Brandenburg Gate Sky Is Falling Walk Away Song For Your Enemy Set Yourself On Fire All Of The Poison, All Of The Pain Break Something Without End Believer To Hell With Boredom Low Expectations The Debate Is Over (if you want it)

Vybz Kartel 2015 My Life Belongs

Language: | Size: 94.46 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 0


Track List: Vybz Kartel - My Life Belongs Vybz Kartel - Customer Care Vybz Kartel - Everybody Vybz Kartel - Hice It Up Vybz Kartel - Don't Give A Vybz Kartel - Promise You Vybz Kartel - Miss Kitty Vybz Kartel - My Girl Vybz Kartel - My Heaven My Hell Vybz Kartel - Party Vybz Kartel - Pressure Vybz Kartel - Ungrateful Vybz Kartel - Who Trick Him Vybz Kartel - Party Till We Die

Sean Brown 2015 Solitude

Language: | Size: 75.92 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Sean Brown - Hustle 2 Get It (Prod by Static Beatz) Sean Brown - Aisle 4 (Prod by Nikk Blvkk and Sean Brown) Sean Brown - Rollin (Prod by Eric Vargas) Sean Brown - Feel Good (Prod by Sean Brown) Sean Brown - Move On (Prod by King Dave) Sean Brown - Too Late (Prod by Joey Catellani) Sean Brown - Solitude (Interlude) (Prod by Joey Catellani) Sean Brown - One Crazy Ass Dream (Prod by Sean Brown) Sean Brown - Grampie (Prod by Sean Brown)

Lafee 2011 Frei

Language: | Size: 92.23 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 1


Track List: Herzlich Willkommen Lass Die Puppe Tanzen Alles Gute Sonnensystem Du Allein Ich Bin Fliegen Mit Mir 7 Sunden Leben Wir Jetzt Phonix Sieh Mich An Danke Ich Hab Dich Lieb

Daniel Lavoie 2014 La Licorne Captive

Language: | Size: 176.18 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Sirène Ophélie Bal des pendus Le noir et le blanc Chasse-galerie Icare La licorne captive Le sang Souffle Icare (Instrumental) Ophélie (Instrumental) Bal des pendus (Instrumental)

Stealing Sheep 2015 Not Real

Language: | Size: 82.76 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Sequence Apparition Not Real This Time Greed Deadlock Evolve & Expand Sunk Love She

Yung Mazi 2015 How 2 Get Away With Murder

Language: | Size: 110.72 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 1


Track List: Yung Mazi - Runnin Da Bity Intro Yung Mazi - Last Suppa Yung Mazi - Worth it Yung Mazi - Ima Dog Yung Mazi - Will he ride Yung Mazi - Falcons Yung Mazi - Prayin 4 Act Yung Mazi - Dependin On Me Yung Mazi - All des Bitches Yung Mazi - Get out yo feelings Yung Mazi - This One 4 Mucho Yung Mazi - Now I Know Yung Mazi - No Features

Fat Trel 2015 Georgetown

Language: | Size: 133.64 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Fat Trel - Intro Fat Trel - Wzup Wit Me Fat Trel - I'm Da Type Fat Trel - BRRRR (Feat. Wale & Rick Ross) Fat Trel - Fuck Out My Face Fat Trel - Say My Name Fat Trel - Funky Style (Feat. Troy Ave) Fat Trel - Geetchi Liberachi (Feat. Rick Ross) Fat Trel - IG Bitches Fat Trel - Young Niggaz Fat Trel - I'm Ill (Feat. Boosa) Fat Trel - Calling All Workers Fat Trel - Somebody Gotta Die Fat Trel - Murder Gardenz Fat Trel - Think I Love Her (Feat. Fetty Wap) Fat Trel - Dear Momma (Feat. J Beale)

Lady Beast 2015 II

Language: | Size: 85.23 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: Heavy Metal Destiny We Are The Witches Bind The Runes Caged Fury Heroes Of Our Time Frost Giants Daughter Forest Of The Impaled Lose To Win Banshee

New York Dolls 2011 Dancing Backward In High Heels

Language: | Size: 85.39 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: Fool For You Baby Streetcake Fabulous Rant I'm So Fabulous Talk to Me Baby Kids Like You Round & Round She Goes You Don't Have to Cry I Sold My Heart to The Junkman Baby Tell Me What I'm On Funky But Chic End of the Summer

Bette Midler 2014 Its The Girls!

Language: | Size: 108.82 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: Be My Baby One Fine Day Bei Mir Bist du Schon Baby It's You Tell Him He's Sure The Boy I Love (duet with Darlene Love) Mr. Sandman Come And Get These Memories Too Many Fish In The Sea Teach Me Tonight Waterfalls You Can't Hurry Love Give Him A Great Big Kiss Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow It's The Girl

Sinead O'Connor 2009 I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got

Language: | Size: 223.46 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 1


Track List: Feel So Different I Am Stretched on Your Grave Three Babies The Emperor's New Clothes Black Boys on Mopeds Nothing Compares 2U Jump in The River You Cause as Much Sorrow The Last Day of Our Acquaintance I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got

Nirvana 1989 Bleach

Language: | Size: 97.96 MB | Seed: 542 | Leech: 86


Track List: Blew Floyd The Barber About A Girl School Love Buzz Paper Cuts Negative Creep Scoff Swap Meet Mr. Moustache Sifting Big Cheese Downer

Jackson Browne 2014 Standing In The Breach

Language: | Size: 129.57 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 2


Track List: The Birds Of St. Marks Yeah Yeah The Long Way Around Leaving Winslow If I Could Be Anywhere You Know The Night Walls And Doors Which Side Standing In The Breach Here

Full Trunk 2015 Time For Us To Move

Language: | Size: 78.46 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 0


Track List: I know the way Think Youre a Man think Twice again Muffletta Blues Dont Look Away Baby Put The Gun Down Dana Without a Sight Time For Us To Move Going Home Unknown Title

Delain 2014 Delain - Best Of

Language: | Size: 136.65 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Sever Frozen Shattered See Me In Shadow April Rain On The Other Side Stay Forever Lost We Are The Others Get The Devil Out Of Me Such A Shame Stardust Sing To Me The Tragedy Of The Commons Don't Let Go

Radiohead 1995 The Bends

Language: | Size: 109.6 MB | Seed: 3 | Leech: 1


Track List: Planet Telex The Bends High And Dry Fake Plastic Trees Bones (Nice Dream) Just My Iron Lung Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was Black Star Sulk Street Spirit (Fade Out) How Can You Be Sure (Bonus Track) Killer Cars (Bonus Track)

Eminem 2002 The Eminem Show

Language: | Size: 167.22 MB | Seed: 342 | Leech: 90


Track List: Curtains Up (Skit) White America Business Cleanin Out My Closet Square Dance The Kiss (Skit) Soldier Say Goodbye Hollywood Drips (feat. Obie Trice) Without Me Paul Rosenberg (Skit) Sing For The Moment Superman (feat. Dina Rae) Hailie's Song Steve Berman (Skit) When The Music Stops (feat. D12) Say What You Say (feat. Dr. Dre) 'Till I Collapse (feat. Nate Dogg) My Dad's Gone Crazy (feat. Hailie Jade) Curtains Close (Skit)

Saint Raymond 2015 Young Blood

Language: | Size: 150.72 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: Letting Go Young Blood Everything She Wants Great Escape Don't Fail Me Now Fall At Your Feet I Want You As We Are Now Come Back To You Wild Heart Carry Her Home Brighter Days Be There Movie In My Mind Bonfires This Town Never Let You Go
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