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Mary J. Blige 2015 Mary Jane

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Track List: Reminisce Real Love My Love Mary Jane Be With You Mary's Joint I Love You Everything Keep Your Head Can't Get You Off My Mind Searching Memories Family Affair Beautiful Day When We Enough Cryin (Feat. Brook) Can't Hide From Luv (Feat. Jay-Z) One (With U2) Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Ft Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise) Harden My Heart (Ft Julianne Hough)

Ludacris 2015 Mouf Of The South 3

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Track List: Ludacris - Final Warning [ DJ Invasion Remix] Ludacris - Money Baby (Featuring. K. Camp, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - She Werkin (Money on Her Mind) (Featuring. August Alsina) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Hoe (Skit) [Featuring. John Witherspoon] Ludacris - Fuck these Hoe's (Featuring. Big Sean) [DJ Personage Remix] Ludacris - My Way (Featuring. Lloyd) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Saturday's (Featuring. De La Soul) [DJ Chuck Boogie Remix] Ludacris - Slap [DJ Quan718 Remix] Ludacris - Runaway Part.2 (Featuring. Mary J. Blige) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Don't Do It (Featuring. 2Pac) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Money (Featuring. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Let It Go (Reloaded) (Featuring A$AP Ferg and M.I.A.) [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Go Low [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Stupid, Dumb, Fly [DJ Jon804 Remix] Ludacris - Who Am I (Featuring. Scarface) [DJ Jon804 and DJ Lucher Remix] Ludacris - Hot Nigga to Eternity (Produced Mixed by DJ Bboldt) [Featuring. Giorgio Moroder] Ludacris - Welcome Back to ATL [Featuring. 2 Chainz, T.I. and Jeezy] (DJ Jon804 Remix) (BONUS) Ludacris - GA 4 Life (Featuring. Andre 3000 and Sean Paul) [DJ Jon804 and DJ Invasion Remix]

Ford T 2015 Regulator Music

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Track List: Tough Love Glitterati Blues Ghost Rider Innocent Criminal Oh Yeah! Desire Loverman Jedi Master Ride Like You Stole It I'm a Rebel

Kamelot 2015 Live Haunting

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Track List: Intro-Until Kingdom Come Shadow Of Uther Soul Society The Black Halo Farewell March Of Mephisto Mourning Star Karma Center of the Universe The Edge of Paradise The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) When The Lights Are Down Expedition Memento Mori Ghost Opera Forever Nights of Arabia Moonlight

Bon Jovi 1994 Cross Roads

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Track List: Livin' on a Prayer Keep the Faith Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Always Wanted Dead or Alive Lay Your Hands on Me You Give Love a Bad Name Bed of Roses Blaze of Glory

Will Samson & Heimer 2015 Animal Hands

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Track List: Your Golden Glow Native Willow Upon The Dust Kelper Howl Sunbeamer Pt II Juniper Stir Dreamtape

Witch Doctor 2015 Witch Doctor

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Track List: N.O.W.A.B. Got No Use Go For It Harsh Mistress One Life Electric Lady You're My Dynamite Modulator

Styles P 2015 Do You Believe In Ghost Stories

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Track List: Other Ghost Give Me Your Ghost Inner City Ghost Block work feat. Jadakiss Ghost Dance Feat. Chris Rivers Know Me Like That Feat. Gunplay A tale Of Two Ghost Cities Ghost Dilla Ghost Ip Man Ghost View Ghost Cost Keep Praying Feat. Tsu Surf & Emanny True Ghost Off The Ghost Never Trust Ghost Feat. Chris Rivers Pioneered Ghost Killa Ghost Ghost Night Ghost Things Ghost Motion Ghost Murder Ghost Get Down Ghost Fucked Everything Ghost Breath Ghost Band

King Diamond 1991 In Concert 1987- Abigail

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Track List: Funeral Arrival Come to the Sabbath The Family Ghost The 7th Day of July 1777 The Portrait Guitar Solo (Andy) The Possession Abigail Drum Solo The Candle No Presents for Christmas

Soulja Boy 2015 Swag

Language: | Size: 234.04 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 1


Track List: Soulja Boy - Lingo (Watch Me Swag) Soulja Boy - Yeen Heard ft. Migos Soulja Boy - Cake Soulja Boy - PeeWee checks in (RichGang) Soulja Boy - Money Be Coming In Soulja Boy - Came And Got Rich Soulja Boy - Way Up ft. Johnny Cinco Soulja Boy - Rollin ft. Chief Keef Soulja Boy - Salute ft. Ca$h Out Soulja Boy - Money I Get ft. Troy Ave Soulja Boy - G.O.D. ft. Packstrong Soulja Boy - Gettin Dough ft. Paul Allen Soulja Boy - Water Soulja Boy - I Never Say Sorry Soulja Boy - Fleek ft. Chella H Soulja Boy - No Hesitation Soulja Boy - What I Know Soulja Boy - Hella Klips Soulja Boy - Hot Shit Soulja Boy - Broad Day Soulja Boy - Da Swag ft. Calico Jonez Soulja Boy - Free Base ft. Calico Jonez Soulja Boy - Beach Soulja Boy - Bitch Shut Up Soulja Boy - Syrup ft. Paul Allen Kyle Massey Soulja Boy - A Billion

Paul Weller 2015 Saturns Pattern

Language: | Size: 99.92 MB | Seed: 648 | Leech: 69


Track List: White Sky Saturns Pattern Going My Way Long Time Pick It Up I'm Where I Should Be Phoenix In The Car These City Streets

Plumb 2015 Exhale

Language: | Size: 93.17 MB | Seed: 4 | Leech: 1


Track List: Exhale Lord I am Ready Now Smoke Resurrection Great Is Our God My True Love Broken Places Faithful Champion Sleep Will Be Sweet When You Walk Into the Room Restored

Chris Degiovine 2015 Odyssey

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Track List: Lift Off Odyssey Starless Is This The End Answers (feat. Tommy Mccormick) Not Alone Council Of The Eye Escape I Won't (feat. Nick Knapp) Home

MarQ Spekt 2015 The Grilchy Era

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Track List: MarQ Spekt - Murderface Splash MarQ Spekt - 1 Verse A Halo MarQ Spekt - Dallas Penn Grilchroduction MarQ Spekt - Gutter Snippin (Vinyl Mix) feat. Lex Boogie, Filadel Castro MarQ Spekt - Hammer MarQ Spekt - THIEF MarQ Spekt - LAMBS Cloth (Grilchy Raw Mix) feat. Karniege MarQ Spekt - Shangri La (feat. Deacon the Villian) MarQ Spekt - Just a Couple Bars Off Top (Circa 2011) MarQ Spekt - Homicide Written (G-Mix) feat. Filadel Castro x Karniege MarQ Spekt - Pockets Dug (feat. Clever 1) MarQ Spekt - Dallas Penn Check In MarQ Spekt - Haunted Staircases (feat. Broady Champs) MarQ Spekt - UNBORN (Qudrat Version) feat. Messiah x Point Guard MarQ Spekt - Do It To Death

Corciolli 2015 Infinto

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Track List: Dream Of Us A Noite Do Meu Bem Mono No Aware Dandelion Melodia Sentimental Spiral Infinite Love Song Solace Interdimensional Lacrim# Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce San Telmo Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tao Linda Tucuma

Invocation Array 2015 A Color For Fiction

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Track List: The Genesis Construct Little Dark Star Perpetual Memory Siren's Call Hypogeum Protocol All Souls Day With Me Void Indulgent Overdrive

Bernard + Edith 2015 Jem

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Track List: Wurds Dagger Crocodile Tidal Wave Jem China Heartache Poppy I Will Be Rosemary Underwater Girls Night Out Young Woman

Susan Boyle 2014 Hope

Language: | Size: 87.4 MB | Seed: 4 | Leech: 0


Track List: Wish You Were Here I Can Only Imagine Angel Abide With Me Imagine Will The Circle Be Unbroken Bridge Over Troubled Water The Impossible Dream Oh Happy Day You Raise Me Up (Live) (Feat. Lakewood Church Choir)

Grice 2015 Alexandrine

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Track List: Alexandrine She's In My Garden Eclipse Flaw 1 (Fracture) Leftside The Magic Of Changing Colours 12 Syllables Flaw 2 (Silica) Incomplete Frozen Water Clear, Conscious & Free Flaw 3 (Fractal)

Rusty McCarthy 2015 Black Dog

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Track List: Black Dog Old Wind Blows This River Dixie Blues New York City Blues Can't Take The Boogie We Can Move On Long Way Down State Of Affairs Candy Man Cork Blues Sophisticated That's How Life Goes

Corvus Stone 2015 Unscrewed

Language: | Size: 114.81 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Brand New Day Early Morning Calls Joukahainen Without Chips Horizon (Remix) Landfill After Solstice (Remix) Jussipussi (Remix) Scary Movie Too Petrified in the Cinema Basement Lost and Found Revisited Cinema Finale Pack Up Your Truffles Moustaches in Massachusetts (Remix) [Bonus Track]

King Diamond 1988 Them

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Track List: Out From the Asylum Welcome Home The Invisible Guests Tea Mother's Getting Weaker Bye, Bye, Missy A Broken Spell The Accusation Chair Them Twilight Symphony Coming Home Phone Call The Invisible Guests [-] Bye, Bye Missy [-]

Blissard 2015 Blissard

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Track List: King Ghost Room I Hear Your Name Days The Echo Head Something Something The Body The Champ Ozymandias No Way

Papoose 2015 You Can't Stop Destiny

Language: | Size: 90.98 MB | Seed: 645 | Leech: 79


Track List: Papoose - The Bank Papoose - You Ain’t Built Like That Papoose - Mobbing Ft. Troy Ave Papoose - The Plug Papoose - Michael Jackson Ft. Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign Papoose - Wish A Nigga Would Papoose - Everything To Gain Ft. A.G Papoose - Revenge Maino & Red Cafe Papoose - Team US Papoose - You Draggin It Papoose - Global Warming Part 2 Papoose - Illuminati Papoose - Obituary 2014

Mud Flow 2004 A Life On Standby

Language: | Size: 124.63 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: The Sense Of 'Me' Chemicals Today Debbie And Charlie Tribal Dance How I Got Depressed And Started A War Unfinished Relief Debbie & Charlie (The True Story) Five Against Six Song 1 New Eve

Chief Keef 2015 Almighty Chopsquad

Language: | Size: 72.95 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Chief Keef - Right Now (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Mounted Up (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - iCarly (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - How I Look Now (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - On It On It (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Money Cant (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Dont Think I Got One (Prod By ChopsquadDJ) Chief Keef - Cussing (Prod By Ace Bankz) Chief Keef - Chill (Prod By Dolan Beats)

Folkearth 2014 Baldere s Lament

Language: | Size: 93.34 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 3


Track List: Beliskner Balder's Lament From Volga To Bosphorus Farewell To The North The Crimson Wine Of Battle Eyes Of The Volva Donar's Hammer The Silent Warrior The Wine-Sacks Of The Emperor The Anvil Of Storms

October Falls 2014 Kaarna

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Track List: Usva Viima Polku Marras

Tanita Tikaram 2012 Can't Go Back

Language: | Size: 163.23 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: All Things to You Dust On My Shoes Make the Day Rock'n'roll Science Keep It Real Can't Go Back Heavy Pressure One Kiss If the World Should Want for Love

Symphony X 2015 Underworld

Language: | Size: 147.51 MB | Seed: 5 | Leech: 0


Track List: Overture Nevermore Underworld Without You Kiss of Fire Charon To Hell and Back In My Darkest Hour Run With The Devil Swansong Legend