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Lonewolf 2014 Cult Of Steel

Language: | Size: 131.8 MB | Seed: 282 | Leech: 26


Track List: The Cult Of Steel Hordes Of The Night Werewolf Rebellion Blood Of The Heretic Hell's Legacy Funeral Pyre Force To Light Open Fire Mysterium Fidei The Grey Wolves Made In Hell 2014 (Bonus Track) Children Of The Unlight 2014 (Bonus Track)

Põhjast 2014 Matused

Language: | Size: 74.12 MB | Seed: 521 | Leech: 67


Track List: The Final Lullaby In the Shadow of the Glass Cross The Graveyard Keeper Till Dawn, Till Death November Rune of Dissolution

Jack Savoretti 2015 Written In Scars

Language: | Size: 87.63 MB | Seed: 839 | Leech: 85


Track List: Back to Me Home Don't Mind Me Tie Me Down Broken Glass The Other Side of Love Nobody 'Cept You The Hunger Written In Scars Wasted Fight 'Til the End

Ludacris 2015 Ludaversal

Language: | Size: 155.8 MB | Seed: 296 | Leech: 52


Track List: Ludaversal Intro Grass Is Always Greener Call Ya Bluff Lyrical Healing Beast Mode Viagra Skit Get Lit Come and See Me Interlude Come and See Me (Ft. Big K.R.I.T.) Good Lovin (Ft. Miguel) Ocean Skies (Ft. Monica) Not Long (Ft. Usher) Charge It To the Rap Game This Has Been My World Money (Ft. Rick Ross) Problems (Ft. Cee Lo Green) In My Life (Ft. John Legend) Burning Bridges (Ft. Jason Aldean)

Plain White T's 2015 American Nights

Language: | Size: 94.47 MB | Seed: 480 | Leech: 3


Track List: American Nights Pause Never Working Heavy Rotation Stay You Belong Dance Off Time Someday You're Gonna Love Me Love Again Time To Move On Here Come That Sunrise

Woodbridge 2015 The Fire Inside

Language: | Size: 79.11 MB | Seed: 962 | Leech: 44


Track List: Born to Rumble Lies I Feel Free Lost in Paradise Life's Hot Addicted Four Wheels Don't Hold Me Back Forever Loud Next Drink

Monodeluxe 2015 Beach Chillout

Language: | Size: 260.9 MB | Seed: 79 | Leech: 43


Track List: Could It Be Devotion Far Away Getting Out Heartbeat Outloud City Hold on Tight Keep on Rocking Making Noise Luna High Make It Right Steel Vibes Night to Day When the Time Will Come My Free Day Stay Again Forever Lasting Upside Start It Up Watching You Foreign Affairs Will Find You

Colleen Green 2015 I Want to Grow Up

Language: | Size: 87.6 MB | Seed: 746 | Leech: 86


Track List: I Want to Grow Up Wild One TV Pay Attention Deeper Than Love Things That Are Bad for Me (Pt. I) Things That Are Bad for Me (Pt. II) Some People Grind My Teeth Whatever I Want

Gin Wigmore 2013 Gravel & Wine

Language: | Size: 127.48 MB | Seed: 617 | Leech: 78


Track List: Black Sheep Man Like That Poison Kill Of The Night Devil In Me If Only Dirty Love Happy Ever After Saturday Smile Sweet Hell Singin' My Soul Don't Stop (Bonus Track) Moving On To Gone (Bonus Track) Kick This Love (Bonus Track) These Roses (Bonus Track) Hallelujah (Bonus Track)

Sade 2013 The Ultimate Collection

Language: | Size: 330.59 MB | Seed: 850 | Leech: 95


Track List: Your Love Is King Smooth Operator Hang On To Your Love The Sweetest Taboo Is It A Crime Never As Good As The First Time Jezebel Love Is Stronger Than Pride Paradise Nothing Can Come Between Us No Ordinary Love Kiss Of Life Feel No Pain Bullet Proof Soul Smooth Operator (Long Version)

Conjure One 2015 Serac

Language: | Size: 132.82 MB | Seed: 234 | Leech: 2


Track List: Kill The Fear Under The Gun All That You Leave Only Sky Serac Still Holding On Ghost Brave For Me Miscreant Lost In Space Still Holding On (Lounge Edit)

Pitbull 2014 Globalization

Language: | Size: 89.74 MB | Seed: 449 | Leech: 48


Track List: 1. Sexy Beaches (feat. Chloe Angelides) 2. Fireball (feat. John Ryan) 3. Drive You Crazy (feat. Jason Derulo & Juicy J) 4. Time of Our Lives (feat. Ne-Yo) 5. We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] [feat. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte] 6. This Is Not a Drill (feat. Bebe Rexha) 7. Wild Wild Love (feat. G.R.L.) 8. Fun (feat. Chris Brown) 9. Celebrate (from the Original Motion Picture Penguins of Madagascar) 10. Day Drinking 11. Ah Leke (feat. Sean Paul)

Devil's Train 2015 II

Language: | Size: 116.94 MB | Seed: 73 | Leech: 73


Track List: Down On You Hollywood Girl Gimme Love Mr. Jones Can You Feel Rock Forever Let’s Shake It Girl Like You Born To Be Wild You And Me Thunderstorm Suffocated Immigrant Song (Bonus Track)

Empires Of Eden 2015 Architect Of Hope

Language: | Size: 105.46 MB | Seed: 788 | Leech: 9


Track List: Vanish In The Light Architect Of Hope Push The Limits Taken Weaponize Six Feet Under Killing As One Silent Hell Holy Pharoah

F.O.R.M. 2015 Dynamite

Language: | Size: 90.18 MB | Seed: 162 | Leech: 89


Track List: Dynamite Dreamer Heather Victoria Ray Freedom Lonsesome Rider Rich Man Roll The Ball American Hero Snakebite

VA 2015 Dangerous And Friends

Language: | Size: 79.48 MB | Seed: 733 | Leech: 57


Track List: Watch Out (Hedex Remix) Nice Guys The Good, Bad & Ugly (VIP) The Specialist (Certified Sickness Remix) Still The One Where's My Doh Douche Bag (Manga Remix)

Thriftworks 2014 Fade

Language: | Size: 39.09 MB | Seed: 883 | Leech: 87


Track List: A Fuerza Wooming Seismic Turf ft Mythicalifornian Leeuwner Chops L for W ft. Russ Liquid rumor has it Zhoner Scene Unseen ft. Rustix Georgeeee pathetic (a)thriftologist's interlude In EXS pad FUKKK Reggie ft. Mythicalifornian

Jason Derulo 2014 Talk Dirty

Language: | Size: 103.55 MB | Seed: 687 | Leech: 15


Track List: Talk Dirty (Feat. 2 Chainz) Wiggle (Feat. Snoop Dogg) Trumpets Bubblegum (Feat. Tyga) Vertigo (Feat. Jordin Sparks) Kama Sutra (Feat. Kid Ink) Zipper The Other Side With The Lights On Stupid Love Marry Me Tattoo (Bonus Track) Fire (Feat. Pitbull) (Bonus Track)

Ninja 2015 Into The Fire

Language: | Size: 116.94 MB | Seed: 866 | Leech: 16


Track List: Frozen Time Thunder Vagabond Heart Masterpiece Hot Blond Shot Always Been Hell Blood Of My Blood Coward Last Chance Sledgehammer Supernatural Into The Fire

Flo Rida 2015 My House

Language: | Size: 53.38 MB | Seed: 672 | Leech: 10


Track List: Once In A Lifetime My House I Don't Like It, I Love It (feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White) Wobble Here It Is (feat. Chris Brown) GDFR (feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas) That's What I Like (feat. Fitz)

VA 2015 Happy Hardcore

Language: | Size: 265.42 MB | Seed: 302 | Leech: 4


Track List: Clock - Holding On 4 U (Visa Radio Mix) Mark 'oh - Love Song (Mark 'Oh Remix) John Robinson - Everbody's Loving (Mars Plastic Mix) Sharada House Gang - Keep It Up (Plus Staples Mix) Club House Feat. Carl - All By Myself (Extended Mix) Galaxy - Keep Giving (Planet Mix) Cappella - Move On Baby (Plus Staples Mix) Plus Staples - Move Allright (Club Mix) Magic Domingo - Accendere I Reattori (Extended Mix) Black Jack - Don't You Know (Extended Version) Schiffer - Sleeping With The Snake (Teutonic Mix) The Providers - This Is You Path (W-Kappa Speedy Mix) F.i.n.e. - No Satisfaction (Desecratic Mix) Mark 'oh - Randy (never Stop That Feeling) (DJ Hooligan Remix) Mark 'oh - The Right Way (Liquid Bass Mix) Club House - Nowhere Land (Original Extended) Cappella - Tell Me The Way (Tekno Kingdom Mix) Sky High - Let His Love (Mars Plastic Mix) Mix Max - Happy Time (Plus Staples Mix) Mig 29 Feat. Natasha - Promises (Extended Mix) Alpha - Vision - Just Too Funky (Extended Mix) U - Matic - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Plus Staples Mix) F.i.n.e. - Yo Quiero Un Chico (177 BPM Mix) Zappala - No Way Out (Hard Core Remix) Club House Feat. Carl - You And I (Mars Plastic Mix) Mark 'oh - Tears Don't Lie (Mark 'Oh Remix) Cappella - U & Me (Teckno Kingdome & Champagne)

All We Are 2015 All We Are

Language: | Size: 258.58 MB | Seed: 782 | Leech: 83


Track List: Intro Ebb Flow Stone Feel Safe Honey I Wear You Keep Me Alive Go Utmost Good Something About You Life Of Seven

Syren 2015 Motordevil

Language: | Size: 105.83 MB | Seed: 337 | Leech: 53


Track List: Rebellion Fighter The Power of Something Eyes of Anger Stitched Motordevil Long Road My Shadow, My Dear Friend You're Gonna Die The Prophecy of Marduk

Smashing Pumpkins 2014 Monuments to an Elegy

Language: | Size: 75.03 MB | Seed: 475 | Leech: 73


Track List: Tiberius Being Beige Anaise! One and All Run2me Drum + Fife Monuments Dorian Anti-Hero

Bob Doug 2015 One Last Sip

Language: | Size: 101.12 MB | Seed: 437 | Leech: 94


Track List: Friends San Francisco Let Me Be Your Man Early Mornings Sunday Evening Some Attention Blues Man Shake It On Night Thoughts Sippin' In Vain Hard Jam

Moody Good 2014 Moody Good

Language: | Size: 121.52 MB | Seed: 215 | Leech: 21


Track List: Eulogy For The Janitor Grumbles N Sparkles (feat. Rejjie Snow & Joshua Idehen) Living Off The High (feat. Harleighblu) Musicbx (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) Ziambey (feat. Big Narstie) Eulogy For The Caretaker Kings Cross (feat. YADi) Docbound Hotplate (feat. Knytro) Raindrips (feat. Ruby Lee Ryder) Rizzlateef Beebears Violinterlude Bubbles (feat. Harleighblu) Eulogy For The Concierge The March Of The Hallowed Duck

Allison Moorer 2015 Down To Believing

Language: | Size: 108.33 MB | Seed: 523 | Leech: 70


Track List: Like It Used To Be Thunderstorm Hurricane I Lost My Crystal Ball Down To Believing Tear Me Apart If I Were Stronger Wish I Blood Mama Let the Wolf In I'm Doing Fine Back of My Mind Have You Ever Seen the Rain Gonna Get It Wrong

Ski-King 2015 Sketchbook III New Horizons

Language: | Size: 142.23 MB | Seed: 237 | Leech: 28


Track List: Intro Have You Ever Seen The Rain Unknown Stuntman Little Girl The Number Of The Beast Death Is Not The End Red Light Hallelujah Still Counting Tears In Heaven Stand By Me Stone In My Hand Summer Wine Creep Thunder Rolls 51St State Of America Wish You Were Here

The Lilac Time 2015 No Sad Songs

Language: | Size: 92.45 MB | Seed: 754 | Leech: 10


Track List: The First Song of Spring She Writes a Symphony The Wedding Song Babylon Revisited No Sad Songs The Dream That Woke Me Prussian Blue The Western Greyhound Rag Tag & Bobtail A Cat On the Long Wave

??????? ????????? 2014 ???-??-???

Language: | Size: 53.78 MB | Seed: 447 | Leech: 37


Track List: ????? ?? ? ??? ????? ????? ??????? ????????? ? ????????? ???-??-??? ?? ????? ?????? ? ?????? ?? ???? ???????????? ????? ????? ?????? ????????? ?????????? ???? ? ?????? ?? ??? ?????

Warmth 2015 Ash

Language: | Size: 113.3 MB | Seed: 143 | Leech: 93


Track List: Fisura Vapour Reef Ash Smoke Manto Bruma

Richard Marx 2014 Beautiful Goodbye

Language: | Size: 107.43 MB | Seed: 218 | Leech: 29


Track List: Whatever We Started Suddenly Inside Beautiful Goodbye Forgot to Remember Turn Off the Night Have a Little Faith Like The World Is Ending To My Senses Getaway Eyes on Me

Chapel Of Disease 2015 The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art

Language: | Size: 67.51 MB | Seed: 420 | Leech: 47


Track List: The Mysterious Ways... The Dreaming Of The Flame Masquerade In Red Lord Of All Death (Between The Rim And Pegana) Symbolic Realms Life Is But A Burning Being ...Of Repetitive Art

Demis Roussos 2013 Forever & Ever (The Best Of)

Language: | Size: 169.37 MB | Seed: 892 | Leech: 8


Track List: Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun Goodbye My Love Goodbye Can't Say How Much I Love You When Forever Has Gone Forever And Ever Sing An Ode To Love So Dreamy My Friend The Wind I Dig You Velvet Morning My Only Fascination From Souvenirs To Souvenirs Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour We Shall Dance Lovely Lady Of Arcadia My Reason Rebecca Because Rain And Tears She Came Up From The North I Know I'll Do It Again

Leah 2015 Kings & Queens

Language: | Size: 610.4 MB | Seed: 75 | Leech: 80


Track List: Arcadia Save the World Angel Fell Enter the Highlands In the Palm of Your Hands Alpha et Omega Heart of Poison Hourglass Palace of Dreams This Present Darkness The Crown Remnant There Is No Farewell Siuil a Run (Acoustic Version) Siuil a Run (Bonus Rock Version)
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