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Warriors Orochi 2 [English][PSP][USA] [2014, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

Language: | Size: 1.27 GB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 10


Warriors Orochi 2 [English][PSP][USA] Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Other Multiplayer: No Year: 2014 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : Join forces with historys greatest warriors to stop a new evil resurrection in Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin. System requirements: Size: 1.27 GBciate this

WWE 2015 DLC Pack Addon-RELOADED [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS), Simulation (Sports)] EN

Language: | Size: 11.13 GB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 88


WWE 2015 DLC Pack Addon-RELOADED Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS), Simulation (Sports) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2015 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : Major Updates: All DLC is now available for WWE 2K15 WCW Character Pack NXT Arrival Character Pack New Moves Pack Accelerator Showcase: One More Match Showcase: Hall of Pain Showcase: Patch of the Warrior Increased the number of save Slots from 25 to 50 Performance: Increased performance on Min-Spec Machines Fixed V-Sync issues with chain wrestling Controls: Fixed some issues when unplugging or plugging in a controller after the title is boot fixed a Discrepancy between keys binding for Taunt actions in Input Settings and Move Set menu Online: Fixed softcrash issues when loading leaderboards Fixed a Multiplayer De-Sync issue relating to breaking out of a pin Addressed some issues with bringing up the on-screen keyboard while in the Online Lobby Tweaked Submission timing between High and Low Spec PCs General: In-Game manual should now be visible when selecting manual from the Options menu Fixed stability on the Wrestlemania 12 and 29 Arena's Fixed Mask & Glasses & Hair Textures 1. Unrar 2. Burn or mount the image 3. Install the game 4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to your game install directory 5. Play the game System requirements: Size: 11 GB

ZOMBI -Repackedby xatab [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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ZOMBI -Repackedby xatab Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2015 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : Year: August 18, 2015. Genre: Action (Survival horror) / 3D / 1st Person Developer: Straight Right Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment Platform: PC Publication Type: Repack Language: Russian | English | MULTI Language: Russian | English Crack: enclosing (CODEX) Description: London was plunged into chaos. Prepare for the worst: as predicted, the city fell curse. For the second time in the history of the plague broke out here. Thousands of people are dying, but death - not the worst thing that can happen to a patient. You're lucky you're still alive. But for how long? In the maze of city streets at every turn, and above ground and underground, hiding the terrible creatures that were once people. Monstrous virus changed them beyond recognition, and now living flesh for them - the most coveted prey. Challenge yourself and try to survive in the world ZombiU ™ owners will be able to PC, and next-generation consoles. Advanced technical capabilities allow you to bring the game Zombi horror genre to a new level. You will be a real test of strength. Do not forget that one mistake can cost too much if you perish, the game will have to start anew. Features: - Hazardous around a lot, but resources are scarce ... so dispose of them wisely. Who knows where else you can find ammunition, food or medicine. - If your character dies, it will turn into zombies and join the crowd of living dead in the streets. You will have to create a new character and start the game from scratch. However, you can try to find and to get supplies to the previous character. - During the game you will find a variety of tools, first aid kits, maps and more. But it is necessary to weaken vigilance - and this gear will not help you. If your character has become a zombie, his belongings remain with him. Try to get them playing for a new character ... but is it worth such a risk? - Over the centuries, these streets have seen a lot, but this is the first time here. Unmanaged hordes of zombies everywhere in modern areas of London and the legendary historical quarters, the walls of the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. - Unspeakable horror atmosphere ZombiU, updated gameplay and improved graphics allow you to get the most complete impression of the game Zombi - first person shooter genre survival horror.Dlya PC and next-generation consoles. Features Repack: - It is based on the release of CODEX - Do not cut | Do not recoded - Installation time 15 minutes Repack by xatab Changing the menu language setting of the game System requirements: System requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 [Only 64-bit]; Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHz; Memory: 4 GB; Video: 1024 MB with support for DX11 (GeForce GTS 450 or Radeon HD5770), Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 11 Free hard drive space: 21 GB Size: 10.59 GB

The Salvation (2014) BDRip XviD - Ita Ac3 5.1 Sub Ita

Language: | Size: 1.37 GB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 77


The Salvation (2014) BDRip XviD - Ita Ac3 5.1 Sub Ita

Killer Elite (2011) BluRay m1080p iTA AC3 640 Kbps x264

Language: | Size: 3.09 GB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 12


Titolo originale: Killer Elite Nazione: U.S.A. Anno: 2011 Genere: Azione, Thriller Durata: 116' Regia: Gary McKendry Sito ufficiale: Sito italiano: Cast: Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, Clive Owen, Dominic Purcell, Aden Young, Yvonne Strahovski Produzione: Omnilab Media, Ambience Entertainment, Current Entertainment, Film Victoria, Open Road Films, International Traders, Palomar Pictures (II), Sighvatsson Films, Wales Creative IP Fund Data di uscita: 01 Giugno 2012 (cinema) Trama: Danny (Jason Statham) è un killer e, insieme al suo mentore e amico Hunter (Robert De Niro) e ad un ristretto gruppo di fedelissimi, uccide su commissione. Ormai stanco della sua spietata professione di mercenario, Danny si ritira in luogo privato, lontano dalle brutalità commesse e alla ricerca di una serenità mai avuta precedentemente. Quando però scopre che Hunter è prigioniero del sultano dell’Oman, abbandona tutto per salvarlo. Il costo della vita dell’amico è molto alto. Per liberarlo, infatti, dovrà accettare un compito molto difficile: vendicare la morte dei figli del sultano, uccisi per mano di alcuni ex membri dei SAS (Servizi Aerei Speciali Britannici) durante la segreta Guerra dell’Oman... Parole chiave: azione thriller

Construction Simulator Gold [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] CH

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Title: Construction Simulator Gold Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2015 Type of publication: Language of the game: CH Crack: Description : In Construction Simulator 2015, you take the controls of 15 realistic construction machines made by LIEBHERR, STILL and MAN with high-quality 3D graphics. Excavate the foundation of a house with realistic machines, pour concrete into the wall panels of a factory with an enormous concrete pump, or test the steadiness of your hands by placing gigantic roof trusses with a mobile crane. Thanks to the realistic controls, you can steer an excavator with two joysticks using SAE controls and feel as if you are working

Forestry 2017 The Simulation [2016, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Title: Forestry 2017 The Simulation Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2016 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Description : Forestry 2017 This Simulation takes you to the forest! Take over the tasks of a professional woodcutter and enjoy working in the woods! Control huge machinery (harvester, trucks, tractors and crane arms), fell the trees, arrange the timber and comb through your wood. Sell the wood, several products and earn money to expand your company. The better you maintain the forest and care for the different tree species, as well as the professional and timesaving use of the machines, the more money will be available for new machines and equipment! - Extract - Burn or mount the .iso - Run setup.exe and install - Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir - Play

Caddy Cooper 2015 Outside The Wire

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Track List: Get Onboard An Hour Or Two Don't Say We're Through (Feat. Paul Carella) Outside The Wire I Be Leavin' You (Feat. Ben Waters) Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter Sunshine Hot London Town (Feat. Ben Waters) One Step At A Time Further We Got To Fall (Feat. Paul Carella) Love You In The Morning Last Night's Lover Far To Go My World And Everything In It Crosswind

I Griffin S09e05-08, [DTTrip - XviD - Ita Mp3]

Language: | Size: 610.85 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 44


I Griffin (Family Guy) è una serie televisiva di cartoni animati creata da Seth MacFarlane nel 1999, per il network FOX. La famiglia protagonista del cartone è la dissacrante rappresentazione della tipica American way of life. Le loro vicende sono fuori dalla realtà, con continui flashback in vari punti della storia che esplicano i comportamenti dei personaggi. Le trame degli episodi molto spesso non seguono un senso logico, ma sono sempre dotate di una forte vena umoristico-demenziale.

Orange Is The New Black S03e13-14, [H264 - Ita Aac]

Language: | Size: 597.02 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 99


Una serie incentrata sulle vicende di Piper Champman, il cui rapporto decennale con il corriere della droga Alex (Laura Prepon) provoca il suo arresto e la costringe ad un anno di detenzione in un penitenziario federale. Per pagare il suo debito con la società, Piper deve scambiare la sua comoda vita di New York con il fidanzato Larry (Jason Biggs) con una tuta arancione e una sconcertante cultura in prigione, dove è costretta a mettere in discussione tutto ciò che crede e a formare nuove e inaspettate alleanze con un gruppo di eccentriche e schiette detenute AUTORE flint

Cobra (1986)

Language: | Size: 711.57 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 85


Los Angeles, Marion Cobretti è un Tenente della sezione di polizia "Zombie Squad", una divisione che si occupa di delinquenti psicopatici. La sua missione è trarre in salvo dei clienti di un supermarket tenuti in ostaggio da un membro di una setta di maniaci criminali denominata "le belve della notte", intenzionati a punire la corruzione dell'Occidente. Dopo diversi efferati omicidi, un elemento della banda assassina ne commette uno a viso scoperto dinnanzi alla fotomodella Ingrid Knudsen che riesce a fuggire. AUTORE admin CATEGORIA Film INFOHASH 3CF884032EB73248EF9C891BE28D828B159E497A FILE(1) Files TRAKER Traker

Luna En Brasil - ESP XViD DVDrip

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Descripción: Título: Luna en Brasil Título original: Reaching for the Moon País: Brasil Estreno en USA: 08/11/2013 Estreno en España: 09/01/2015 Lanzamiento en DVD (alquiler): 20/05/2015 Estreno en DVD (venta): 19/06/2015 Estreno en VOD: 14/05/2015 Productora: LC Barreto Productions, Imagem Filmes, Globo Filmes Director: Bruno Barreto Guión: Matthew Chapman, Julie Sayres Reparto: Glória Pires, Miranda Otto, Tracy Middendorf, Marcello Airoldi, Lola Kirke, Tânia Costa, Marianna Mac Niven, Marcio Ehrlich, Treat Williams, Anna Bella, Rest of cast listed alphabetically:, Griffin Addison, Anna Bella Chapman, Neil Hellegers, Chris Hietikko, Tommy McInnis Género: Romance. Drama | Biográfico. Drama romántico. Homosexualidad. Años 50 SINOPSIS: Brasil, años 50. Narra la historia de amor entre Elizabeth Bishop, gran poeta norteamericana que ganó el Premio Pulitzer, y Lota Macedo Soares, una arquitecta brasileña que diseñó y supervisó la construcción del Flamengo Park. Bishop, una mujer emocionalmente frágil. Lota, que es optimista y confiada, altera la vida de la escritora, que se hace más fuerte a medida que se va enamorando de ella.

GRID [MULTI][MACOSX][MONEY] [2013, Simulation (Sports)] EN

Language: | Size: 5.74 GB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 1


GRID [MULTI][MACOSX][MONEY] Genre: Simulation (Sports) Platform: Mac Multiplayer: No Year: 2013 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Description : Language: MULTI (To be confirmed) Race Driver: GRID is a revised and expanded version of the Touch series, with a much more arcade perspective about the series to the public that perhaps kept away from previous deliveries consider something complicated on your driving. But this change is not necessarily bad, and although the cars do not react realistically to perform impossible maneuvers and taking corners like a brick without pivoting on its suspensions, GRID is a phenomenal game and car ... is that the new Codemasters has something that is not bought, it's style. System requirements: Size: 5.74 GB

Brick Mansions (2014) iTA-ENG HD 720p x264-TRL

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Titolo originale: Brick Mansions Nazione: Francia, Canada Anno: 2014 Genere: Azione Durata: 89' Regia: Camille Delamarre Sito ufficiale: Sito italiano: IMDB: Cast: Paul Walker, David Belle, Robert Maillet, RZA, Carlo Rota, Bruce Ramsay, Catalina Denis, Ayisha Issa, Kwasi Songui, Tristan D. Lalla Produzione: Brick Mansions Productions Inc, EuropaCorp Distribuzione: Eagle Pictures Data di uscita: 01 Maggio 2014 (cinema) Trama: In una Detroit in mano al crimine, le fatiscenti case con mattoni a vista della cittа sono occupate completamente dai peggiori criminali della zona. Incapace di tenere a bada il crimine, la polizia ha eretto delle mura per contenere i criminali in quest’area e proteggere il resto della cittа. Per il poliziotto sotto copertura Damien Collier (Paul Walker), ogni giorno и una lotta contro la corruzione; per Lino (David Belle), ogni giorno и una lotta per vivere una vita onesta. Le loro strade non si sarebbero mai dovute incontrare, ma quando il re della droga di Detroit Tremaine Alexander (RZA) rapisce la fidanzata di Lino, Damien accetta con riluttanza l’aiuto del coraggioso ex-galeotto. Insieme dovranno sventare un sinistro piano che potrebbe distruggere l’intera cittа. Video: 1280 x 536 (2.38:1), 24 fps, AVC ~3968 kbps Audio: 48 kHz, DTS/AC3 Dolby Digital, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch, ~768/384 kbps Italiano, 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch, ~640 kbps Inglese Sottotitoli: Italiano, Inglese Mostra/Nascondi Spoiler REPORT Parole chiave: azione


Language: | Size: 376.39 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 34


SCHEDA Titolo: Marseille Paese: Francia Puntate: 8 Durata: 40-45 min (episodio) Anno: 2016 Genere: drammatico, politico Cast: Robert Taro, interpretato da Gérard Depardieu, doppiato da Stefano Mondini. Lucas Barres, interpretato da Benoît Magimel, doppiato da Alessio Cigliano. Rachel Taro, interpretata da Géraldine Pailhas Vanessa D'Abrantes, interpretata da Nadia Farès Julia Taro, interpretata da Stéphane Caillard Gérard Meylan Selim, interpretato da Nassim Si Ahmed Antoine Coesens Nozha Khouadra Maruschka Detmers Dottor Osmond, interpretato da Hippolyte Girardot Carolina Jurczak [/b] Dopo vent'anni passati come sindaco di Marsiglia, Robert Taro si ritrova a sfidare in un'accesa campagna elettorale il suo ex-protetto, Lucas Barres

Quantico S01e19 DLMux - XviD - Ita Eng Mp3 - Sub Ita Eng

Language: | Size: 441.2 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 37


Stagione 1/1 Episodi: 22 Italia: 18/11/2015 al (In Corso) Usa: 27/09/2015 al (In Corso) GENERE: Drammatico IDEATORE: Joshua Safran ATTORI: Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Masri, Johanna Braddy, Tate Ellington, Graham Rogers, Josh Hopkins, Anabelle Acosta ANNO: 2015 PAESE: USA PRODUZIONE: ABC Studios DURATA: 42 Min STATO: In Lavorazione Un gruppo eterogeneo di giovani reclute, ognuna con le proprie ragioni e i propri scheletri nell'armadio, arriva all'Accademia dell'FBI a Quantico, in Virginia, per le 21 settimane di addestramento che faranno di loro i prossimi agenti speciali d'America. Questi uomini e queste donne sono i migliori, i più intelligenti e controllati, quindi sembra impossibile che, in un futuro prossimo, uno di loro sarà sospettato di essere la mente dietro il più grande attacco terroristico sul suolo americano dopo l'11 settembre, nuovamente a New York City. 19. Subito - Fast

Prospekt [2016, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Title: Prospekt Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2016 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : Prospekt begins in the Nova Prospekt prison in the Half-Life universe. Gordon Freeman is slowly being overrun by soldiers in the prison, however unknown to him, his Vortigaunt allies manage to find some help from a forgotten hero. Installation: 1. Burn or mount the image. 2. Install the game. 3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to your game install directory. 4. Play the game using shortcut, or run "hl2.exe -game prospekt". 5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT! System requirements: OS: Windows XP or higher Processor: Intel i5 or higher Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: 3 GB Graphics Ram Storage: 12 GB available space Size: 6.63 GB

Battlezone 98 Redux [2016, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Title: Battlezone 98 Redux Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2016 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Not Required Description : One of the greatest sci-fi strategy games of all time returns Spring 2016 with remastered visuals, online multiplayer, and near unlimited mod content from Steam Workshop. Enter an alternate vision of the 1960s where the space race is nothing more than a cover for an interplanetary war between the US and Soviet Russia over mysterious alien bio-metal. Take command of an army of sleek heavy assault tanks, strike cruisers, APCs and more, and wreak havoc with super-heated projectiles in your mission to blast your enemy from the face of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan, Io and Europa. Scavenge the battlefields for crucial bio-metal, deploy powerful defenses, construct advanced facilities and escalate each battle to an epic confrontation. Revolutionary, revitalised and remastered, Battlezone 98 Redux's blend of thrilling first person action and tense RTS gameplay is as essential now as it ever was. INSTALL NOTES 1. Unpack the release 2. Mount or burn image 3. Install 4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder and into the main install folder and overwrite 5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as secure/trusted in your antivirus program 6. Play the game 7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy! GREETINGS System requirements: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 / AMD FX series or better Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX® 11.0 compatible graphics card with 1GB of memory (NVIDIA® GeForce® 400 series / ATI Radeon™ HD 7750) or better Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 3 GB available space

Devoured Time [2016, Action-adventure] EN

Language: | Size: 1.53 GB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 17


Title: Devoured Time Genre: Action-adventure Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2016 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Not Available Description : Devoured Time is an RPG that takes place in world ravaged by creatures from strange rifts. You choose from a male or female who's recently arrived from a teleportation platform with no memory of who you are or where you came from. To learn who you are you must first figure out a way to return to where you came from. INSTALL NOTES 1. Unpack the release 2. Mount or burn image 3. Install 4. Play the game 5. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy! GREETINGS

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016) 1080p BDRip [2016, Action, Adventure, Animation Blu-Ray Disc] EN

Language: | Size: 6.91 GB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 62


Title: Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016) 1080p BDRip Country: USA Region: Hollywood movies Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation Duration: 01:55:00 Year: 2016 Language: EN Subtitle: English Director: Takeshi Nozue Cast: Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, Sean Bean Description: King Regis, who oversees the land of Lucis, commands his army of soldiers to protect the kingdom from the Niflheim empire's plans to steal the sacred crystal which gives Lucis its magic and power. Rating: Quality: Blu-Ray Disc Format: MKV Video codec: 8331 Kbps, 1920*808 (2.40:1), 23.976 fps, x264

Stream of Passion 2014 A War of Our Own

Language: | Size: 136.79 MB | Seed: 175 | Leech: 34


Track List: Monster A war of our own The curse Autophobia Burning star For you Exile Delirio Earthquake Secrets Don't let go Out of the darkness The distance between us

Oculus - Il Riflesso Del Male 2013 iTALiAN BDRip XviD-TRL

Language: | Size: 1.36 GB | Seed: 176 | Leech: 8


SLOGAN: "Vuoi vivere – chiudi gli occhi" TITOLO ORIGINALE: Oculus LINGUA ORIGINALE: Inglese PAESE: USA ANNO: 2013 GENERE: Horror DURATA: 01:44:03 REGIA: Mike Flanagan ATTORI: Karen Gilliam, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, James Lafferty, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, Garrett Ryan, Miguel Sandoval DATA USCITA: 10 aprile 2014 PRODUZIONE: Intrepid Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, WWE Studios DISTRIBUZIONE: M2 Pictures BUDGET: $5 000 000 TRAMA: La famiglia Russell è stata colpita da una terribile tragedia che ha segnato per sempre la vita dei fratelli Tim e Kaylie. Dieci anni dopo, Tim, che era stato accusato del brutale assassinio di entrambi i genitori, lascia il carcere con l'unico desiderio di lasciarsi tutto alle spalle e ricominciare. La sorella Kaylie invece, ancora ossessionata da quella fatidica notte, è fortemente convinta che la morte dei suoi genitori sia stata causata da qualcos'altro. Secondo la ragazza, una forza maligna risiederebbe in un antico specchio che si trovava nella casa di famiglia. Kaylie, determinata a provare l’innocenza del fratello, rintraccia lo specchio e scopre che nel corso dei secoli i diversi proprietari dell'oggetto sono stati tutti vittime di morti violente simili a quella dei suoi genitori. Ora che lo specchio è di nuovo nelle loro mani, Tim e Kaylie sono decisi a scoprire la verità, ma si renderanno conto troppo tardi che l'incubo della loro infanzia è tornato... DATI TECNICI VIDEO: 656 x 272 (2.41), 23.976 fps, XviD ~1227 kbps AUDIO: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch, ~640 kbps SOTTOTITOLI: No VALUTAZIONE: RECENSIONI: Mymovies Parole chiave: oculus horror usa

I Simpson S26e03, [DTTrip - H264 - Ita Aac]

Language: | Size: 172.41 MB | Seed: 176 | Leech: 70


I Simpson è una popolare sitcom animata creata dal fumettista statunitense Matt Groening a fine degli anni Ottanta per la Fox Broadcasting Company. È una parodia satirica della società e dello stile di vita statunitensi, personificati dalla famiglia protagonista, di cui fanno parte Homer, Marge e i loro tre figli Bart, Lisa e Maggie. Ambientato in una cittadina statunitense chiamata Springfield, lo show tratta in chiave umoristica molti aspetti della condizione umana, così come la cultura, la società in generale e la stessa televisione.

Chicago Fire S01e17, [Mux - XviD - Ita Mp3]

Language: | Size: 400.27 MB | Seed: 176 | Leech: 78


Per i vigili del fuoco, la squadra di salvataggio e i paramedici della Stazione 51 di Chicago nessun mestiere è più logorante, pericoloso e allo stesso tempo gratificante ed entusiasmante del proprio. Nel mezzo di un divorzio, il tenente Matthew Casey cerca di fare il suo lavoro come sempre, ma non lo aiutano i continui scontri con l’esuberante Kelly Severide - ciascuno accusa l’altro della morte di un loro collega. Ma quando è il momento di agire, questi uomini sanno mettere da parte le differenze e schierarsi l’uno accanto all’altro.

Splinter Cell Blacklist XBOX360-iMARS [2013, Action-adventure, Adventure] EN

Language: | Size: 16.28 GB | Seed: 176 | Leech: 5


Splinter Cell Blacklist XBOX360-iMARS Genre: Action-adventure, Adventure Platform: Multiplayer: No Year: 2013 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : About the Game The United States has a military presence in two-thirds of countries around the world, and some of them have had enough. A group of terrorists calling themselves The Engineers have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist – a deadly countdown of escalating attacks on U.S. interests. Key Features Operate without Restrictions Sam is back in his tactical suit and goggles, and he’s more lethal and agile than ever. Granted the freedom to do whatever it takes to stop the Blacklist, Sam flies from exotic locales to U.S. cities as he races against the clock to find out who’s behind this devastating threat. Own Your Play Style Splinter Cell Blacklist builds on the stealth roots of the franchise, while exploring new directions to embrace the realms of action and adventure. Players can define their personal play styles and be rewarded for those choices. Ghost players want to remain undetected. Assault players rely on instincts and frontal blow to deal with a situation. Panther players look for lethality in the most efficient and silent way. Tools of the Trade Take down The Engineers by using new gadgets such as the upgraded Snake Cam and Micro-trirotor Drone. Splinter Cell Blacklist is also bringing back fan-favorites like the Sticky Shocker and the brutal, curved Karambit knife. Fans of stealth will be happy to make the most of Sam’s sneaking abilities to abduct and carry enemies, while Killing In Motion allows the player to strike with surgical precision by marking and executing multiple enemies in one fluid motion. Build a New Echelon Sam is building a whole new Echelon unit; his team, his way. Anna “Grim” Grimsdottir is his technical operations manager, CIA operative Isaac Briggs brings additional firepower, and resident hacker Charlie Cole rounds out the crew. 4th Echelon is a fully mobile ops unit with unlimited resources and cutting-edge technology aboard the re-purposed stealth airliner, the Paladin. Enjoy a Fully Integrated Experience Sam and his team are aware of terrorist attacks in real time thanks to the Strategic Mission Interface (SMI). The SMI allows 4th Echelon to receive data about mission objectives while on the move. With the SMI, players can take advantage of the universal game economy system that allows players to fully customize and upgrade Sam, his suit, goggles, weapons, the Paladin and much more. Spies vs. Mercs Returns Spies vs. Mercs is back with an new take on asymmetrical gameplay. Players will be able to face off in teams of 4 all the while creating their very own Spy or Merc according to their playstyles via thorough customization elements. The original Classic Spies vs. Mercs experience also makes its long awaited comeback for the fans. COOP With the SMI, the lines are blurred between the single campaign and COOP as the narrative is deepened with Sam and Briggs. Earn in-game currency and unlock additional weapons or gadgets via specialized missions assigned by Grim, Briggs, Charlie and Kobin. System requirements: Size: 16.2 GB

Battlefield Hardline-CPY [2015, Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS)] EN

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Battlefield Hardline-CPY Genre: Action (Shooters, MMO FPS, TPS) Platform: Windows Multiplayer: No Year: 2015 Type of publication: Language of the game: EN Crack: Available Description : Live out your cop and criminal fantasy in Battlefield Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combines intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama. In a visceral single-player campaign you'll play the role of Nick Mendoza, a young detective who embarks on a cross-country vendetta seeking revenge against once trusted partners on the force. Instructions: -Burn or mount the image -Install the game -Copy the crack to your game dir -Enjoy Notes: - To change the language after the installation follow instructions into CPY.ini System requirements: Recommended: OS: WINDOWS 8 64-BIT (with KB971512 Update) CPU: INTEL QUAD-CORE CPU, AMD SIX-CORE CPU MEMORY: 8 GB RAM GRAPHICS CARD: AMD Radeon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 GRAPHICS MEMORY: 3 GB HARD DRIVE: 60 GB DIRECTX 11 Minimum: OS: WINDOWS VISTA SP2 64-BIT (with KB971512 Update) PROCESSOR: Athlon II/Phenom II 2.8 GHz, Intel Core i3/i5 2.4GHz MEMORY: 4 GB RAM GRAPHICS CARD: ATI Radeon HD 5770 (1 GB), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (896 MB) HARD DRIVE: 60 GB DIRECTX 11 Size: 51.9 GB

Wolf Creek 2 - La preda sei tu (2013) BDRip XviD - Ita Ac3 5.1 Sub Ita

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Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked (2011) 1080p BDRip EN

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Title: Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked (2011) 1080p BDRip Country: USA Region: Hollywood movies Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy Duration: 01:27:00 Year: 2011 Language: EN Subtitle: English Director: Mike Mitchell Cast: Justin Long, Jesse McCartney, Jason Lee Description: Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems. Rating: Quality: Blu-Ray Disc Format: MKV Video codec: 5000 Kbps, 1920*1040 (1.85:1), 23.976 fps, x264 Audio codec: 640 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 6 Channels, AC3

Everest (2015) 3D AC3 ITA ENG Half SBS 1080p BluRay x264

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Titolo originale: Everest Nazione: U.S.A., Regno Unito Anno: 2015 Genere: Avventura, Drammatico, Thriller Durata: 150' Regia: Baltasar Kormákur Sito italiano: Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington, Clive Standen, Jason Clarke, Emily Watson, Michael Kelly, Elizabeth Debicki, Vanessa Kirby, John Hawkes, Martin Henderson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Mia Goth Produzione: Cross Creek Pictures, Free State Pictures, Universal Pictures Data di uscita: Venezia 2015 - Fuori Concorso 24 Settembre 2015 (cinema) Trama: 10 Maggio 1996: nove scalatori affrontano la montagna più alta del mondo. La natura li punisce, scatenando contro di loro la tempesta più feroce mai vista dall’essere umano. Dovranno superare ostacoli impossibili, contrastare la potenza di una natura maligna, in una corsa contro il tempo per la sopravvivenza che vi terrà col fiato sospeso. Basato sul racconto di Jon Krakauer, uno dei pochi sopravvissuti alla strage, e integrato da testimonianze e racconti, “Everest” vi condurrà sull’orlo della fine, in un’agghiacciante lotta per lasopravvivenza. Formato: 3D Parole chiave: avventura drammatico thriller

The Walking Dead S01e01-06, [XviD - Ita Eng Mp3 - Sub Ita Eng]

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The Walking Dead racconta la storia di un mondo post apocalittico dove gli zombie hanno invaso il pianeta e si concentra in particolare sulle vicende di un gruppo variegato di sopravvissuti che cerca disperatamente un luogo sicuro dove stabilirsi. I superstiti sono guidati dall'agente di polizia Rick Grimes, risvegliatosi dal coma proprio qualche settimana dopo gli eventi che hanno causato la catastrofe. Muovendosi di città in città il gruppo di sopravvissuti scoprirà presto che i morti viventi non sono l'unica minaccia per la loro vita e che i mostri, spesso, sono proprio gli esseri viventi.