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Sanctuary 2014 The Year The Sun Died

Language: | Size: 123.57 MB | Seed: 195 | Leech: 95


Track List: Arise And Purify Let The Serpent Follow Me Exitium (Anthem Of The Living) Question Existence Fading I Am Low Frozen One Final Day (Sworn To Believe) The World Is Wired The Dying Age Ad Vitam Aeternam The Year The Sun Died Waiting For The Sun (The Doors Cover)

Fly Project 2013 Chillout (The Worlds Best)

Language: | Size: 157.15 MB | Seed: 411 | Leech: 22


Track List: Chandan Darshan Lime Almond Deep Breathe Sandalwood Amina Red and White Aneko White Musk Jojoba Cannabis Book of Dreams Good Luck Now We Are Free Sailing Stereo Love Sinai Sahara Brown Ancestral

Vexillum 2015 Unum

Language: | Size: 107.72 MB | Seed: 381 | Leech: 42


Track List: The Departure Blow Away The Ashes The Jester Over The Clouds (Feat. Chris Bay) The Sentenced Fire And Blood (Feat. Hansi Kursch) Lady Thief What We Are (Feat. Maxi Nil) The Hermit Through The Mirror (Feat. Mark Boals) The Way Back The Clash Within The True Beginning Standing As One Spunta La Luna Dal Monte (Tazenda) Run Runaway (Slade)

Cher 2013 Closer To The Truth

Language: | Size: 157.66 MB | Seed: 250 | Leech: 72


Track List: Woman's World Take It Like a Man My Love Dressed to Kill Red Lovers Forever I Walk Alone Sirens Favorite Scars I Hope You Find It Lie to Me I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream Pride You Haven't Seen the Last of Me (Original Version) Woman's World (R3hab Remix) Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Remix) Will You Wait for Me

Surrender Hill 2015 Surrender Hill

Language: | Size: 132.1 MB | Seed: 801 | Leech: 47


Track List: Sunday Morning Love Will Shine On Me Follow Me Home Long Dirt Road It's You I Wish I Had a Rose Mercenary I Want It More Goodbye Days Welcome Home Sad Love Echo of You Say You Want Me Too

Mark Ronson 2015 Uptown Special

Language: | Size: 88.71 MB | Seed: 535 | Leech: 83


Track List: Uptown's First Finale (Featuring Stevie Wonder & Andrew Wyatt) Summer Breaking (Featuring Kevin Parker) Feel Right (Featuring Mystikal) Uptown Funk (Featuring Bruno Mars) I Can't Lose (Featuring Keyone Starr) Daffodils (Featuring Kevin Parker) Crack In The Pearl (Featuring Andrew Wyatt) In Case of Fire (Featuring Jeff Bhasker) Leaving Los Feliz (Featuring Kevin Parker) Heavy And Rolling (Featuring Andrew Wyatt) Crack In The Pearl, Pt. II (Featuring Stevie Wonder And Jeff Bhasker)

No Doubt 1995 Tragic Kingdom

Language: | Size: 139.8 MB | Seed: 37 | Leech: 20


Track List: Spiderwebs Excuse Me Mr. Just A Girl Happy Now Different People Hey You The Climb Sixteen Sunday Morning Don't Speak You Can Do It World Go 'Round End It On This Tragic Kingdom

Ovnimoon 2015 Holistic

Language: | Size: 168.07 MB | Seed: 677 | Leech: 31


Track List: Ovnimoon - Spirit Ovnimoon - Emotional Biodecodification Ovnimoon - Fear Ovnimoon - Tesoro Interior Ovnimoon - The Power Ovnimoon - You Can Do This Dual Resonance - Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Rmx) Ovnimoon - Trance Dance (The Power Of The Intention mix)

Chino & The Big Bet 2015 Dixon Dixit

Language: | Size: 118.01 MB | Seed: 238 | Leech: 2


Track List: When The Lights Go Out 29 Ways Dead Presidents I'm Crazy For My Baby You Know My Love Too Late Seventh Son Violent Love I Ain't Superstitious Young Fashioned Ways I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man No More Spoonfull 300 Pounds Of Joy This Pain In My Heart

Charlie Wilson 2015 Forever Charlie

Language: | Size: 106.65 MB | Seed: 70 | Leech: 6


Track List: Somebody Loves You Touched By An Angel Goodnight Kisses Just Like Summertime Unforgettable (Feat. Shaggy) Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea My Favorite Part Of You Infectious (Feat. Snoop Dogg) Hey Lover Things You Do Birthday Dress Me And You Forever

The Whiskey Foundation 2015 Mood Machine

Language: | Size: 105.35 MB | Seed: 600 | Leech: 74


Track List: Alligator Smoking Man Of The Mood Lonely Mama Told Me Waterman Cinderella Summer Rain Liars (If You Tell The Truth, Nobody Loves You Anymore) Ridin' Before It's Over

Blue Lunar Monkey 2015 All One

Language: | Size: 123.21 MB | Seed: 692 | Leech: 65


Track List: ????? o?kara One Love 0 Metilbufotenina The Unknown Interstellar Travel Dream Wonderland Union

Gucci Mane 2015 Brick Factory 3

Language: | Size: 118.64 MB | Seed: 717 | Leech: 10


Track List: Down On That (feat. Young Thug) Heart Attack (feat. Young Thug) Lost My Plug (feat. Peewee Longway) Aint Going Back (feat. MPA Duke & Young Thug) Back To Back (feat. Bankroll Fresh) Bombs (feat. MPA Duke & Peewee Longway) Stripper (feat. HoodRich Pablo Juan, MPA Duke & PeeWee Logway) Cookies (feat. Wicced, Young Thug & Lil B) Do To Much (feat. MPA Wicced, Peewee Longway & MPA Duke) Do To Much (feat. MPA Wicced, Peewee Longway & MPA Duke) Kill My Opponent (feat. MPA Wicced & Peewee Longway) Shotas & Rostas (feat. Young Thug, Khrome 1 & Young LA) Whoa (feat. Wicced)

Cruenta Lacrymis 2015 Sweetness And Blasphemy

Language: | Size: 137.73 MB | Seed: 914 | Leech: 85


Track List: Intro - The Era Of Cruenta Lacrymis The Steersman's Course Mother Of Sigh Burning Spirit Sicarius The Ghost Of The Jew Downward Circle Of Damnation Bloody Revenge Luxury False History Sound Of Soul

In-Grid 2010 Passion

Language: | Size: 111 MB | Seed: 752 | Leech: 58


Track List: Les Fous Le Dragueur Amour Ma Passion Movie Star Jalousie Les Jeux Sont Faits Sweet Desire Vive Le Swing C'est L'amour Le Cri Du Coeur Tout Pour Toi Papillonne Sur Moi A Ma Facon Tu Es La (feat. Pochill)

Braids 2015 Deep In The Iris

Language: | Size: 95 MB | Seed: 542 | Leech: 84


Track List: Letting Go Taste Blondie Happy When Miniskirt Getting Tired Sore Eyes Bunny Rose Warm Like Summer

Delirium Cordia 2015 Mother Of All Sorrow

Language: | Size: 125.26 MB | Seed: 703 | Leech: 61


Track List: Obduktion Beneath the Train Industrial Wind The Estranged Delusive Replaceable Release the Dogs Mother of All Sorrow Cutting Life Lines Take This to the Grave O Fortuna M7M Imperfekt Temp You

Jessica Lea Mayfield & Seth Avett 2015 Elliott Smith

Language: | Size: 83.28 MB | Seed: 670 | Leech: 48


Track List: Between the Bars Baby Britain Fond Farewell Somebody That I Used to Know Let's Get Lost Twilight Ballad of Big Nothing Angel in the Snow Pitseleh Angeles Roman Candle Memory Lane

Megora 2015 Burning Empire

Language: | Size: 132.23 MB | Seed: 97 | Leech: 1


Track List: These Are the Things We Hate New Approach Burning Empire Countdown to Black Lost Children Mirrored Eyes = Born to Pay Felskinn Broken Wings Modern Nation Bad Karma

Brainpower 2015 Determination

Language: | Size: 79.21 MB | Seed: 20 | Leech: 20


Track List: brainpower-determination brainpower-people brainpower-troubled_soul brainpower-pot_thoughts brainpower-rock brainpower-dont_let_go_feat._keith_john brainpower-play_happy brainpower-from_the_art brainpower-time_to_fly

Your Army 2015 Sicker Than Us

Language: | Size: 98.68 MB | Seed: 335 | Leech: 80


Track List: Brain What If I Always Be Your Girl Stay Monster You Brave The Grudge Sicker Than Us Did It for the Best Make It Right

The Minus 5 2015 Dungeon Golds

Language: | Size: 100.53 MB | Seed: 407 | Leech: 30


Track List: My Generation It's Beautiful Here In The Ground Adios Half Soldier Zero Clowns Chinese Saucer Magnolia It's Magenta, Man! The History You Hate Sorry Town Remain In Lifeboat Hold Down The Fort The Unforeseen

Janet Jackson 2008 Discipline

Language: | Size: 133.69 MB | Seed: 748 | Leech: 79


Track List: I.D. Feedback LUV Spinnin Rollercoaster Bathroom Break Rock with U 2nite Can't B Good 4 Words Never Letchu Go Truth or Dare Greatest X Good Morning Janet So Much Betta Play Selection Play Selection What's Ur Name The Meaning Discipline Back Curtains Let Me Know

Enrique Iglesias 2014 Sex And Love

Language: | Size: 121.69 MB | Seed: 740 | Leech: 35


Track List: I'm A Freak feat. Pitbull There Goes My Baby feat. FloRida Bailando feat. Decemer Bueno & Gente de Zona Beautiful feat. Kylie Minoque Heart Attack Let Me Be Your Lover feat. Pitbull You And I Still Your King Only A Woman Physical feat. Jennifer Lopez Turn The Night Up Loco feat. India Martinez Finally Found You feat. Sammy Adams I Like How It Feels feat. Pitbull & The WAV El Perdedor feat. Marco Antonio Solis

August Alsina 2014 Testimony

Language: | Size: 168.86 MB | Seed: 988 | Leech: 51


Track List: Testify Make It Home (Feat. Jeezy) Right There You Deserve No Love Porn Star FML (Feat. Pusha T) Grind & Pray_Get Ya Money (Feat. Fabolous) Ghetto (Feat. Yo Gotti) Kissin' On My Tattoos Ah Yeah Mama Benediction (Feat. Rick Ro$$) I Luv This Shit (Feat. Trinidad Jame$) Numb (Feat. B.o.B. & Yo Gotti) Grind & Pray (Extended) I Luv This Shit (Feat. Trey Songz & Chris Brown) Back Seat

Venrez 2015 Children Of The Drones

Language: | Size: 105.93 MB | Seed: 585 | Leech: 41


Track List: Hang the Predator Children of the Drones Devi's Due Salvation Mist of Mercy Deep 20th Reason Reflection Spin the Top Sacred Blood

(hed) Planet Earth 2014 Evolution

Language: | Size: 122.21 MB | Seed: 802 | Leech: 85


Track List: No Turning Back Lost in Babylon Jump the Fence 2 Many Games No Tomorrow Let It Rain One More Body Never Alone The Higher Crown Nowhere 2 Go Let It Burn Hold On

Medina 2012 Forever 2.0

Language: | Size: 167.77 MB | Seed: 418 | Leech: 76


Track List: Fool (I Feel Bad For You) Forever Butterflies Scars I'm Waiting Happening Boring (It's Too Late) Hotels Good To You Junkie (feat. Svenstrup & Vendelboe) Close To Nothing Keep Me Hangin' Black Lights Waiting For Love Like You Hurt Me Threesome Perfect Drug Happening (feat. Lloyd)

Embryo 2015 Embryo

Language: | Size: 100.73 MB | Seed: 732 | Leech: 39


Track List: An Awkward Attempt The Pursuit of Silence Manipulate My Consciousness Insane Lucidity The End of the Beginning Embryo The Touch of Emptiness The Door to the Abyss My Pounding Void Fragments of Utopia I Am Pure Hate

Dubnotic 2015 Earth Fragment

Language: | Size: 144.2 MB | Seed: 504 | Leech: 22


Track List: Dubnotic? - Slices of wisdom Dubnotic? - Blue aura Dubnotic? - Desert dub Dubnotic? - Shanti dub Dubnotic? - Bass temple Dubnotic? - Vibratory pattern Dubnotic? - ShamaniX Dubnotic? - Earth fragment

Scooter 2013 20 Years Of Hardcore

Language: | Size: 449.3 MB | Seed: 55 | Leech: 76


Track List: Nessaja [Remastered] How Much Is The Fish [Remastered] Army Of Hardcore [Remastered] Move Your Ass! [Remastered] Maria (I Like It Loud) [Remastered] Maria (I Like It Loud) [R.I.O. Radio Edit] [Remastered] Weekend! [Remastered] The Question Is What Is The Question [Remastered] Friends [Remastered] The Only One [Remastered] Hyper Hyper [Remastered] J'adore Hardcore [Remastered] 4 A.M. [Remastered] I'm Lonely [Remastered] One (Always Hardcore) [Remastered] The Logical Song [Remastered] Ti Sento [Remastered] Faster Harder Scooter [Remastered] It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody) [Remastered] Posse (I Need You On the Floor) [Remastered] Jigga Jigga! [Remastered] Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) [Remastered] Endless Summer [Remastered] The Night [Remastered] Lass Uns Tanzen [Remastered] Shake That! [Remastered] Fire [Remastered] Call Me Manana [Remastered] Fuck The Millennium [Remastered] Jumping All Over The World [Remastered] Aiii Shot The DJ [Remastered] I'm Raving [Remastered] David Doesn't Eat [Remastered] Behind The Cow [Remastered] Friends Turbo [Remastered] Break It Up [Remastered] Suavemente [Remastered] Let Me Be Your Valentine [Remastered] She's The Sun [Remastered] The Age Of Love [Remastered] Back In The U.K. [Remastered] No Fate [Remastered] Apache Rocks The Bottom! [Remastered] The Sound Above My Hair [Remastered] C'est Bleu [Remastered] I'm Your Pusher [Remastered] We Are The Greatest [Remastered] I Was Made For Lovin' You [Remastered] Hello! (Good To Be Back) [Remastered] Rebel Yell [Remastered] Stuck On Replay [Remastered] And No Matches [Remastered] Vallee De Larmes [Remastered]

Mark Knopfler 2015 Tracker

Language: | Size: 178.99 MB | Seed: 345 | Leech: 48


Track List: Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes Basil River Towns Skydiver Mighty Man Broken Bones Long Cool Girl Lights Of Taormina Silver Eagle Beryl Wherever I Go featuring Ruth Moody .38 Special My Heart Has Never Changed Terminal Of Tribute To Heart Of Oak Hot Dog

Stornoway 2015 Bonxie

Language: | Size: 103.21 MB | Seed: 936 | Leech: 86


Track List: Between the Saltmarsh and the Sea Get Low Man On Wire The Road You Didn't Take Lost Youth Sing With Our Senses We Were Giants When You're Feeling Gentle Heart of the Great Alone Josephine Love Song of the Beta Male

Annalisa Tornfelt 2015 The Number 8

Language: | Size: 96.82 MB | Seed: 366 | Leech: 69


Track List: Scared You’re Gonna Leave Afterlife Play A Game Take Care Of You Found A Song Nothingness To Me Tired Of Saying Sorry Starlighting One Heart At A Time Know The Answer Just For A Day Riddle Me This Rules Of My Heart Love Song To Myself June, June, Hot Air Balloon

Blind Guardian 2014 Twilight Of The Gods

Language: | Size: 47.04 MB | Seed: 395 | Leech: 51


Track List: Twilight Of The Gods Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill) - Live In Wacken 2011 The Bard's Song (In The Forest) - Live In Wacken 2011
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