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AC/DC 2003 Stiff Upper Lip

Language: | Size: 108.03 MB | Seed: 617 | Leech: 60


Track List: Stiff Upper Lip Meltdown House Of Jazz Hold Me Back Safe In New York City Can't Stand Still Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll Satellite Blues Damned Come And Get It All Screwed Up Give It Up

Eric Burdon 2015 The Masters

Language: | Size: 152.53 MB | Seed: 249 | Leech: 23


Track List: The House of the Rising Sun I'm Crying Boom Boom Gonna Send You Back to Walker Bring It on Home to Me We Gotta Get out of This Place It's My Life Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Help Me Girl Don't Bring Me Down See See Rider Inside Looking Out San Franciscan Nights When I Was Young Monterey Anything White Houses Spill the Wine The Night

VA 2015 BPM Basics Chillin Music

Language: | Size: 114.83 MB | Seed: 456 | Leech: 40


Track List: Alvaro Ernesto - Just In Time (Gavin Herlihy Remix) Sepehr - Amino's Groove Ardalan - The Sea (Rob Slac 005 Mix) Mr. Harting - Going Under Replika - Even Further (Pezzner Remix) Latenight Society - Stinky Dinky (Michael Claus Remix) Rob Slac - Lost Tribes The Paper Chase - 2Ten

VA 2015 Landscapes 03

Language: | Size: 206.3 MB | Seed: 763 | Leech: 18


Track List: Frank Hellmond - Moonwalk Tears Of Change - Knob Tom Chiron - Mystic Silhouettes Bendejo - Summer's Daze Rico Casazza - Plan B Kiano & Below Bangkok - Fresh Re-Drum - Microcosmos (Club Mix) Mak - Broken Circuits Ibot - Tunnel V Molly Modulator - Echoes & Soundscapes Sub Human Bros - Fantastic Planet Matteo Pitton - It's Time To Move Forward

Roxy Music 2015 Roxy Music

Language: | Size: 98.14 MB | Seed: 980 | Leech: 75


Track List: Re-Make _ Re-Model Ladytron If There Is Something 2 H.B. The Bob (Medley) Chance Meeting Would You Believe_ Sea Breezes Bitters End

Rabia Perez 2015 Rabia Perez

Language: | Size: 128.71 MB | Seed: 158 | Leech: 23


Track List: Prisionero Romper A Llorar La Historia De Fermín Mentiras Pa?s Sin Maravillas Despedirme Tus Deseos Esta Vida Es Una Ruina Dime He Regresado Dulces Secretos Condenada Noches De Leyenda

Yan C 2015 A Night in Paradise

Language: | Size: 96.44 MB | Seed: 521 | Leech: 85


Track List: A Night in Paradise Blue Moon Godiva Street Golden Mind Hot Body Ice On You Jan Carlos One Night With You The Film Think On the Lady

Umphrey's McGee 2015 The London Session

Language: | Size: 121.65 MB | Seed: 310 | Leech: 48


Track List: Bad Friday Rocker Part_2 No Diablo Cut The Cable Out Of Order Glory Plunger Comma Later Eat I Want You (Shes So Heavy)

Natalia LaFourcade 2015 Hasta La Raiz

Language: | Size: 120.43 MB | Seed: 744 | Leech: 84


Track List: Hasta la Raiz Mi Lugar Favorito Antes de Huir Ya No Te Puedo Querer Para Que Sufrir Nunca Es Suficiente Palomas Blancas Te Quiero Ver Vamonos Negrito Lo Que Construimos Estoy Lista No Mas Llorar

Excision 2015 Codename X

Language: | Size: 100.89 MB | Seed: 906 | Leech: 41


Track List: Codename X Live Wire Float Away Out of Time (feat. Splitbreed) Shadowflame X Up (feat. Messinian) Robo Kitty Push It Up Bring the Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) Night Shine (feat. Luciana) Interstellar (feat. Rise At Night)

The Pierces 2014 Creation

Language: | Size: 146.64 MB | Seed: 37 | Leech: 71


Track List: Creation Kings I Can Feel Believe in Me Come Alive Honest Man Must Be Something Elements Monsters The Devil Is a Lonely Night Confidence in Love The One I Want Flesh and Bone Hold Strange Love Chemical Reaction

The Tallest Man On Earth 2015 Dark Bird Is Home

Language: | Size: 98.04 MB | Seed: 354 | Leech: 27


Track List: Fields of Our Home Darkness of the Dream Singers Slow Dance Little Nowhere Towns Sagres Timothy Beginners Seventeen Dark Bird is Home

Italian Secret Service 2008 Not The Same

Language: | Size: 178.21 MB | Seed: 999 | Leech: 14


Track List: ceccarellis ice cream control yourself 24-7 smell like ten spirit italian melody no se cartoons call me linda haupe lazy man last samba in paris its monday too not the same tch-k-ten digital world so tired

Texas 2005 Red Book

Language: | Size: 102.55 MB | Seed: 636 | Leech: 20


Track List: 036 Getaway Can't Resist What About Us Cry Sleep Get Down Tonight Nevermind Bad Weather Masterthief Just Hold On Red Book

The Prodigy 2015 Once The Dust Settles In Remixes

Language: | Size: 147.47 MB | Seed: 609 | Leech: 35


Track List: Spitfire (Remix) Firestarter (Remix) The Day Is My Enemy (Remix) Wild Frontier (Remix) Nasty (Remix) Babys Got A Temper (Remix) No Good (Remix) Warriors Dance (Remix) Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (Remix) Apache (Remix) Out Space (Remix) Poison (Remix) Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (Piano Remix) Omen (Remix)

Tokio Hotel 2014 Kings Of Suburbia

Language: | Size: 122.11 MB | Seed: 819 | Leech: 75


Track List: Feel It All Stormy Weather Run, Run, Run Love Who Loves You Back Covered In Gold Girl Got A Gun Kings Of Suburbia We Found Us Invaded Never Let You Down Louder Than Love Masquerade Dancing In The Dark The Heart Get No Sleep Great Day

FM 2015 Heroes And Villains

Language: | Size: 127.5 MB | Seed: 565 | Leech: 68


Track List: Digging Up The Dirt You're The Best Thing About Me Life Is A Highway Fire & Rain FIncredible Call On Me Cold Hearted Shape I'm In Big Brother Somedays I Only Want To Rock & Roll I Want You Walking With Angels

Sun On Us 2015 Damages

Language: | Size: 73.29 MB | Seed: 762 | Leech: 26


Track List: Cold Damages Colony White Shades pt. 1 Weekend

Frozen Ocean 2015 Prills Of Remembrance

Language: | Size: 97.59 MB | Seed: 950 | Leech: 35


Track List: Touching Clouds Beyond The Edge Of Dome Into The Forest Of Rope Dolls As White Supergiant Illumines Petrified Streets Gathering Amaranthine Rain Of Escape Broken Feather Of The Last Seraphim Of Blurred Signs Once Carved On Full Moon Chains Hang Down The Abyss Forgotten Children Play On Concealed Stages Slow Stars In Underwater Caves White Birds Thaw On Toy Soldier's Burial

Alestorm 2009 Black Sails at Midnight

Language: | Size: 109.63 MB | Seed: 942 | Leech: 87


Track List: The Quest Leviathan That Famous Ol' Spiced Keelhauled To The End Of Our Days Black Sails at Midnight No Quarter Pirate Song Chronicles of Vengeance Wolves of the Sea

HVOB 2015 Trialog

Language: | Size: 144.66 MB | Seed: 563 | Leech: 38


Track List: Azrael Window Tender Skin Cool Melt Oxid Clap Eyes The Anxiety To Please Ghost Turn A Rope Round Its Axis Attention

Vanessa Paradis 2013 Love Songs

Language: | Size: 179.89 MB | Seed: 944 | Leech: 85


Track List: L’Au-dela Love Song C'est quoi Les Espaces et les Sentiments Prends garde a moi Tu pars comme on revient The Dark It Comes (avec Carl Bar?t) Rocking-Chair Station Quatre-Septembre Tu vois c'que j'vois

Ensiferum 2015 One Man Army

Language: | Size: 156.81 MB | Seed: 122 | Leech: 20


Track List: March of War Axe Of Judgement Heathen Horde One Man Army Burden Of The Fallen Warrior Without A War Cry For The Earth Bounds Two Of Spades My Ancestors' Blood Descendants, Defiance, Domination Neito Pohjolan Candour And Lies Rawhide War Metal Bonus Song

Entities 2015 Novalis

Language: | Size: 104.83 MB | Seed: 813 | Leech: 17


Track List: Oni Esuna ft. Nick Arthur Synthetic Divinity Azure Genetic Drift Paramnesia Mother Gaia Crestfallen Spirits ft. Tomas Raclavsky Chrysalis ft. Matt Youkhana Adversity Return To Reform

Sidney Charles 2015 House Lessons

Language: | Size: 236.23 MB | Seed: 491 | Leech: 60


Track List: Drama (Original Mix) Stripped Tease (Original Mix) Stripped Tease (Darius Syrossian Remix) Accepting The Past (Lunar City Express Remix) Pound Your Soul (Sidney Charles Remix) Rumpshaker (Original Mix) Nuts (Original Mix) 303 Love Story feat. Hector Moralez (Patrick Topping Remix) Psyjack (Original Mix) Horny (Original Mix) Kepler (Sidney Charles Remix) Cave Rave (Kalyde Remix) TXL feat. Sante (Original Mix) Silky Thread (Original Mix) Disco Nap (Original Mix)

Stick To Your Guns 2015 Disobedient

Language: | Size: 89.66 MB | Seed: 49 | Leech: 98


Track List: It Starts With Me What Choice Did You Give Us Nobody RMA (Revolutionary Mental Attitude)(Ft. Toby Morse) Nothing You Can Do To Me (Ft. Walter Delgado) To Whom It May Concern The Crown I Choose Nothing (Ft. Scott Vogel) Disobedient The War Inside Left You Behind Every Second (Bonus Track) The Crown (Acoustic)(Bonus Track) Nothing You Can Do To Me (Acoustic)(Bonus Track)

Europe 2015 War Of Kings

Language: | Size: 125.2 MB | Seed: 314 | Leech: 70


Track List: War of Kings Hole In My Pocket Second Day Praise You Nothin' To Ya California 405 Days of Rock n Roll Children of the Mind Rainbow Bridge Angels (With Broken Hearts) Light Me Up Vasastan (Instrumental)

Dracula 2015 Swing Of Death

Language: | Size: 115.62 MB | Seed: 742 | Leech: 39


Track List: Hands Of Your God Walking On Water Swing Of Death Masquerade Ball Save Me River Of Tears Queen Of The Dead Into The Dark True Love Through Blood Under The Gun Hands Of Your God (Exclusive Bonus Track)

Eluveitie 2014 Origins

Language: | Size: 80.6 MB | Seed: 647 | Leech: 37


Track List: Origins (Intro) The Nameless From Darkness Celtos Virunus Nothing (Intermezzo) The Call of the Mountains Sucellos Inception Vianna The Silver Sister King The Day of Strife Ogmios (Intermezzo) Carry the Torch Eternity (Outro)

Eternal Journey 2015 Nebular

Language: | Size: 151.89 MB | Seed: 653 | Leech: 4


Track List: Illusions The Entrance Nebula Movement I Emptiness - Zero Gravity Eternal Journey Nebula Movement II Nostalgia Electric Heritage Alley Road Nebula Movement III Promise and Demise Nebula Movement IV

Dub Inc. 2015 Better Run Riddim

Language: | Size: 93.62 MB | Seed: 374 | Leech: 38


Track List: Better Run Let It Be Done (feat. Morgan Heritage) Never Change (feat. Ky-Mani Marley) Under Your Skin (feat. Richie Spice) Today (feat. New Kingston) Solidarity Be Your Friend (feat. Exco Levi) Rise (feat. VC) I Know (feat. Torch) Crying at Me (feat. Raphael) Medication (feat. Skarra Mucci, Teacha Dee & Don Tippa) Better Run Version

Bran Van 3000 2015 French Garden

Language: | Size: 90.32 MB | Seed: 720 | Leech: 68


Track List: A Tryst (feat. K-Town Sophia) Garden Waltz (feat. Carinne & Francesca Como) Oui Got Now (feat. Liquid & Stephane Moraille) Drop Off (feat. Coco Thompson) You (feat. Francesca Como & Malicious) World Party (feat. Steeve Khe, Liquid & Jahsepta) This Day (feat. Ben Wilkins) Saltwater Cats (feat. Kim Neundorf & Malicious) Stillness (feat. Rafaelle Mackay Smith & Alexandre Desilets)
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