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Mac DeMarco 2014 Salad Days

Language: | Size: 80.01 MB | Seed: 657 | Leech: 8


Track List: Salad Days Blue Boy Brother Let Her Go Goodbye Weekend Let My Baby Stay Passing Out Pieces Treat Her Better Chamber Of Reflection Go Easy Jonny's Odyssey

Tom Waits 2004 Real Gone

Language: | Size: 165.24 MB | Seed: 10 | Leech: 52


Track List: Top Of The Hill Hoist That Rag Sins Of My Father Shake It Don't Go Into That Barn How's It Gonna End Metropolitan Glide Dead And Lovely Circus Trampled Rose Green Grass Baby Gonna Leave Me Clang Boom Steam Make It Rain Day After Tomorrow Chick A Boom

Valborg 2015 Romantik

Language: | Size: 91.96 MB | Seed: 257 | Leech: 55


Track List: Vampyr Blitz Aus Sodom Comtesse Sulphur Vitriol Angel Kryptische Arroganz The Haunted Womb

Jason Isbell 2015 Something More Than Free

Language: | Size: 101.11 MB | Seed: 717 | Leech: 97


Track List: If It Takes a Lifetime 24 Frames Flagship How to Forget Children of Children The Life You Chose Something More Than Free Speed Trap Town Hudson Commodore Palmetto Rose To a Band That I Loved

Missing Hours 2008 Missing Hours

Language: | Size: 96.96 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 0


Track List: Machine Run Make You Better Not For You Could Not Believe It Falling Down Don't Be Late Send Me An Angel Everthying Will Be Alright So Far Away Fading Away

Folly And The Hunter 2015 Awake

Language: | Size: 104.57 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 0


Track List: Awake Breath Kill My Hope Small Victories Duisburg The Way We Are Lose That Light Wreck It Travelling Arrow Science

Dream Master 2015 Point Of No Return

Language: | Size: 101.03 MB | Seed: 989 | Leech: 69


Track List: Self Affliction Get Control Truth (Your Truth) Freeze To Death Ivan New Hope Wicked Desires Argenbandon Unfinished Business You Must Remember That... Wake Up Exile The Demons Faith Caprices

Marius Tilly Band 2015 Come Together

Language: | Size: 103.89 MB | Seed: 402 | Leech: 33


Track List: Believe Elevator Girl Hold On Hometones Fly Water Falls Take Off Headaches Sliding Skin's Electric Far Away

Boyce Avenue 2014 No Limits

Language: | Size: 60.1 MB | Seed: 341 | Leech: 70


Track List: Speed Limit One Life I Had to Try Scars I'll Be the One (feat. Milkman) Speed Limit (Acoustic) One Life (Acoustic)

Craig David 2001 Born To Do It

Language: | Size: 132.26 MB | Seed: 380 | Leech: 44


Track List: Fill Me In Can't Be Messing 'Round Rendezvous 7 Days Follow Me Key To My Heart Fill Me In (Part 2) Last Night Walking Away Time To Party Booty Man Once In A Lifetime You Know What Rewind

Lenka 2015 The Bright Side

Language: | Size: 83.72 MB | Seed: 1 | Leech: 0


Track List: The Long Way Home Blue Skies Free Unique Get Together Go Deeper We Are Powerful My Love Hearts Brighter The Bright Side

Simply Red 1991 Stars

Language: | Size: 95.12 MB | Seed: 8 | Leech: 49


Track List: Something Got Me Started Stars Thrill Me Your Mirror She's Got It Bad For Your Babies Model How Could I Fall Freedom Wonderland

RedLine 2015 Mind's Garden

Language: | Size: 132.79 MB | Seed: 657 | Leech: 42


Track List: Lost Illusion Under The Ocean Enter The Unknown Shadows Lightningscapes Masquerade Abandoned Scenery Mind's Garden 1000th Floor Made By Humans Windhaven

The Acorn 2015 Vieux Loup

Language: | Size: 79.18 MB | Seed: 464 | Leech: 17


Track List: Rapids Palm Springs In Silence (Enantiomers) Influence Cumin Vieux Loup Dominion Artefacts

Wet Wet Wet 2013 Step By Step. The Greatest Hits

Language: | Size: 145.02 MB | Seed: 5 | Leech: 0


Track List: Step By Step Sad Kinda Love Playin' Like A Kid Don't Want To Forgive Me Now With A Little Help From My Friends Sweet Little Mystery Broke Away Julia Says Lip Service Angel Eyes (Home And Away) Sweet Surrender All I Want Goodnight Girl Hold Back The River Wishing I Was Lucky Weightless Temptation Somewhere Somehow If I Never See You Again Love Is All Around

Vanessa Mae 2002 The Best Of

Language: | Size: 152.11 MB | Seed: 391 | Leech: 80


Track List: Art Of War Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Destiny Nessun Dorma From Violin Fantasy On Puccini's 'Turandot' I'm A-Doun For Lack O' Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy) Storm I Feel Love Bach Street Prelude Aurora The Original Four Seasons - Winter (II) Contradanza White Bird The Original Four Seasons - Summer (I) Happy Valley Devil's Trill Solace

Led Zeppelin 2015 Presence

Language: | Size: 175.19 MB | Seed: 49 | Leech: 70


Track List: Achilles Last Stand For Your Life Royal Orleans Nobody's Fault But Mine Candy Store Rock Hots On For Nowhere Tea For One

Imagine Dragons 2012 Night Visions

Language: | Size: 120.16 MB | Seed: 2 | Leech: 1


Track List: Radioactive Tiptoe It's Time Demons On Top Of The World Amsterdam Hear Me Every Night Bleeding Out Underdog Nothing Left To Say - Rocks Working Man Fallen

Nate Connelly 2015 A Dream About Being Lost

Language: | Size: 96.27 MB | Seed: 653 | Leech: 87


Track List: Some Faith You Echo Tired Waiting Similar to a Simulated Simulation Would Where I Belong Safe from Twelve I Form a Club A Dream About Being Lost Deadmen Arkham

Hammock 2014 The Sleepover Series Volume 2

Language: | Size: 157.69 MB | Seed: 996 | Leech: 15


Track List: Locating Silence No Trace... No Shadow A Secret Hiding In The Open Belonging Becoming Original Light A Sunlit Absence Ausculta The Empty Valley Received The Clouds...The Cold Stream Cleanses The Moon From Silence Into Silence

R-Mean 2015 7 Deadly Sins

Language: | Size: 108.69 MB | Seed: 102 | Leech: 7


Track List: R-Mean - Father in Heaven R-Mean - Fake Mutha (Envy) Feat. The Game R-Mean - All I Need (Lust) R-Mean - Love Story (Wrath) Feat. Taz Zavala R-Mean - Jurassic Park (Gluttony) Feat. Crooked I & King Los R-Mean - Lost (Sloth) R-Mean - Swallow Your Pride (Pride) Feat. Marka R-Mean - Sick World (Greed) R-Mean - Nothing Left to Lose Feat. Jason French R-Mean - Humble Warrior

Ironsword 2015 None But The Brave

Language: | Size: 107.18 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Forging The Sword Kings Of The Night Calm Before The Storm None But The Brave Ring Of Fire Betrayer The Usurper Army Of Darkness Vengeance Will Be Mine Cursed And Damned Eye For An Eye The Shadow Kingdom

Free Dominguez 2015 Indigo Blue

Language: | Size: 137.71 MB | Seed: 347 | Leech: 18


Track List: Mr Goodnight Map And A Light Indigo Blue Glass Walls Absolutely Home Golden Wings Weightless Moonlight Rain Becomes World Away Indigo Blue ['josh One Beat Ventriloquists' Mix] Map And A Light ['the Beta Machine' Mix] Weightless ['alain Johannes' Mix]

Amon Tobin 2015 Dark Jovian

Language: | Size: 90.42 MB | Seed: 306 | Leech: 21


Track List: Dark Jovian In Your Own Time Adrastea Contact Io Encounter on Io Encounter On Io (Lee Gamble Reshape) Adrastea Contact (Logos Remix) In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix)

Beach House 2012 Bloom

Language: | Size: 138.71 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Myth Wild Lazuli Other People The Hours Troublemaker New Year Wishes On the Sea Irene

Graffiti6 2014 The Bridge

Language: | Size: 148.37 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Beside You (Intro) The Bridge U Got the Sunshine Settle for Your Love Washed My Sins Under the Mask Angels & Devils Losing My Mind Separate Lives We Fall Forever Resting Place No Snow Beside You Vocoda Orange Diamonds & Pearls

System of a Down 1998 System of a Down

Language: | Size: 119.26 MB | Seed: 64 | Leech: 1


Track List: Suite-Pee Know Sugar Suggestions Spiders DDevil Soil War Mind Peephole CUBErt Darts P.L.U.C.K

Acronym 2015 June

Language: | Size: 128.71 MB | Seed: 158 | Leech: 57


Track List: Isolated From the Land In the Swamp No Exit Humid Zone Centering Realisation Back to Understanding The Eye Letting Go of it All

Coolio 2009 From The Bottom For The Top

Language: | Size: 106.56 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


Track List: Change (vs. Ennio Morricone) I Will (feat. 6`9` Headliner) From the Bottom 2 the Top (feat. Goast, A.I.) Hotel C. Lady vs. Beat Nouveau (feat. Storm Lee) Boyfriend (feat. A.I.) Destinesya (vs. Ives Larock feat. Sam Obernick) Cruis Off Motivation (feat. A.I.) Stimulate (feat. Miss Cash) She Loves Me

Conya Doss 2015 Seven VII

Language: | Size: 105.69 MB | Seed: 4 | Leech: 0


Track List: Gone Fragments No Stronger Love You Got Me Love's Not Reach Out (feat. Lin Rountree) Spend My Life I Could Be the One Beautiful I Will Go When We Love For Us (feat. Frank McComb)

Desert 2015 Never Regret

Language: | Size: 123.98 MB | Seed: 365 | Leech: 51


Track List: Chasing The Prey Assasin's Fate Son Of A Star The Wolf's Attack Never Regret The Road To You 1812 Flying Dutchman Final Journey Imperial Eagle Invincible

Liv Kristine 2014 Vervain

Language: | Size: 131.08 MB | Seed: 382 | Leech: 92


Track List: My Wilderness Love Decay Vervain Stronghold Of Angels Hunters Lotus Elucidation Two And A Heart Creeper Oblivious Unbreakable Love Decay Stronghold Of Angels

Electric Deathbeat 2015 Dead Echo Paranoia

Language: | Size: 108.86 MB | Seed: 835 | Leech: 13


Track List: A Parade For Fools Death Beats the Tainted Coal Dust Tears Incantation Code Nr. 6 Sister Sin Dead Echo Paranoia Oceans Above, Haven Below Cut 'Em Ropes With a Poisonous Kiss X-Stacy In Chains End of Horizon

Tame Impala 2015 Currents

Language: | Size: 117.49 MB | Seed: 23 | Leech: 0


Track List: Let It Happen Nangs The Moment Yes I'm Changing Eventually Gossip The Less I Know The Better Past Life Disciples 'Cause I'm A Man Reality In Motion Love_Paranoia New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Hollow Haze 2015 Memories Of An Ancient Time

Language: | Size: 121.83 MB | Seed: 69 | Leech: 11


Track List: Hollow Haze - Out in the Darkness (Intro) Hollow Haze - Rain of Fire Lights Hollow Haze - Created to Live Hollow Haze - An Ancient Story Hollow Haze - A New Era Hollow Haze - Night Is Calling Hollow Haze - Angeli Di Fuoco Hollow Haze - Silvertown Hollow Haze - Eyes of the Sphinx Hollow Haze - Lance of Destiny Hollow Haze - Demon Hollow Haze - Gate to the Eternity
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