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Boyzone 2014 Love Me For A Reason. The Collection

Language: | Size: 171.78 MB | Seed: 387 | Leech: 89


Track List: Love Me For A Reason No Matter What Baby Can I Hold You (7- Edit) Isn't It A Wonder Father And Son (Live At Wembley) Picture Of You Arms Of Mary You Flew Away Coming Home Now (Steve Jervier Mix) A Different Beat (Live At Wembley) Don't Stop Looking For Love All The Time In The World Key To My Life (Unlocked Mix) You Needed Me Melting Pot When All Is Said & Done One Kiss At A Time So They Told Me Love Is A Hurricane Can't Stop Me

VA 2015 Music For Everyone Breaks Breakbeat Vol 3

Language: | Size: 199.36 MB | Seed: 253 | Leech: 29


Track List: Pirate Jams - Turn It Around (Original Mix) Blend - On & On (Featurecast Remix) Auvic - Highways (Golden Beats Re-Edit) Rob Gasser - Back Again (Original Mix) Daft Punk - Get Lucky (The Moombah Kids Breaks Remix) David James - Don't Go At Night (Awesome 3 Vs Shakedown) Wes Smith & Jimmy Bullet feat. Big Haired Bob - Here We Go (Wes Smith Remix) Jack U feat. Kiesza - Take U There (Lo IQ Rework) Curtis-B & JDouble - We Run This! (Original Mix) David James - Take Me Up (Original Mix) Rebel Sketchy & Kwerk - Everywhere I Go (Original Mix) ilLegal Content - Innocent Beat (STAKE Remix) Temazo - Together We'll Be Free (Original Mix) Funk U - Dance 2 The Rhythm (Original Mix) Retropolis - You Are The One (Original Mix) Under This - Attraction (Original Mix) Degrees Of Motion & North Base - Shine On (140 Mix)

Dee Palmer & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 2015 The Music Of Pink Floyd

Language: | Size: 107.09 MB | Seed: 343 | Leech: 70


Track List: Run Like Hell - Live Goodbye Blue Sky Money Hey You Wish You Were Here On The Turning Away Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 When The Tigers Broke Free

Super8 & Tab 2014 Unified

Language: | Size: 133.94 MB | Seed: 712 | Leech: 51


Track List: Super8 & Tab - Memory Lane Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - Let Go Super8 & Tab and Jaytech - Code Red Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - No Frontiers Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Who Needs Pain Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - Patience Super8 & Tab and BT - Aika Super8 & Tab - Clairvoyant Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna - Say U Luv Super8 & Tab and 7 Skies - Antipodes Super8 & Tab and Sunny Lax - Sonata Super8 & Tab and 7 Skies - Rubicon Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Souls Of Lovers Super8 & Tab - Forever

Soulja Boy 2015 Loyalty

Language: | Size: 117.32 MB | Seed: 738 | Leech: 95


Track List: Hurricane We Don't Fight Og Gas Designer Don't Nothing Move But The Money Gold Bricks Panamera Backwoods Bankroll Foreign Whip Rambo Hit It Still Whippin Trap Party Drop Head Phantom

Nico & Vinz 2014 Black Star Elephant

Language: | Size: 133.86 MB | Seed: 47 | Leech: 60


Track List: [Intro] Am I Wrong Last Time [Leave Us] Know What I'm Not Miracles [New In Town] My Melody [Powerful] Another Day People Runnin' Imagine In Your Arms Homeless [Lakota] Thought I Knew [Arrival] When The Day Comes [Kokadinye] Imaa Imaa

Rihanna 2010 Loud

Language: | Size: 118.16 MB | Seed: 524 | Leech: 83


Track List: S&M What's My Name (feat. Drake) Cheers (Drink To That) Fading Only Girl (In The World) California King Bed Man Down Raining Men (feat. Nicki Minaj) Complicated Skin Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (feat. Eminem) Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (Piano Version)

Waltari 2015 You Are Waltari

Language: | Size: 126.9 MB | Seed: 615 | Leech: 79


Track List: 12 Tranquality Solutions Only The Truth Mountain Top Right Wing Theme Strangled Keep It Alive Singular Not Much To Touch You Hyväolihyväoli Drag Televizor Diggin The Alien

Caravanserai 2015 Feral

Language: | Size: 100.18 MB | Seed: 887 | Leech: 31


Track List: Echoes from the Theatre Transmission A Man and His Burden Walkaround Idi Arabesque The Day Is One Memorial Day Beirut Paris Again Castaways

Daft Punk 2013 Random Access Memories

Language: | Size: 172.74 MB | Seed: 878 | Leech: 75


Track List: Give Life Back To Music The Game Of Love Giorgio By Moroder Within Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas) Lose Yourself To Dance (Feat. Pharrell Williams) Touch (Feat. Paul Williams) Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams) Beyond Motherboard Fragments Of Time (Feat. Todd Edwards) Doin' It Right (Feat. Panda Bear) Contact

Tim Jones 2015 Chuck

Language: | Size: 222.98 MB | Seed: 723 | Leech: 23


Track List: Bryce Larkin Super Spy Chuck And Sarah The Beginning Action Theme Charlie Foxtrot Shaw A Question And A Spy Ellie Rescues Chuck It's Not All Work Mission Time All In A Day's Work (For Sarah) Backstories And Secrets Tangos And Hot Dogs Buy Morons Vs. Emmet Take On Me (Orchestral Version) Fortunate Son Fat Bottom Girls End Titles Leaving On A Jet Plane Mr. Roboto Morgan Big Mike And The Gang Chuck Vs. Rafe

Robin Thicke 2013 Blurred Lines

Language: | Size: 144.09 MB | Seed: 895 | Leech: 92


Track List: Blurred Lines Take It Easy on Me Ooo La La Ain't No Hat 4 That Get in My Way Give It 2 U Feel Good Go Stupid 4 U 4 The Rest of My Life Top of the World The Good Life Pressure Put Your Lovin on Me Give It 2 U (Remix) Blurred Lines (Bee's Knees Remix) 4 The Rest of My Life (Twice As Nice Remix)

Black Daniels 2015 Danger Remix Compilation

Language: | Size: 102.32 MB | Seed: 451 | Leech: 85


Track List: Danger (2Stars Remix) Play It Once (Beastie Respond Remix) Danger (Hedex Remix) Pyramids (RASKL Remix) Danger (Premium Remix) Dub (Tidewarp Remix) Danger (Kragen Remix) Dub (JSL Remix) Pyramids (Shield Banger Remix) Danger (Hans SOLO Remix)

C-Block 2010 The Last Album

Language: | Size: 109.34 MB | Seed: 62 | Leech: 82


Track List: Take Control Not The Same The Future Is So Bright The Message Tell Me Why Take Your Time Take Me Away What About Ruffer Keep Movin' Millenium

Matia Bazar 2011 Fantasia - Best & Rariries

Language: | Size: 353.38 MB | Seed: 838 | Leech: 74


Track List: Stasera... Che Sera! Per Un'Ora D'Amore Cavallo Bianco Che Male Fa Ma Perche Solo Tu Mister Mandarino E Dirsi Ciao Tu Seplicita Raggio Di Luna C'E Tutto Mondo Intorno Italian Sinfonia Il Tempo Del Sole Fantasia Vacanze Romane Aristocratica Souvenir (7' Version) Ti Sento Noi

Lola Stonecracker 2015 Doomsday Breakdown

Language: | Size: 143.34 MB | Seed: 143 | Leech: 53


Track List: Jigsaw Witchy Lady Generation on Surface Secret for a Universe Perils of a Man from the Past Jekyll and Hyde Doomsday Breakdown MC Kenny's Place All This Time Space Cowboys Psycho Speed Parade Mistery Soul Maverick Relax Shine Using My Tricks

Steel Audrey 2015 From Which I Came

Language: | Size: 124.19 MB | Seed: 72 | Leech: 25


Track List: Gold Digger I've Been Too Busy To Love You 'til The World Caves In Back To The Earth (From Which I Came) Manitoba Jackfrost Blues Your Smile Waits For Mine The Bluebird's Singin' I Killed A Man Cold Man The Troubadour Ain't Never Had A Woman Like You Meet My Maker

Leslie Clio 2015 Eureka

Language: | Size: 135.62 MB | Seed: 183 | Leech: 64


Track List: Eureka My Heart Ain't That Broken Be With You All the Other Fools Damage Done Fuck What They Told Ya Make Things Better Changes Falling To Pieces Bad Eyes Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart Remedy Trying Times (Bonus Track) Adam (Bonus Track) Million Lights (Bonus Track) Pas Une Larme (Bonus Track) My Heart Ain't That Broken (Doo Wop Version Bonus Track) My Heart Ain't That Broken (True Love Remix By Based, El Gris And Tchamp Bonus Track)

Wake The Nations 2015 Sign Of Heart

Language: | Size: 94.9 MB | Seed: 530 | Leech: 82


Track List: Fairytale Romance The Touch of Your Hand All I Want So Broken Love Distracts the Senses This Feeling Seas of Emptiness Love Leads the Way Until the End of Time Who Am I

VA 2015 Electropop 10

Language: | Size: 141.35 MB | Seed: 677 | Leech: 67


Track List: Dead Man Recovering - Dignity (Extended Version) Electro Planet - Way To The Planet (Remix By Eduard Reik) Electro Spectre - Your Love Is A Criminal (The Vibe Of Vice Remix) Heliophile - Econocide (Extended Mix) Kartagon - Rescue Me (Kartagon Club Mix) Naommon - Beginning Everyday (Arome Artificiel's Mix) Pos.2 - Only Electropop (Conzoom Edit) Sinestar - Fortunes Faded (Krammix Liberator Remix) The Voice And The Snake - Children Of The Sun (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Edit) Vaylon - Lost (Extended Mix) X-Sonic - Machine Language (128K Extended Ram Remix) Zero-Eq - Discodark (Extended Mix) Zoon Politicon - Mercy 2014 (Extended Version)

The Billy Moon Project 2015 For All Mankind

Language: | Size: 64.56 MB | Seed: 574 | Leech: 76


Track List: One Minute Concerto Go With the Feeling Lick Tempers Flare One Step Itch I Will Be Free

T55 2015 Kaleeriorja

Language: | Size: 92.46 MB | Seed: 651 | Leech: 44


Track List: Kaleeriorja Silmänräpäys Kun Lampaat Marssii Vaisto Soturin Kuolema Marusia Tervattu Sielu Sveaborg Vastaranta Viimeinen Valtakunta

No-Maddz 2015 No-Maddz (Sly and Robbie Presents)

Language: | Size: 131.45 MB | Seed: 45 | Leech: 18


Track List: Romance Shotta Better Must Come Modern Love Affair Love Story Some Kind A Way Sun Comes Up Let's Dance Life Of The Party Ganja Stain Puku Poo Order My Steps

Within Temptation 2014 Hydra

Language: | Size: 97.02 MB | Seed: 808 | Leech: 67


Track List: Tell Me Why Let Us Burn Paradise (ft. Tarja) Silver Moonlight Dangerous (ft. Howard Jones) Edge of the World Covered By Roses Dog Days The Whole World Is Watching (ft. Dave Pirner) And We Run (ft. Xzibit)

Astral Doors 2014 Notes From The Shadows

Language: | Size: 126.31 MB | Seed: 380 | Leech: 63


Track List: The Last Temptation of Christ Disciples of the Dragonlord Wailing Wall Shadowchaser Die Alone Hoodoo Ceremony Southern Conjuration Walker the Stalker Desert Nights In the Name of Rock Confessions Shadow Prelude in E Minor (Bonus Track)

Kura 2014 Makhor

Language: | Size: 9.9 MB | Seed: 388 | Leech: 25


Track List: Kura - Makhor (Original Mix)

Young Thug 2015 Barter 6

Language: | Size: 119.16 MB | Seed: 722 | Leech: 6


Track List: Constantly Hating (Feat. Birdman) With That Can't Tell (Feat. T.I. & Boosie Badazz) Check Never Had It (Feat. Young Dolph) Dream (Feat. Yak Gotti) Dome (Feat. Duke) Halftime Amazing (Feat. Jacquees) Knocked Off (Feat. Birdman) Od Numbers Just Might Be

Crimson Brooks 2015 Craving For More

Language: | Size: 56.45 MB | Seed: 419 | Leech: 28


Track List: Deep Down Cold Heart All You Ever Wanted Heart in a Pocket ?? ????? ??????? Craving for More

Belial Pelegrim 2015 Still Life With Black Clock

Language: | Size: 101.28 MB | Seed: 450 | Leech: 93


Track List: Codex Seraphinianus Magickal Flan Infused With Dolphins Tears Strange Alphabets Perpetual Squint Order of the Hollow Globe Journey to Ixtlan Book of Thoth Anostus

Mojo Juju 2015 Seeing Red - Feeling Blue

Language: | Size: 90.63 MB | Seed: 804 | Leech: 63


Track List: Your Love A Heart Is Not A Yo-Yo If You Wanna Stay They Come & They Go Sugarcoated Lately (I'm Fine) Rain It Down Get Fooled Straight To Hell Ain't Gonna Wait I Sure Do Good

The Bright Light Social Hour 2015 Space Is Still The Place

Language: | Size: 107.12 MB | Seed: 176 | Leech: 40


Track List: Sweet Madeline Slipstream Dreamlove Ghost Dance Sea Of The Edge Aperture Ouroboros Infinite Cities The Moon Escape Velocity

Anastacia 2014 Resurrection

Language: | Size: 120.19 MB | Seed: 104 | Leech: 18


Track List: Staring At The Sun Lifeline Stupid Little Things I Don't Want To Be The One Evolution Pendulum Stay Dark White Girl Apology Broken Wings Other Side Of Crazy Oncoming Train Resurrection Left Outside Alone, Pt. 2

VA 2015 Hyperthermia

Language: | Size: 225.31 MB | Seed: 710 | Leech: 46


Track List: Time Machine D_SCN An Old Fairytale In Chains Tranxds77 Where Are You Inuit Apsis Detachment Culprit Tribe Deus (Remix) Modulation Fragments Of Life Plane Symmetric Chaos Gemeinsamer Nenner (Remix) All Is Illusion Sein Lassen (Remix) H Animal Human

Trap Music 2015 Out With A Bang Edition

Language: | Size: 151.82 MB | Seed: 488 | Leech: 17


Track List: Bo Deal - Intro Bo Deal & Eldorado Red - Lay The Fuck Down Bo Deal - Consequences Bo Deal - These Hoes Gucci Mane & Young Thug - Down On That [Prod. By Cassius Jay] Rich Homie Quan Feat. Peewee Longway & Lil Boosie - 1500 [Prod. By Wheezy & Marc Beatmonster] Johnny Cinco & Peewee Longway - On My Line Yung Mazi & Jose Guapo - Keep Yo Bisssh Kevin Gates - The Law Yowda & Burna Ben Franklin - Lettuce (Remix) Rick Ross - IDFWU (Remix) Bo Deal - Memory Lane Shakecago - Santiago Shakecago - Misconstrued [Prod. By Too Face] Gucci Mane - Cartel talk [Prod. By Roger Beat] Metro Thuggin - Warrior DJ Scream Feat. Young Dolph, Project Pat & Fat Trel - Whole Thang [Prod. By Metro Boomin] Rich The Kid - What You Talmbout [Prod. By Murda] Migos - Computers Freestyle Lil Durk & Chief Keef - Decline [Prod. By Young Chop] Bo Deal - Pain In My Vocals

Marcus Miller 2015 Afrodeezia

Language: | Size: 150.03 MB | Seed: 159 | Leech: 49


Track List: Hylife B's River Preacher's Kid (Song For William H) We Were There Papa Was A Rolling Stone I Still Believe I Hear [feat. Ben Hong] Son Of Macbeth Prism (Interlude) Xtraordinary Water Dancer I Can't Breathe [feat. Mocean Worker]
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