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Ezra Furman 2015 Perpetual Motion People

Language: | Size: 99.29 MB | Seed: 804 | Leech: 85


Track List: Restless Year Lousy Connection Hark! to the Music Haunted Head Hour of Deepest Need Wobbly Ordinary Life Tip of a Match Body Was Made Watch You Go By Pot Holes Can I Sleep in Your Brain One Day I Will Sin No More

Lacrimosa 2012 Revolution

Language: | Size: 125.57 MB | Seed: 692 | Leech: 68


Track List: Irgendein Arsch Ist Immer Unterwegs If The World Stood Still A Day Verloren This Is The Night Interlude - Feuerzeug (Part I) Feuerzeug (Part II) Refugium Weil Du Hilfe Brauchst Rote Sinfonie Revolution

Digitonal 2015 Beautiful Broken

Language: | Size: 103.56 MB | Seed: 57 | Leech: 51


Track List: Proverb We Three Autumn Round Beltane Anaethmatics It Doesn't Matter Luna Polestar Eighteen

Sacrario 2015 Circle Of Psychopaths

Language: | Size: 115.88 MB | Seed: 576 | Leech: 53


Track List: Let Them Die Circle of Psychopaths Killing for a Living Ashes and Dust As the World Falls Down Time of Pestilence Blackened Future The Evil is Never Far Neither God Nor Devil Relish the Bloodshed Bloody Night Living Monstrosity

Ducktails 2015 St. Catherine

Language: | Size: 99.42 MB | Seed: 75 | Leech: 55


Track List: The Disney Afternoon Headbanging in the Mirror Into the Sky Heaven's Room St. Catherine The Laughing Woman Interlude Surreal Exposure Church Medieval Krumme Lanke Reprise

Jamie XX 2015 In Colour

Language: | Size: 100.41 MB | Seed: 93 | Leech: 15


Track List: Jamie xx - Gosh Jamie xx - Sleep Sound Jamie xx - Seesaw [ft. Romy] Jamie xx - Obvs Jamie xx - Just Saying Jamie xx - Stranger in a Room [ft. Oliver Sim] Jamie xx - Hold Tight Jamie xx - Loud Places [ft. Romy] Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan] Jamie xx - The Rest Is Noise Jamie xx - Girl

Led Zeppelin 1979 In Through The Out Door

Language: | Size: 98.18 MB | Seed: 850 | Leech: 71


Track List: In the Evening South Bound Saurez Fool In The Rain Hot Dog Carouselambra All My Love I'm Gonna Crawl

Foo Fighters 2005 In Your Honor

Language: | Size: 194.21 MB | Seed: 416 | Leech: 30


Track List: In Your Honor No Way Back Best Of You DOA Hell The Last Song Free Me Resolve The Deepest Blues Are Black End Over End

White Lies 2009 To Lose My Life

Language: | Size: 203.18 MB | Seed: 212 | Leech: 86


Track List: Death To Lose My Life A Place To Hide Fifty On Our Foreheads Unfinished Business E . S . T . From The Stars Farewell To The Fairground Nothing To Give The Price Of Love

Modern Boys 2015 Creatures On A Lonely Planet

Language: | Size: 83.07 MB | Seed: 878 | Leech: 41


Track List: Medieval Love Obsession Schoolyard Darkdancer (feat. Tonje Terese) Dancing Fool Battleship Cocky Town No trust Raver Sexy Talk

Sarah Brightman 2003 Harem

Language: | Size: 144.61 MB | Seed: 56 | Leech: 11


Track List: Harem What A Wonderful World It's A Beautiful Day What You Never Know The Journey Home Free Mysterious Days The War Is Over Now Misere Mei Beautiful Arabian Nights Stranger In Paradise Until The End Of Time Gueri De Toi

Pink 2003 Try This

Language: | Size: 132.09 MB | Seed: 749 | Leech: 13


Track List: Trouble God Is A DJ Last To Know Tonights The Night Oh My God (Feat Peaches) Catch Me While I'm Sleeping Waiting For Love Save My Life Try Too Hard Humble Neighborhoods Walk Away Unwind Feel Good Time Love Song Hooker (Bonus Track)

Jamiroquai 2005 Dynamite

Language: | Size: 167.01 MB | Seed: 378 | Leech: 42


Track List: Feels Just Like It Should Dynamite Seven Days In Sunny June Electric Mistress Starchild Love Blind Talulah (Don't) Give Hate A Chance World That He Wants Black Devil Car Hot Tequila Brown Time Won't Wait Canned Head (7Edit) Little L (Bob Sinclair Mix) Love Footosophy (Twin Club Mix) You Give Me Something (Full International Mix)

Trapper 2015 Go For The Heart

Language: | Size: 46.42 MB | Seed: 236 | Leech: 12


Track List: Lonely Hearts Technology Killed Our Love Grand Bender The Warrior Your Love

White Shadows 2015 Secret Of Life

Language: | Size: 88.86 MB | Seed: 986 | Leech: 64


Track List: Everyday So It Goes Slip Away Hate Sun Winter Dreamin Mystery Goddess Lonely Road I Belong To You Give Up Give Out Give In

V.A. 1980 Heaven And Hell Best Of Metal 80's

Language: | Size: 266.44 MB | Seed: 727 | Leech: 19


Track List: Accept - I'm A Rebel Acdc - Shoot To Thrill Alice Cooper - Grim Facts Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell Deep Purple - King Of Dreams Def Leppard - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down Diamond Head - Am I Evil Dokken - We're Going Wrong Gary Moore - Hot Gossip Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden Judas Priest - Breaking The Law Kiss - Naked City Krokus - Fire M.S.G. - Into The Arena Motorhead - Ace Of Spades Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train Quiet Riot - Killer Girls Rainbow - Since You Been Gone Saxon - 747 (Strangers In The Night) Scorpions - Only A Man U.F.O. - Lettin' Go Uriah Heep - Feelings Whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving Triumph - I Live For The Weekend The Who - Who Are You

Babe Ruth 2015 Que Pasa

Language: | Size: 141.39 MB | Seed: 71 | Leech: 56


Track List: 4 Dear life Que pasa The sun, moon and stars Mother tongue (part 1) Apache Mother tongue (part 2) Doncha wanna dance Break for the border Killer smile 4 Letter word The blues The Mexican Millenium (part 1) Santa Ana The Mexican Millenium (part 2)

Jackson Browne 2010 Love Is Strange

Language: | Size: 246.19 MB | Seed: 647 | Leech: 96


Track List: Intro I'm Alive Intro Call It A Loan Looking East Intro The Crow On The Cradle (Featuring Carlos Nunes) Intro Mercury Blues Intro El Rayo X Sit Down Servant Intro Take It Easy For Taking The Trouble

Levon Vincent 2015 Levon Vincent

Language: | Size: 165.69 MB | Seed: 447 | Leech: 26


Track List: The Beginning Phantom Power Junkies on Hermann Strasse Launch Ramp to tha Sky For Mona, My Beloved Cat Rest in Peace Her Light Goes Through Everything Black Arm Confetti Anti-Corporate Music Small Whole-Numbered Ratios Woman is an Angel

Delain 2014 The Human Contradiction

Language: | Size: 185.75 MB | Seed: 351 | Leech: 39


Track List: CD1 01. Here Come The Vultures 02. Your Body Is A Battleground 03. Stardust 04. My Masquerade 05. Tell Me, Mechanist 06. Sing To Me 07. Army Of Dolls 08. Lullaby 09. The Tragedy Of The Commons 01. Scarlet 02. Don't Let Go 03. My Masquerade (Live) 04. April Rain (Live) 05. Go Away (Live) 06. Sever (Live) 07. Stay Forever (Live) 08. Sing To Me (Orchestra Version) 09. Your Body Is A Battleground (Orchestra Version)

Laura Welsh 2015 Soft Control

Language: | Size: 101.41 MB | Seed: 347 | Leech: 11


Track List: Soft Control Ghosts Break the Fall Unravel God Keeps Cold Front Hardest Part (feat. John Legend) Still Life Breathe Me In Call To Arms Hollow Drum

Stallion 2014 Rise And Ride

Language: | Size: 99.11 MB | Seed: 691 | Leech: 89


Track List: Rise And Ride Wild Stallions Streets Of Sin Stigmatized Canadian Steele Bill To Pay Watch Out The Right One The Devil Never Sleeps Wooden Horse

One Direction 2014 Four

Language: | Size: 121.93 MB | Seed: 973 | Leech: 64


Track List: Spaces 18 Clouds Where Do Broken Hearts Go Steal My Girl Night Changes Stockholm Syndrome Girl Almighty No Control Ready to Run Fireproof Fools Gold

Bloodbound 2014 Stormborn

Language: | Size: 108.96 MB | Seed: 820 | Leech: 76


Track List: Stormborn When the Kingdom Will Fall Nightmares from the Grave Satanic Panic When All Lights Fail Seven Hells We Raise the Dead Made of Steel Blood of My Blood Iron Throne Bloodtale

Gucci Mane 2014 Gucci vs. Guwop

Language: | Size: 84.24 MB | Seed: 511 | Leech: 33


Track List: 01. Intro 02. Heysus 03. Horror Flick 04. Mob Shit 05. Boss Shit 06. Used To It feat. Wale 07. She Fuckin Errbody 08. Drop My Top 09. White Diamonds feat. Wooh Da Kid 10. Mean That Shit 11. Cononut Ciroc 12. Ridin Foregin 13. Rip Slim Dunkin

Frank Knight 2015 Free Lunch

Language: | Size: 115.74 MB | Seed: 668 | Leech: 71


Track List: Intro Angels (Produced By The Gonz) Knockin' (Featuring Sitcomlife Brown) (Produced By The Gonz) Brooklyn Nostalgia (Produced By The Gonz) Hustle Hard Baby (Produced By The Gonz) Kortah Watuh (Produced By The Gonz) Rain (Featuring Jus Ra) (Produced By The Gonz) Vain (Produced By The Gonz) Only Sixteen (Featuring Smoove x Shenna) (Produced By The Gonz) Wife Ya (Produced By The Gonz) Cold As Snow (Produced By The Gonz) Mind Sax (Produced By The Gonz) So High (Produced By The Gonz) Winter Break (Featuring Scott Morris x Isha'Rae) (Produced By The Gonz) Sav Killz Outro

Adão Negro 2003 Só Diretoria

Language: | Size: 35.3 MB | Seed: 38 | Leech: 55


Track List: Adão Negro Vem Fio Botar Um Amassa o Barro Canção de Ninar Feed Back Vá Morrer Pra Lá Novo Amanhã Rastareggae Rastaman

Green Day 1987 Lookout

Language: | Size: 44.74 MB | Seed: 591 | Leech: 6


Track List: Green Day - Basket Case Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere Green Day - Holiday Green Day - Minority Green Day - Lazy Bones Green Day - Stray Heart Green Day - Wake Me Up When September End Green Day - Worry Rock

Randy Travis 2015 On The Other Hand - All The Number Ones

Language: | Size: 113.73 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 65


Track List: On The Other Hand Diggin' Up Bones Forever And Ever, Amen I Won't Need You Anymore Too Gone, Too Long I Told You So Honky Tonk Moon Deeper Than The Holler Is It Still Over It's Just A Matter Of Time Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart If I Didn't Have You Look Heart, No Hands Whisper My Name Three Wooden Crosses

Chainreaction 2014 A Game Between Good And Evil

Language: | Size: 114.91 MB | Seed: 242 | Leech: 77


Track List: Wash My Tears Dreaming Warrior Stolen Fire Straight from Hell Anthem for Humanity Angels Never Die Born to Rock Where Is God Have No Fear Be Honest

Tera Melos 2013 X'ed Out

Language: | Size: 108.44 MB | Seed: 536 | Leech: 31


Track List: Weird Circles New Chlorine Bite Snake Lake Sunburn Melody Nine No Phase Tropic Lame Slimed Until Lufthansa Surf Nazis X'ed Out and Tired

Madonna 2015 Living For Love (Shahaf Moran Remixes)

Language: | Size: 74.2 MB | Seed: 412 | Leech: 33


Track List: Living For Love (Shahaf Moran Extended) Living For Love (Shahaf Moran Remix)

Joy Division 1988 Unknown Pleasures

Language: | Size: 90.47 MB | Seed: 407 | Leech: 81


Track List: Disorder Day Of The Lords Candidate Insight New Dawn Fades She's Lost Control Shadowplay Wilderness Interzone I Remember Nothing

Night By Night 2014 NxN

Language: | Size: 91.86 MB | Seed: 283 | Leech: 15


Track List: Time To Escape Holding Onto Holding On Can't Walk Away Everywhere Tonight Siren A Thousand Lies It's Not Faith The Moment If Only Never Die Again

Alien Ant Farm 2015 Always and Forever

Language: | Size: 111.81 MB | Seed: 25 | Leech: 87


Track List: Yellow Pages Simpatico Burning Let Em Know Our Time Homage Sidelines Little Things (Physical) Crazy Love American Pie Godlike Better Weather Dirty Bomb
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