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VA 2015 Xcellence Of Music - House Edition Vol 4

Language: | Size: 286.12 MB | Seed: 495 | Leech: 9


Track List: Tradelove - Baby Luca Debonaire & Robert Feelgood - Palmares Galla & Graham Gold - Dont Ask Any Questions Jamie Lewis - Cookys 7 Seb Skalski & Donald Sheffey - I Am Over You (Spiritchaser Instrumental) IDQ - It's True Chemical Disco - Feel It Paralyze Idea - Body Rock Mario Chris - Breezer (Squash 84 Remix) Mikks Tape - Get On the Floor (Club Mix) [feat. Iesa Mendes] Yves Eaux - More Gain Reza & The Tribes - Umbiyeh (Rio Dela Duna Vamos Remix) Hadrian & Renoa - La Canadian Funk (Redubbed) [feat. Effluence] Les Bijoux - Emy (David Jones Edit) Eddie Amador - The Run Around (Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels Remix) Peter Brown - Feel It Hoxton Whores & Alex Kenji - Infrared to Black (feat. Dacia Bridges) Daniele Sexxx - Lift Me Up (Lenny Fontana Remix) [feat. Paula P'Cay] Anro - To the Top Starsound - Bangui

The Hard Ground 2015 Triptych

Language: | Size: 83.49 MB | Seed: 589 | Leech: 73


Track List: Belles and Beaux Ashes Two by Two Spies Capon Coin Toss Deep in Green All in Time Pucker Winter Young On the Never Short Song (Bonus Track)

Vanish 2014 Come To Wither

Language: | Size: 141.32 MB | Seed: 358 | Leech: 1


Track List: Come to Wither Great Collapse Bless the Buried Child Renewal This Is How We Die Curtain Call Silence Hollow Hope Shall Rise Reboot The Grand Design (Feat. Ralf Schepers)

Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood 2015 Sour Soul

Language: | Size: 76.51 MB | Seed: 662 | Leech: 60


Track List: Mono Sour Soul Six Degrees (feat. Danny Brown) Gunshowers (feat. Elzhi) Stark's Reality Tone's Rap Mind Playing Tricks Street Knowledge (feat. Tree) Ray Gun (feat. DOOM) Nuggets of Wisdom Food Experience

Machinae Supremacy 2014 Phantom Shadow

Language: | Size: 150.26 MB | Seed: 52 | Leech: 74


Track List: I Wasn't Made for the World I Left Behind The Villain of this Story Perfect Dark Europa Throne of Games Meanwhile in the Hall Of Shadows Phantom Battle Captured (Sara's Theme) Renegades Beyond Good and Evil The Second One Redemption Was Never Really My Thing The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall Versus Mortal Wound (Skye's Requiem) Hubnester Rising

And The Golden Choir 2015 Another Half Life

Language: | Size: 120.27 MB | Seed: 879 | Leech: 97


Track List: Another Half Life The Transformation Holy Diamond My Brothers Home My Heaven Is Lost It's Not My Life New Daily Dose Choose To Lose Dead End Street The Hunter Of Souls Angelina In Heaven

Matt and Kim 2015 New Glow

Language: | Size: 63.78 MB | Seed: 461 | Leech: 37


Track List: Hey Now Stirred Up Can You Blame Me Hoodie On Make A Mess Killin' Me World Is Ending Get It Not Alone I See Ya

Ancient Rites 2015 Laguz

Language: | Size: 106.49 MB | Seed: 534 | Leech: 41


Track List: Golden Path To Samarkand Carthago Legenda Est Under The Sign Of Laguz Von Gott Entfernt Apostata Legio V Alandae Mind Unconquered Ombra Sumus Frankenland Saturn

L'imperatore di Roma (1987) - Film raro

Language: | Size: 700.69 MB | Seed: 462 | Leech: 84


Il film racconta le giornate di un tossicodipendente romano di nome Gerry dedito all'accattonaggio. Attraverso le interminabili camminate del protagonista in una Roma decadente, il film mostra la desolante esistenza di un uomo che ha ripudiato ogni schema e convenzione per vivere come uno dei tanti gatti che abitano i vecchi ruderi della capitale, ombra degli antichi fasti imperiali.

Blood Red Shoes 2014 Electra Records

Language: | Size: 87.74 MB | Seed: 347 | Leech: 39


Track List: Stranger Don't Get Caught The Perfect Mess Cigarettes In the Dark Grey Smoke Far Away Behind a Wall An Animal Tightwire Everything All At Once Speech Coma Welcome Home

Snoop Dogg 2004 R & G (Rhythm & Gangsta) The Masterpiece

Language: | Size: 182.44 MB | Seed: 44 | Leech: 51


Track List: (Intro) I Love To Give You Light Bang Out Drop It Like It's Hot (feat. Pharrell) Can I Get A Flicc Witchu (feat. Bootsy Collins) Ups & Downs (feat. The Bee Gees) The Bidness Snoop D.O. Double G Let's Get Blown Step Yo Game Up (feat. Lil' Jon & Trina) Perfect (feat. Charlie Wilson) WBALLZ (Interlude) Fresh Pair Of Panties On Promise I Oh No (feat. 50 Cent) Can U Control Yo Hoe (feat. Soopafly) Signs (feat. Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake) I'm Threw Witchu (feat. Soopafly) Pass It Pass It Girl Like U (feat. Nelly) No Thang On Me (feat. Bootsy Collins)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 2014 Wanderlust

Language: | Size: 95.67 MB | Seed: 287 | Leech: 59


Track List: Birth of an Empire Until the Stars Collide Runaway Daydreamer The Deer & the Wolf Young Blood Interlude 13 Little Dolls Wrong Side of the Sun Love Is a Camera Cry To the Beat of the Band When the Storm Has Blown Over

Ben Goldberg 2015 Orphic Machine

Language: | Size: 176.5 MB | Seed: 851 | Leech: 68


Track List: Reading Line of Less Than Ten Bongoloid Lens Immortality The Inferential Poem How to Do Things with Tears Care The Present What Was That The Orphic Machine

Red Room Ensemble 2015 Red Room Ensemble

Language: | Size: 90.2 MB | Seed: 251 | Leech: 17


Track List: I Am Hunger Sheherazade And Time Takes Its Toll Everything Went Red Stargrinder The Hoarse Whisperer I Am the Flame We Come at Night

East 17 1998 Resurrection

Language: | Size: 126.1 MB | Seed: 584 | Leech: 24


Track List: Each Time Sleeping In My Head Tell Me What You Want Betcha Can't Wait Anithing (Interlude) Daddy's Gonna Love You I'm Here For You Ain't No Stoppin' Falling In Love Again Whatever You Need Coming Home (Interlude) I miss You Another Time Lately

Slug 2015 Ripe

Language: | Size: 72.89 MB | Seed: 843 | Leech: 89


Track List: Grimacing Mask Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped In Plastic Sha La La Eggs And Eyes Greasy Mind Shake Your Loose Teeth Weight Of Violence Running To Get Past Your Heart Peng Peng Kill Your Darlings At Least Show That You Care

Katy Perry 2013 Prism

Language: | Size: 162.69 MB | Seed: 217 | Leech: 2


Track List: Roar Legendary Lovers Birthday Walking On Air Unconditionally Dark Horse (Featuring Juicy J) This Is How We Do International Smile Ghost Love Me This Moment Double Rainbow By The Grace Of God Spiritual It Takes Two Choose Your Battles Roar (Cazzette Remix) Roar (Instrumental)

Sander Kleinenberg ft. Gwen McCrae 2014 Can You Feel It

Language: | Size: 10.27 MB | Seed: 361 | Leech: 23


Track List: Sander Kleinenberg ft. Gwen McCrae - Can You Feel It (Club Mix)

Maná 2015 Cama Incendiada

Language: | Size: 110.56 MB | Seed: 182 | Leech: 82


Track List: Adicto a tu amor La cama incendiada La prisión Ironia Peligroso Mi Verdad (feat. Shakira) Suavecito La telaraña Electrizado Somos más americanos La telaraña - Remix

Enslaved 2015 In Times

Language: | Size: 121.94 MB | Seed: 914 | Leech: 76


Track List: Thurisaz Dreaming Building with Fire One Thousand Years of Rain Nauthir Bleeding In Times Daylight

Platonick Dive 2015 Overflow

Language: | Size: 106.17 MB | Seed: 749 | Leech: 93


Track List: Spoken Noise Please Dance Slowly Above You From Seattle to Berlin Underground Connections High Tide Mirror Geometric Lace Reverb Overdose Backing Home Boulevard The Best Is yet to Come Jet-Lag

The Kluba 2012 Amor, Odio Y Ruido

Language: | Size: 37.36 MB | Seed: 573 | Leech: 5


Track List: Mi Voz Amor, Odio y Ruido Borracho de la Vida Vámonos Anti-cowboy ¿Quién Fue Primero? Colapso Capital Nunca Vas Solo Rude Rockers Llamando ¡Qué Calor! Nada Terminó Como Una Piedra

Madonna 2015 Rebel Heart

Language: | Size: 227.92 MB | Seed: 69 | Leech: 77


Track List: Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Bitch I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj) Hold Tight Joan of Arc Iconic (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson) HeartBreakCity Body Shop Holy Water Inside Out Wash All Over Me Best Night Veni Vidi Vici (feat. Nas) S.E.X. Messiah Rebel Heart Beautiful Scars Queen Borrowed Time Graffiti Heart Autotune Baby Addicted

Laura Marling 2015 Short Movie

Language: | Size: 115.18 MB | Seed: 21 | Leech: 38


Track List: Warrior False Hope I Feel Your Love Walk Alone Strange Don't Let Me Bring You Down Easy Gurdjieff's Daughter Divine How Can I Howl Short Movie Worship Me

Britney Spears 1999 Baby One More Time

Language: | Size: 141.68 MB | Seed: 226 | Leech: 43


Track List: Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy Sometimes Soda Pop Born To Make You Happy From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart I Will Be There I Will Still Love You (Duet With Don Philip) Deep In My Heart Thinkin' About You E-Mail My Heart The Beat Goes On I'll Never Stop Loving You Autumn Goodbye ...Baby One More Time (David Ospina Radio Mix) ...Baby One More Time (Boy Wunder Radio Mix)

Suryademah 2015 The Seven Cities Of Love

Language: | Size: 165.35 MB | Seed: 98 | Leech: 27


Track List: Attars Remedy Ancient Ceremony We Are The World AllahVeysi Welcome to South of Iran Little India La Elaha Ellalah

Aspirin Rose 2014 Upon The Edge

Language: | Size: 35.35 MB | Seed: 61 | Leech: 9


Track List: Her Last Betrayal Wasting Fire The Senseless Game Upon The Edge Incomplete (Backstreet Boys Cover)

Black Atlass 2015 Jade

Language: | Size: 93.79 MB | Seed: 930 | Leech: 78


Track List: Temple To Infinity Young West Coast My Body Blonde Summertime (Interlude) Nights Like This Geneviève Forever Valentine

Andrew Rayel - Followed By Darkness 2014 Andrew Rayel - Followed By Darkness

Language: | Size: 48.81 MB | Seed: 856 | Leech: 65


Track List: Andrew Rayel - Followed By Darkness (Original Mix)

June Christy 2015 The Merriest

Language: | Size: 140.08 MB | Seed: 602 | Leech: 47


Track List: The Merriest Prelude To A Kiss I'm Glad There Is You The Song Is You Easy Living I Remember You Gypsy In My Soul Nobody's Heart My One And Only Love Saturday's Children Rock Me To Sleep All God's Chillun Got Rhythm When Lights Are Low My Shining Hour I Wished On The Moon A Night In Tunisia Skyliner This Time Of Year Frenesi Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Michael Haggins 2015 Dare To Dream

Language: | Size: 70.35 MB | Seed: 166 | Leech: 91


Track List: Dare To Dream There's Nothing More Beautiful Than You (Instrumental) Natural Wonder Here I Come Summer's Gone World Of Dreams (Remix) There's Nothing More Beautiful Than You In Your Lifetime (Remix)

Ishq 2014 Blue Infinity

Language: | Size: 138.4 MB | Seed: 675 | Leech: 51


Track List: Away with the lark Albatross Sky glide Lanyon Migration of clouds Shoreline Rain Landing

Dark Moor 2009 Autumnal

Language: | Size: 113.4 MB | Seed: 717 | Leech: 89


Track List: Swan Lake On The Hill Of Dreams Phantom Queen And End So Clod Faustus Don't Look Back When The Sun Is Gone For Her The Enchanted Forest The Sphinx Fallen Leaves Waltz

Zhu 2014 Nightday

Language: | Size: 59.1 MB | Seed: 781 | Leech: 54


Track List: Stay Closer (Original Mix) Faded (Original Mix) Paradise Awaits Superfriends (Original Mix) The One Cocaine Model

Korpiklaani 2015 Noita

Language: | Size: 116.57 MB | Seed: 345 | Leech: 62


Track List: Viinamäen Mies Pilli On Pajusta Tehty Lempo Sahti Luontoni Minä Näin Vedessä Neidon Jouni Jouni Kylästä Keväinen Kehto Ämmänhauta Sen Verran Minäkin Noita Antaja [Bonus track]
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