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Four Sticks 2015 Electric Celebration

Language: | Size: 121.2 MB | Seed: 50 | Leech: 97


Track List: Under My Thumb Hallelujah Music Revolution Wondercolourblue Intertwined Just Got Back Electric Celebration Strange Dream Broken Glass Reason to Live Like a Flower World Is Calling

Boney M. 2009 Megamix DJ Tributes Non Stop

Language: | Size: 144.84 MB | Seed: 885 | Leech: 8


Track List: Intro Gotta Go Home Daddy Cool Sunny Rasputin Kalimba De Luna Felicidad Ma Backer Bahama Mama No Woman No Cry Happy Song Hooray Hooray Going Back West Painter Man Rivers Of Babylon Children Of Paradise Brown Girl In The Ring Two Of Us I Shall Sing I See A Boat On The River Belfast Let It All Music Young Free Single Sad Movies Feliz Navidad

Uriah Heep 2011 Into The Wild

Language: | Size: 133.95 MB | Seed: 898 | Leech: 57


Track List: Nail on the Head I Can See You Into the Wild Money Talk I'm Ready Trail of Diamonds Southern Star Believe Lost T-Bird Angel Kiss of Freedom Hard Way to Learn

Skarlett 2014 Death Is Only The Beginning

Language: | Size: 46.42 MB | Seed: 857 | Leech: 87


Track List: Death Is Only The Beginning End Of Days Into Darkness Did You Miss Me Shadows (Featuring Shawn Obrien) Fallin Revelation

Murubutu - L'uomo che viaggiava nel vento

Language: | Size: 50.72 MB | Seed: 456 | Leech: 20


Album 128kbps murubutu L'uomo che viaggiava nel vento (E altri racconti di brezze e correnti) 1 Anemos (Introduzione)2:29 2 a bella creola 3:54 3 Grecale 4:22 4 Scirocco (feat. Rancore) 4:52 5 Mara e il maestrale 4:04 6 Bora (feat. DJ T-Robb) 4:13 7 Dafne sa contare (feat. Dia) 3:41 8 Levante (feat. Dargen D'Amico, Ghemon) 4:30 9 Linee di libeccio 3:37 10 Il re dei venti (feat. La Kattiveria) 5:06 11 Isobarre 3:57 12 L'armata perduta di Re Cambise 3:13 13 L'uomo che viaggiava nel vento (feat. Amelivia) 3:44 14 L'ultimo soffio (Conclusione) 2:55

Elle King 2015 Love Stuff

Language: | Size: 97.42 MB | Seed: 410 | Leech: 56


Track List: Where The Devil Don't Go Ex's & Oh's Under The Influence Last Damn Night Kocaine Karolina Song of Sorrow America's Sweetheart I Told You I Was Mean Ain't Gonna Drown Jackson Make You Smile See You Again

Martin Gore 2015 MG

Language: | Size: 125.89 MB | Seed: 815 | Leech: 83


Track List: Pinking Swanning Exalt Elk Brink Europa Hymn Creeper Spiral Stealth Hum Islet Crowly Trysting Southerly Featherlight Blade

Speedy Ortiz 2015 Foil Deer

Language: | Size: 97.09 MB | Seed: 348 | Leech: 85


Track List: Good Neck Raising the Skate The Graduates Dot X Homonovus Puffer Swell Content Zig My Dead Girl Ginger Mister Difficult Dvrk Wrld

Kate Ryan 2012 Electroshock

Language: | Size: 109.01 MB | Seed: 950 | Leech: 19


Track List: LoveLife (Radio Edit) Believer Broken (feat. Narco) Robots Crazyville Walk to the Beat Electroshock One More Time Running Away Madness Leave It Alone Everytime Little Braveheart (feat. Charlotte Perrelli) Run Away (feat.Tim Berg)

The Game 2015 R.E.D II

Language: | Size: 100.59 MB | Seed: 529 | Leech: 95


Track List: Gucci Everything (Feat. Chief Keef, French Montana, Fabolous & Red Cafe) Black On Black (Feat. Young Jeezy & Kevin Gates) Beautiful (Feat. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross) Can You Believe It (Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman) Do You Love (Feat. Drake & Y.G.) Cops & Rappers (Feat. Jim Jones) Yo Feelings (Feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown) Really (Feat. 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Soulja Boy & T.I.) Street Riders (Feat. NaS & Akon) Red Places (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Daniel Herskedal 2015 Slow Eastbound Train

Language: | Size: 196.26 MB | Seed: 292 | Leech: 15


Track List: The Mistral Noir Rainfall Monsoon Coming The Solar Winds Effects on Earth Daniels Dust Devil Slow Eastbound Boat Slow Eastbound Train Snowfall Crosswind Landing Bydlo Sea Breeze Front

Mishroom & FB[FoRce] 2015 Alpha Omega

Language: | Size: 99.69 MB | Seed: 849 | Leech: 92


Track List: Vita Nostra Beast Draft Nature (ft Ido Uzan) Insane Machine (A Man With A Spear) Hobbart's Life Starforger (ft Gella Inferi) Dark Matter KOFF (rmx)

Brooklyn Bounce 2011 More BB-Styles

Language: | Size: 225.02 MB | Seed: 103 | Leech: 64


Track List: Sex, Bass & Rock'n'roll (Danceboy Remix Edit) Bass, Beats & Melody (Skitz Clubb Remixx Edit) Take A Ride (Douglas Palmer Remix Edit) The Real Bass (Basslouder & DJ [email protected] Tune! Remix Edit) Loud & Proud (Dave Joy Meets The Sixth Sense Remix Edit) Club Bizarre (DJ Zealot Remix Edit) X2X (We Want More!) (Primax Main Edit) X2X (We Want More!) (Primax Progressive Remix Edit) Canda! (The Darkside Returns) (Mazell Remix Edit) The Real Bass (Hardstomper Aka DJ Patrick Remix Edit) Sex Bass & Rock’n’roll (Danceboy Remix) Bass, Beats & Melody (Skitz Clubb Remixx) Take A Ride (Douglas Palmer Remix) The Real Bass (Basslouder & DJ [email protected] Tune! Remix) Loud & Proud (Dave Joy Meets The Sixth Sense Remix) Club Bizarre (DJ Zealot Remix) X2X (We Want More!) (Primax Main Mix) X2X (We Want More!) (Primax Progressive Remix) Canda! (The Darkside Returns) (Mazell Remix) The Real Bass (Hardstomper Aka DJ Patrick Remix Edit)

Over The Effect 2015 Astronomy

Language: | Size: 152.28 MB | Seed: 846 | Leech: 70


Track List: Screaming Inside Dichotomy Astronaut Hold On the Hillside Little John Leaving for Anywhere Phoenix Comfort and Lies Lullaby for Ilyam Sunshine Rising Sun Dear Mother Silver Screen

The Pink Rangers 2015 The Last Day I Got Laid

Language: | Size: 87.11 MB | Seed: 393 | Leech: 93


Track List: Just One More Girl The Mexican Girls I Wish I Was in Texas She's Always in the Room Señoritas, Camioneros and Woody Guthrie (I Put Your) Pussy on Facebook Lay with Me Awhile Somewhere Unfamiliar (If You Wanna) Be My Boyfriend She Had Your Eyes This Is My Ship

Bon Jovi 2000 Golden Ballads

Language: | Size: 183.4 MB | Seed: 504 | Leech: 6


Track List: Always Thanks You For Loving Me Blaze Of Glory Learning How To Fall Save The World Little City Wanted Dead Or Alive She's A Mysterty Midnight In Chelsea Mystery Train Bed Of Roses I'll Be There For You Cold Hard Heart Never Say Goodbye It's Just Me It's My Life

VA 2015 Tritonia Chapter 002

Language: | Size: 302.26 MB | Seed: 232 | Leech: 78


Track List: Tritonal feat. Skyler Stonestreet - Electric Glow (Arston Remix) Noah Neiman feat. Mike Schmid - Follow (Original Mix) Codeko - Trace (Original Mix) Ryos feat. Allisa Rose - Eclipse (Original Mix) Juventa - Winterborn (Original Mix) Tritonal - Anchor (Club Mix) AeroSoul feat. Christian Ferraro - 6AM (Original Mix Cuebrick - Demon (Original Mix) Jus Jack & Speed Limits - All Falls Down (Tritonal Edit) Disco Fries - Louder (Original Mix) Years - Diamond (Instrumental Mix) Speed Limits & DVN feat. Duncan - Take My Breath Away (Original Mix) Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (Original Mix) Jenaux feat. Pia Toscano - Renegades (Original Mix) Mike Shiver & Oen Bearen - Ataraxia (Original Mix) JAKKO, Klauss & Turino vs. Steerner feat. Paul Aiden - Lighthouse (Original Mix) Tritonal feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Satellite (Kill The Buzz Remix) Enzo Darren feat. Delaney Jane - Adonis (Original Mix) Uforik - Scorpion (Original Mix) Thomas Hayes - Alluvion (Original Mix) Cuebrick - Save Me (Original Mix) Noah Neiman feat. Anna Yvette - Eyes To The Sky (Original Mix) Tritonia - Chapter 002 (continuous mix) Electric Glow (feat Skyler Stonestreet - Arston remix) Satellite (feat Jonathan Mendelsohn - Kill The Buzz remix)

Deez Nuts 2015 Word Is Bond

Language: | Size: 268.54 MB | Seed: 41 | Leech: 18


Track List: Word Yesterday (Ft. Dre Faivre) Pour Up What's Good Behind Bars (feat. Andrew Goose Neufeld) What I Gotta Do Chess Boxin' Don't Wanna Talk About It Face This on My Own Wrong Things Right Understand Party at the Hill (feat. Andrew Drew York Dijorio) The Message Word Is Bond

Madonna 2012 MDNA

Language: | Size: 141.17 MB | Seed: 806 | Leech: 86


Track List: Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang I’m Addicted Turn Up the Radio Give Me All Your Luvin' Some Girls Superstar I Don’t Give A I’m A Sinner Love Spent Masterpiece Falling Free

Cloud 9+ 2015 Supernova

Language: | Size: 125.52 MB | Seed: 395 | Leech: 90


Track List: Intro Dirty Century Supernova Amsterdam The Way You Are Lights Violence Jump Higher (feat. MC SirReal) I.N.Y.T. Heartache Breathe In Lose X Nobody Moves (Pixa Remix) Lights (Giocator Remix) Breathe In (Adam Ajkay Remix) Breathe In (Magical Gravity Remix)

Fireroad 2014 I Got Sound

Language: | Size: 109.6 MB | Seed: 204 | Leech: 66


Track List: Knock It Away Rain Water I Got Sound Sundown Leave My Heart Falling Down Never Wrong Before the Matinee Line Me Up Swinging Brick Find a Way

I’m From Barcelona 2015 Growing Up Is For Trees

Language: | Size: 78.98 MB | Seed: 637 | Leech: 56


Track List: Violins Helium Heart Lucy Growing Up Is for Trees Gotta Come Down Not Just Anything Sirens Benjamin Departure Summer Skies

Harmony 2014 Theatre Of Redemption

Language: | Size: 118 MB | Seed: 410 | Leech: 91


Track List: The Window Of My Soul Inhale Crown Me King Son Of The Morning What If Theatre Of Redemption Bloodbound You Are Hands Of Time In Search Of

Subterranean Masquerade 2015 The Great Bazaar

Language: | Size: 97.67 MB | Seed: 121 | Leech: 14


Track List: Early Morning Mantra Reliving The Feeling Tour Diary Nigen Blanket Of Longing Specter Father And Son

Lily Allen 2014 Sheezus

Language: | Size: 169.83 MB | Seed: 829 | Leech: 32


Track List: Sheezus L8 CMMR Air Balloon Our Time Insincerely Yours Take My Place As Long As I Got You Close Your Eyes URL Badman Silver Spoon Life For Me Hard Out Here Interlude Somewhere Only We Know Wind Your Neck In Who Do You Love Miserable Without Your Love Holding On To Nothing Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix) Air Balloon (Taiki & Nulight Dub Remix)

Mordenial 2015 Where The Angels Fall

Language: | Size: 114.22 MB | Seed: 156 | Leech: 7


Track List: In Dusk I Come Where The Angels Fall Come Inside The Darkness Shadow Of The Past Time To Justify Your Sins The Edge Of Falling Corrode To Rust Death Will Follow Departure Expire Fire And Wind Water And Earth Warfare And Destruction

VA 2015 Immortal Randy Rhoads

Language: | Size: 121.22 MB | Seed: 548 | Leech: 51


Track List: Crazy Train - Tankian, Serj Morello, Tom Sarzo, Rudy Appice, Vinny Over the Mountain - Owens, Ripper Donais, Jon Sarzo, Rudy Banali, Frankie Mr Crowley - Billy, Chuck Laiho, Alexi Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett Rhoads Kelle Suicide Solution - Owens, Ripper Aldrich, Doug Sarzo, Rudy Appice, Vinny I Don't Know - Rhoads, Kelle Kulick, Bruce Sarzo, Rudy Banali, Frankie Flying High Again - Owens, Ripper Lynch, George Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett Goodbye to Romance - Owens, Ripper Kulick, Bob Zappa, Dweezil Sarzo, Rudy Appice, Vinny Back To The Coast (Quiet Riot) - Owens, Ripper Hoekstra, Joel Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett Killer Girl. (Quiet Riot) - Owens, Ripper Gus G. Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett Believer - Owens, Ripper Gillis, Brad Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett S A T 0 - Owens, Ripper Kulick, Bob Torme, Bernie Sarzo, Rudy Chassen, Brett

Caddy Cooper 2015 Outside The Wire

Language: | Size: 147.75 MB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 36


Track List: Get Onboard An Hour Or Two Don't Say We're Through (Feat. Paul Carella) Outside The Wire I Be Leavin' You (Feat. Ben Waters) Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter Sunshine Hot London Town (Feat. Ben Waters) One Step At A Time Further We Got To Fall (Feat. Paul Carella) Love You In The Morning Last Night's Lover Far To Go My World And Everything In It Crosswind

The Devil In California 2015 Longer Ride Down

Language: | Size: 136.1 MB | Seed: 414 | Leech: 97


Track List: Black Hand Delta Sludge Sell Me a Reason Numb from the Fall Personal Voodoo Longer Ride Down Empty Rooms Sweeet Gravel Road Middle Man Just in Case Mississippi Queen YCMMHMB P.S.A. (Oh Yeah)

David Sanborn 2015 Time and The River

Language: | Size: 103.31 MB | Seed: 466 | Leech: 23


Track List: A la verticale Ordinary People Drift Can't Get Next to You (feat. Larry Braggs) Oublie Moi Seven Days Seven Nights Windmills of Your Mind (feat. Randy Crawford) Spanish Joint Overture Little Church (Bonus Track)

Case 2015 Heavens Door

Language: | Size: 131.43 MB | Seed: 457 | Leech: 39


Track List: Timeless Heavy Breathing Shook Up Difficult Think About Us Juggle Damn Girl Meet Me In The Middle Tour Blast Off Replay You Just Don't Know I Won't Cry Anymore Speakerboxx (Bonus Track) Give It 2 U (Bonus Track)

Hot Chip 2015 Why Make Sense

Language: | Size: 89.94 MB | Seed: 245 | Leech: 87


Track List: Huarache Lights Love Is the Future Cry for You Started Right White Wine and Fried Chicken Dark Night Easy To Get Need You Now So Much Further To Go Why Make Sense_

Red Moon Architect 2015 Fall

Language: | Size: 75.19 MB | Seed: 248 | Leech: 3


Track List: A Wish For A Tear Betrayed The Other Side Misanthrope Isolated For My… Cradle This Won't Fade My Curse

Noize MC 2014 Hard Reboot

Language: | Size: 84.28 MB | Seed: 588 | Leech: 40


Track List: ?????? Ne2Da? ???????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??? ???? Come $ome All ???&??? ?????? ????? ??????? 220 ? Hard Reboot Safe Mode

Black Veil Brides 2014 Black Veil Brides

Language: | Size: 99.81 MB | Seed: 27 | Leech: 89


Track List: Walk Away Faithless Goodbye Agony The Shattered God Stolen Omen Drag Me To The Grave Crown Of Thorns Last Rites World Of Sacrifice Devil In The Mirror Heart of Fire
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