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Michael Aldridge 2015 All Or Nothing

Language: | Size: 96.19 MB | Seed: 880 | Leech: 33


Track List: Can't Stop Thinkin' about You You Won’t Like Me Home The One Kick Kick Stomp On Fire I'll Try to Forget You Let Go Up Birthday Song She Got a Way You Look Good in Glasses

Zucchero 1998 BlueSugar

Language: | Size: 119.29 MB | Seed: 290 | Leech: 92


Track List: U Make Me Feel Loved Blue Thin Air If Not Tonight Back 2 U Donkey Tonkey (Temporaneamente) X Sempre Tuo More Than This Karma, Stai Kalma (with Irene Fornaciari) I Wish You Love I Tempi Cambieranno

VA 2015 Thunder And Steel Down Under - A Tribute To Riot

Language: | Size: 123.09 MB | Seed: 497 | Leech: 38


Track List: Ferdy Doerngers - Soldier Axel Rudi Pell - Warrior Attacker - Fire Down Under Walpyrgus - Outlaw Savage Master - Swords & Tequila Angelo Perlepes Mystery - Sign of the Crimson Storm October 31 - Loanshark Alpha Tiger - Flight of the Warrior Stallion - Rock City Rocka Rollas - Riot Evil United - Altar of the King Night Demon - Road Racin' Dexter Ward - Running From the Law Crystal Viper feat. Todd Michael Hall - Thundersteel

Backstreet Boys 1997 Backstreet's Back

Language: | Size: 142.53 MB | Seed: 807 | Leech: 75


Track List: Everybody (Backstreet's Back) As Long As You Love Me All I Have To Give Missing You That's The Way I Like It 10,000 Promises Like A Child Hey, Mr. DJ Set Adritt On Memory Bilss That's What She Said If You Want It To Be Good Girl All I Have To Give (Part-II - The Conversation Mix) (Bonus Track) If I Don't Have You (Bonus Track) Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Matty's Club Mix (Bonus Track)

Graveworm 2015 Ascending Hate

Language: | Size: 128.91 MB | Seed: 943 | Leech: 23


Track List: The Death Heritage Buried Alive Blood Torture Death To the Empire of Madness Downfall of Heaven Stillborn Liars to the Lions Rise Again Son of Lies Nocturnal Hymns, Pt. II (The Death Anthem)

Everything Everything 2015 Get to Heaven

Language: | Size: 155.98 MB | Seed: 114 | Leech: 65


Track List: Everything Everything - To The Blade Everything Everything - Distant Past Everything Everything - Get To Heaven Everything Everything - Regret Everything Everything - Spring Sun Winter Dread Everything Everything - The Wheel (Is Turning Now) Everything Everything - Fortune 500 Everything Everything - Blast Doors Everything Everything - Zero Pharaoh Everything Everything - No Reptiles Everything Everything - Warm Healer Everything Everything - We Sleep In Pairs Everything Everything - Hapsburg Lippp Everything Everything - President Heartbeat Everything Everything - Brainchild Everything Everything - Yuppie Supper Everything Everything - Only As Good As My God

Maiden United 2015 Remembrance

Language: | Size: 87.69 MB | Seed: 738 | Leech: 16


Track List: Strange World Charlotte the Harlot Killers Remember Tomorrow Burning Ambition Futureal Aces High Prowler Still Life '15

Dimtribe 2015 Shadows

Language: | Size: 87.09 MB | Seed: 578 | Leech: 76


Track List: Change Me Raise a Glass VIII- Fission Product Fallout #too Yesterday (feat. Douglas Gledhill) II- The Failure Clones (Extra) Ordinary [feat. Q-Unique] Xiv- The Calming Realization No More Heroes

Yusuf 2014 Tell 'em I'm Gone

Language: | Size: 82.53 MB | Seed: 140 | Leech: 99


Track List: I Was Raised in Babylon Big Boss Man Dying to Live You Are My Sunshine Editing Floor Blues Cat & The Dog Trap Gold Digger The Devil Came From Kansas Tell 'em I'm Gone Doors

Future Islands 2014 Singles

Language: | Size: 96.75 MB | Seed: 854 | Leech: 99


Track List: Seasons (Waiting on You) Spirit Sun in the Morning Doves Back in the Tall Grass A Song for Our Grandfathers Light House Like the Moon Fall from Grace A Dream of You and Me

EPICA – “The Holographic Principle” (2016)

Language: | Size: 213.51 MB | Seed: 0 | Leech: 0


track listing: 01. Eidola 02. Edge Of The Blade 03. A Phantasmic Parade 04. Universal Death Squad 05. Divide And Conquer 06. Beyond The Matrix 07. Once Upon A Nightmare 08. The Cosmic Algorithm 09. Ascension - Dream State Armageddon 10. Dancing In A Hurricane 11. Tear Down Your Walls 12. The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding Of Reality

Jamiroquai 2001 A Funk Odyssey

Language: | Size: 121.32 MB | Seed: 97 | Leech: 24


Track List: Feel so Good Little L You Give Me Something Corner of the Earth Love Foolosophy Stop Don't Panic Black Crow Main Vein Twenty Zero One Picture of my Life Do It Like We Used to Do

Lena 2015 Crystal Sky

Language: | Size: 117.81 MB | Seed: 806 | Leech: 84


Track List: The Girl Keep On Living Traffic Lights All Kinds Of Crazy Beat To My Melody Sleep Now Lifeline 4 sleeps We Roam Crystal Sky Invisible Catapult (feat._kat_vinter_and_little_simz) In The Light Home

Slaves 2015 Through Art We Are All Equals

Language: | Size: 143.59 MB | Seed: 858 | Leech: 75


Track List: The Fire Down Below This Is You Throwing in the Towel The Young and Beyond Reckless (feat. Tyler Carter) My Soul Is Empty and Full of White Girls Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Everything The Hearts of Our Young (feat. Natalie Craig) There Is Only One God and His Name Is Death The King and the Army That Stands Behind Him (feat. Kyle Lucas) Ashes.Dust.Smoke.Love.Stars.The One. The Upgrade Pt II Starving for Friends (feat. Vic Fuentes) My Soul Is Empty and Full of White Girls (Captain Midnite Remix) [feat. Kyle Lucas] Starving for Friends Remix Captain Midnite The Fire Down Below Remix Captain Midnite The Upgrade Part II Remix Captain Midnite My Soul Is Empty and Full of White Girls Remix Cameron Mizell

Geof Whitely Project 2015 Outlaw Of Our Time

Language: | Size: 139.59 MB | Seed: 78 | Leech: 6


Track List: Fibreoptic Souless Night Driver Ricochet Outstretched Hands to the World Mediation How Can One Slow Motion Siren of the Sea Blind Faith Gate to the West Transatlantic Ghosts

The Dead Daisies 2015 Revolucion

Language: | Size: 132.27 MB | Seed: 538 | Leech: 15


Track List: Mexico Evil Looking for the One Empty Heart Make the Best of It Something I Said Get Up, Get Ready With You and I Sleep My Time Midnight Moses Devil out of Time Critical

Disturbed 2010 The Sickness

Language: | Size: 124.67 MB | Seed: 333 | Leech: 42


Track List: Voices The Game Stupify Down With The Sickness Violence Fetish Fear Numb Want Conflict Shout 2000 Droppin' Plates Meaning Of Life God Of The Mind A Welcome Burden

Middle Of The Road 2002 The Best Of

Language: | Size: 125.02 MB | Seed: 328 | Leech: 84


Track List: Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum Samson And Delilah Soley Soley Love Sweet Love I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top The Talk Of The U.S.A To Remind Me On This Land Queen Bee Yellow River Sacramento Louise (My Little Ship) Rainin' 'n' Painin' Give It Time Try A Little Understanding

Tuatha De Danann 2015 Dawn Of A New Sun

Language: | Size: 99.56 MB | Seed: 368 | Leech: 98


Track List: We're Back Rhymes Against Humanity The Brave And The Herd An Ultimato Dawn Of The New Sun Sack Of Stories Immarama Outcry The Craic

Fergie 2006 The Dutchess

Language: | Size: 141.35 MB | Seed: 804 | Leech: 46


Track List: Fergalicious Clumsy All That I Got (The Make Up Song) (feat. Will.I.Am) London Bridge Pedestal Voodoo Doll Glamorous (feat. Ludacris) Here I Come Velvet Big Girls Don't Cry Mary Jane Shoes (feat. Rita Marley & The I , Three's) Losing My Ground Finally Get Your Hands Up (feat. The Black Eyed Peas)(Bonus Track)

John Mayer 2009 Battle Studies

Language: | Size: 107.1 MB | Seed: 246 | Leech: 89


Track List: Heartbreak Warfare All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye Half Of My Heart Who Says Perfectly Lonely Assassin Crossroads War Of My Life Edge Of Desire Do You Know Me Friends, Lovers Or Nothing

HammerFall 2000 Renegade

Language: | Size: 107.19 MB | Seed: 810 | Leech: 31


Track List: Templars Of Steel Keep The Flame Burning Renegade Living In Victory Always Will Be The Way Of The Warrior Destined For Glory The Champion Raise The Hammer (Instrumental A Legend Reborn

Steam Powered Giraffe 2012 The 2c Show

Language: | Size: 149.79 MB | Seed: 416 | Leech: 55


Track List: Steamboat Shenanigans One-Way Ticket Ju Ju Magic Me & My Baby (Saturday Night) Little Birdie Rex Marksley Automatonic Electronic Harmonics Prelude to a Dream Make Believe Honeybee Scary World The Suspender Man That'll Be the Way Home The Ballad of Lily Airheart Circuitry

Kickin Valentina 2015 Super Atomic

Language: | Size: 49.87 MB | Seed: 642 | Leech: 39


Track List: On My Side Wrong Way When You're Gone Fist 'n' Twist Super Atomic Poster Boy Some Kind of Sex

Adriano Celentano 2014 Veleno

Language: | Size: 115.63 MB | Seed: 536 | Leech: 51


Track List: Le Notti Lunghe Pasticcio In Paradiso La Mezza Luna Peppermint Twist Serafino Campanaro Veleno Nata Per Me Non Esiste L'amor Non Esser Timida La Gatta Che Scotta Movimento Di Rock Nikita Rock Personality Pitagora Rock Matto Nessuno Credera Pronto Pronto Teddy Girl Man Smart Rit It Up Tell Me That You Love Me The Stroll

Zero Degree 2014 Stasis

Language: | Size: 160.33 MB | Seed: 584 | Leech: 2


Track List: Zero Degree - Cocoon Zero Degree - Stasis Zero Degree - Beacon Zero Degree - Distance Zero Degree - Parsec Zero Degree - Connecting Dots Zero Degree - Tides Of Time

Skip the Use 2014 Little Armageddon

Language: | Size: 112.22 MB | Seed: 161 | Leech: 2


Track List: Second to None 30 Years Nameless World The Taste Birds Are Born to Fly The Wrong Man The Story of Gods and Men Little Armageddon Gone Away Etre Heureux Lust for You We Are Bastards Hollywood No Hero In for the Kill

Robin Gibb 2014 50 St. Catherine's Drive

Language: | Size: 152.1 MB | Seed: 497 | Leech: 45


Track List: Days of Wine and Roses Instant Love Alan Freeman Days Wherever You Go I Am the World (New Version) Mother of Love Anniversary Sorry Cherish Don't Cry Alone Avalanche One Way Love Broken Wings Sanctuary Solid All We Have Is Now Sydney (Demo)

The Killers 2004 Hot Fuss

Language: | Size: 131.18 MB | Seed: 903 | Leech: 65


Track List: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine Mr. Brightside Smile Like You Mean It Somebody Told Me All These Things That I've Done Andy, You're a Star On Top Change Your Mind Believe Me Natalie Midnight Show Everything Will Be Alright Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll The Ballad of Michael Valentine Under the Gun

Dead Battery 2015 Recovery

Language: | Size: 111.86 MB | Seed: 678 | Leech: 15


Track List: Die Another Day Nothing Lasts Leaving the Light Vanished World Live Alone Die Alone Living Ghosts The Furry Stranger Floating Journey Abroad City by the River Stay (feat. Lea Santee) Sustain the Illusion F Wake Up

Dave Gunning 2015 Lift

Language: | Size: 103.26 MB | Seed: 427 | Leech: 93


Track List: They Don't Do That No More A Tractor This Changin' Wind Sing It Louder Breaker's Yard A Halo That Fits I Robbed the Co. Store From on Higher Ground Love Fell In Alberta Gold Pasadena The Red Onion To Be With You

Ennio Morricone 2013 The Best Offer

Language: | Size: 127.87 MB | Seed: 72 | Leech: 28


Track List: La Migliore Offerta Volti e Fantasmi Un Violino Nevrosi Fobica Sguardi Furtivi Cavea Cercarla e Non Trovarla Alla Villa Perduta Un Cancello Il Vuoto Dentro Le Vuote Stanze A Quattro Voci Inspiegabile Pareti Bianche Ritratti D'autore Senza Voce La Migliore Offerta Volti e Fantasmi

Wolf Alice 2015 My Love Is Cool

Language: | Size: 112.41 MB | Seed: 283 | Leech: 46


Track List: Turn To Dust Bros Your Loves Whore You're a Germ Lisbon Silk Freazy Giant Peach Swallowtail Soapy Water Fluffy The Wonderwhy (Hidden Track)

Amrinan 2015 Songs To Son

Language: | Size: 117.71 MB | Seed: 746 | Leech: 15


Track List: Better World Favorite Sons Here Comes the End of Time The Tear Who I Am part I Who I Am part II The Prophecy Half Faded Man The Repentant Man

Zeus B. Held 2015 Logic Of Coincidence

Language: | Size: 151.13 MB | Seed: 549 | Leech: 15


Track List: The Glass Bead Dice Man Being and Time in Todtnauberg Sho Pen How Air Who's Happy Here Stay Epicure Wittgenstein's Balaclava Seven Answers by Robert M. Pirsig Kepos Garden Five Beats on Tyche Chaos in Sisyphus Kant Can't Dance Surrender Your Soul Descartes' Dream of Lully Kant Can Dance (Dream Control Mix)
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