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Sweet & Lynch 2015 Only To Rise

Language: | Size: 121.66 MB | Seed: 194 | Leech: 11


Track List: The Wish Dying Rose Love Stays Time Will Tell Rescue Me Me Without You Recover Divine September Strength In Numbers Hero-Zero Only To Rise Me Without You (Alternate Version)

Digicult 2015 Soul Samadhi

Language: | Size: 157.26 MB | Seed: 89 | Leech: 37


Track List: Digicult & U-Recken - Sundara Digicult - Soul Samadhi Jaia - Mai Mai (Digicult & U-Recken Rmx) Digicult & Tropical Bleyage - Aradhana Man With No Name - Evolution (Digicult Rmx) Digicult - Star Travel (Talamasca Rmx) Digicult - Lost In A Mental Universe Digicult - Red Planet (Spirit Architect Rmx) Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Rmx)

Cool Amerika 2015 No Taxes 2

Language: | Size: 149.11 MB | Seed: 62 | Leech: 39


Track List: Intro (Feat. Bigga Rankin & DJ Scream) Hustlers Ambition (Feat. Nipsey Hussle) Already Knowing YNOGM MVP (Feat. Offset) Do It Like Me Get Your Hate On 1 of 1 (Feat. Young Dolph) Miami Movie (Feat. ChoCho) Make Sum Shake 2 At A Time Whole Lot (Feat. Rocko) Show My Ass (Feat. Drama) Tear The Club Up Differences Day 1's (Feat. Kevin Gates)

Lily Frost 2015 Too Hot For Words

Language: | Size: 69.79 MB | Seed: 716 | Leech: 20


Track List: It Ain't Right Swing Brother Swing You're My Thrill Don't Explain What A Little Moonlight Can Do All I Can Do Is Cry Long Gone Lonesome Blues One Never Knows, Does One Was It Something I Said It's Too Hot For Words

Bruno Sanfilippo 2015 Inside Life

Language: | Size: 106.54 MB | Seed: 688 | Leech: 43


Track List: Sudden Quietness Freezing Point Camille A Door Opens Forever The Place Where Dying Crows Tea Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup Inside life

Gabriella Brei 2015 Healed

Language: | Size: 96.77 MB | Seed: 292 | Leech: 38


Track List: Water Drop Watch the World We're Gonna Live Forever Sunset City Shine Your Light I'm By Your Side You Got Me (feat. N828) New Years Night To Your Beat Through the Fire Your Love Healed Your Love (Radio Edit)

Moonstriker 2015 Chronos

Language: | Size: 112.69 MB | Seed: 632 | Leech: 64


Track List: Zephyr Contact Helios Hollow Tree Ansible Ellipses Iota Vega Atlas Arcturus Azure Polaris Light Cycles

Shayne Ward 2015 Closer

Language: | Size: 136.62 MB | Seed: 799 | Leech: 33


Track List: Moving Target My Heart Would Take You Back I Never Said The Way You Were Too Much to Lose Crying, Lying Eyes I'm so Proud of You Make It Simple Fake I Let You Get Away Rendez-Vous, The Place I Love About You Now If You Were Here Tonight No Promises (Acoustic) My Heart Would Take You Back (JRMX Club Mix) My Heart Would Take You Back (Voice Memo) Make It Simple (Voice Memo) Moving Target (Voice Memo)

The Haunted 2014 Exit Wounds

Language: | Size: 129.72 MB | Seed: 557 | Leech: 59


Track List: 317 Cutting Teeth My Salvation Psychonaut Eye Of The Storm Trend Killer Time (Will Not Heal) All I Have Temptation My Enemy Kill The Light This War Infiltrator Ghost In The Machine As The Poison Sets In (Bonus Track) The Manifestation (Bonus Track) Eye Of The Storm (Demo)

Mordacious 2015 Sinister

Language: | Size: 149.17 MB | Seed: 308 | Leech: 41


Track List: Fear Of Death Sinxstr Flesh Grinder This Is Your Hatred Ashes To Angels Dream Of Suicide Tears Of Blood Hanging From The Hooks The End Of You Good Little Slave When I'm Bleeding Unleash The Monster Frozen To Death Flesh Grinder (Centhron Remix) Sinxster (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) Dream Of Suicide (Electric Resistance Remix)

Neuroticfish 2015 A Sign Of Life

Language: | Size: 155.25 MB | Seed: 870 | Leech: 71


Track List: Rose Silence Depend On You Opposite Of Me Agony Former Me The Creep Blunt Force Trauma Is It Dead Behaviour Caliban Somebody Faith The Standard Redux

G-Unit 2015 The Beast Is G Unit

Language: | Size: 52.57 MB | Seed: 415 | Leech: 61


Track List: Ballin I'm Grown Bring My Bottles Doper Than My Last One Boy Boy Choose One

Oliver Schories 2015 Fields Without Fences

Language: | Size: 339.66 MB | Seed: 346 | Leech: 35


Track List: Fields Without Fences Continuous Album Mix Undisguised Copilot Brizzle Fields Without Fences In Other Words Never Missing Empathy Homeboy Late Checkout TBC Daily Routines Oil Super Sunday

Equilibrium 2014 Erdentempel

Language: | Size: 155.59 MB | Seed: 245 | Leech: 74


Track List: Ankunft Was Lange Wahrt Waldschrein Karawane Uns'rer Floten Klang Freiflug Heavy Chill Wirtshaus Gaudi Stein Meiner Ahnen Wellengang Apokalypse The Unknown Episode Aufbruch (Bonus)

Subversion 2015 Animi

Language: | Size: 100.4 MB | Seed: 831 | Leech: 99


Track List: Born of the Sun Catalyst Imperfect Revelation Illusion of Eternity Entrophy In Order to Live, Pt. 2 Pariah Novation Animi

Clouds 2014 Doliu

Language: | Size: 130.7 MB | Seed: 43 | Leech: 33


Track List: You Went So Silent (Feat. Daniel Neagoe, Jarno Salomaa, Kostas Panagiotou, Deha Amsg, Pim Blankenstein & Jon Aldara) If These Walls Could Speak Heaven Was Blind To My Grief A Glimpse Of Sorrow The Deep Vast Emptiness Even If I Fall

Renegades Of Jazz 2015 Paradise Lost

Language: | Size: 114.73 MB | Seed: 174 | Leech: 35


Track List: Haunting The North Paradise Lost Flemish Cap (Feat. Karin Ploog) Neverday (Feat. Jane Kennaway) Fire (Feat. Aspects) Hellesens (Feat. Dylan Kennaway) Imperial Breed (Feat. Greg Blackman) Cannibal Royal (Feat. Greg Blackman) Tamerlane (Feat. Greg Blackman) Death Grip (Feat. Chima Anya) Lucifer's Rising Ban-Shee

Lightning Bolt 2015 Fantasy Empire

Language: | Size: 110.63 MB | Seed: 104 | Leech: 5


Track List: The Metal East Over the River and Through the Woods Horsepower King of My World Mythmaster Runaway Train Leave the Lantern Lit Dream Genie Snow White (& The 7 Dwarves Fans)

Depeche Mode 2006 The Best Of Vol. 1

Language: | Size: 171.98 MB | Seed: 473 | Leech: 68


Track List: Personal Jesus (Single Version) Just Can't Get Enough (Album Version) Everything Counts (Single Version) Enjoy The Silence (ACDMUTEL15 Version) Shake The Disease (Single Version) See You (Single Version) It's No Good (Album Version) Strangelove (Single Version) Suffer Well (Album Version) Dream On (ACDMUTEL15 Version) People Are People (ACDMUTEL15 Version) Martyr (Single Version) Walking In My Shoes (Single Version) I Feel You (Album Version) Precious (Album Version) Master And Servant (ACDMUTEL15 Version) New Life (Album Version) Never Let Me Down Again (Single Version)

Fuori vena (Tekla Taidelli) - 1985 - Xvid ITA

Language: | Size: 908.38 MB | Seed: 475 | Leech: 32


Liberamente ispirato a una storia vera, il film mette in scena uno spaccato sull'uso e l'abuso delle droghe nella realtà giovanile di Milano e Bologna. Diversi personaggi, giovani e meno giovani, vengono seguiti nel loro rapporto con le sostanze stupefacenti, esplorando i legami che s'instaurano fra le persone, le storie d'amore, le sofferenze e le delusioni.

Footloose 2011 iTALiAN BRRip XviD-EgL[MT]

Language: | Size: 1.37 GB | Seed: 546 | Leech: 94


Titolo originale: Footloose Paese: USA Anno: 2011 Durata: 113 MINUTI Genere: Commedia, Drammatico, Musicale Footloose è un film statunitense diretto da Craig Brewer e distribuito dalla Universal Pictures per il mercato home video nel 2011, remake dell'omonimo film del 1984. Il film racconta la storia di un adolescente di nome Ren McCormack (interpretato da Kenny Wormald), che si trasferisce dopo la morte della madre, dalla città USA di Boston a Bomont: un piccolo centro rurale dove la danza e la musica rock sono proibite dal governo locale. Vengono trattati i temi del pregiudizio, della trasgressione giovanile, della voglia di rivincita e della fine dell'adolescenza. La protagonista femminile Ariel Moore è interpretata da Julianne Hough. Il film è vagamente ispirato ad alcuni eventi accaduti nella piccola comunità rurale di Elmore City in Oklahoma.

Victorius 2014 Dreamchaser

Language: | Size: 123.14 MB | Seed: 957 | Leech: 27


Track List: Twilight Skies Day Of Reckoning Dragonheart Fireangel Dreamchaser Battalions Of The Holy Cross Blood Alliance Speedracer Where Ravens Fly Black And White Silent Symphony Lucid Dreams (bonus track)

Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King 2015 Fat Mans Shine Parlor

Language: | Size: 110.07 MB | Seed: 595 | Leech: 1


Track List: Got My Heart Broken Cornbread Diamond Eyes Crash And Burn River Of Whiskey Don't Want To Be Alone Brown Bomba Mojo How Much One Girl By My Side Lone Star Lap Dance Done Got Caught Blues Headed For Ruin

Amore Tossico (Claudio Caligari) 1983 - Film Raro

Language: | Size: 1.51 GB | Seed: 726 | Leech: 60


Un gruppo di tossicodipendenti romani, tra cui Cesare, Enzo, Roberto detto Ciopper, Massimo, Capellone, Michela, Loredana, Debora e Teresa trascorrono la propria drammatica routine tra la spiaggia di Ostia e Roma (nel quartiere Centocelle) attraverso il consumo degli stupefacenti, i piccoli litigi, le rapine ed i furti commessi per procurarsi la dose quotidiana (ed i relativi guai con la polizia e la giustizia) e la fioca speranza di poter cambiare vita e di disintossicarsi. Attraverso uno sguardo che ricorda molto quello dell'Accattone pasoliniano e un taglio quasi documentaristico, la loro vita prosegue ripetitiva, senza un futuro apparente o un evento che possa porre termine - nel bene o nel male - alla loro drammatica situazione.
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